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  1. Replaced one of mine about 2 years ago, now come as a one piece plastic unit rather than the all thread with cups screwed on each end, only about £2 each, bought 2 just in case
  2. Since my last post I’ve been using the car every weekend, had many cold and warm starts and the hunting and stalling issues have disappeared over a space of about 400 miles, maybe this maybe worth looking at, the rubber seal on the fuel caps are 30 plus years old now and mine was well squashed
  3. Can you let me know the cost including p+p and pm me you bank details and I will transfer it across
  4. Can I have this please, thanks
  5. I’ve been watching this thread as my Supersport suffers with this as well, but not every cold start, if it does it it will hunt between 1500 rpm to below 500rpm and stall sometimes, it will also stall every time you stop for the first 5 minutes or so of driving, but after that is fine, a recent top end refresh with a new O2 sensor hasn’t improved anything, I’ve cleaned the ICV with carb cleaner and the solenoid seems fine, sprayed around for inlet air leaks and seems ok, didn’t feel the need to adjust the mix as the MOT emissions have always been good, then someone said to me how’s your petrol filler cap as it’s a sealed system, mine is a metal cap and has always spun all the way around past the tightest area, so bought a new posh billet cap and fitted it about a month ago, with about 10 cold starts since (albeit warm weather since I fitted it) it’s been fine no hunting or stalling and the car seems a lot livelier, perhaps worth a try
  6. Where abouts do you live and does anyone nearby want to see if their gauge works in Modydicks car
  7. I had this problem as well, replaced the sender to cure but read up on potential other causes, poor earths as mentioned, insulation of sender unit to oil tank also giving poor earth and last but not least a dipstick that had previously been dropped in the oil tank which is jamming the float mechanism, hope one of these helps
  8. Wow, an SC 3.2 with a G5000 gearbox and Porsche tyres
  9. Hi, I only want what I paid for them which was £1600, I have changed the colour as the were gold now black, pics below
  10. I’ll take these please, sorry don’t do on line banking, PM me your address and I will post you out a cheque if that’s ok
  11. I really fancy these, anyone want a set of Compmotive Dage 2 piece split rims, 8” and 9” turbo body fitment
  12. Oops, misread the post, sorry
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