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  1. Thanks guys It's back on the floor....
  2. More update pics, Water drain hose fitted to heater box, Fuel tank fitted and connected with inline fuel filter, Fitted seal below rear reflector, Had the front wing brackets painted and stone chipped to match existing, Front headlight fitted, Off side door frame and rear quarter trim fitted, first to fit is the "rubber" tape.. then the spacers of different sizes, then the trim lining up with the door frame trim, Steering wheel, I couldn't help myself and fitted the bonnet badge.
  3. Engine and gearbox both rebuilt, they have been in storage for 2 years!
  4. My gauge does the same thing but The engine isnt installed yet, the gauge should have a live when the ignition is on, a earth, and a "resistance" earth from oil pressure sensor If you disconnect the cable from the sensor at the gauge and earth the same connection the gauge should read zero, then you will know it's the pressure switch on the engine, that's how I've checked my gauge without the engine in.
  5. Check this video out for tips on fitting screen https://youtu.be/8z3hPM2Zd0s Regards
  6. I've found Rose Passion in france have the best prices including the delivery, it cost ÂŖ545 inc VAT plus ÂŖ18 delivery but I ordered a load more stuff at the same time. Just make sure you ask if its genuine as some parts aren't. I am "pot committed" now so it's going to cost what it costs, every time I think I have all the parts to finish, something else pops up and a another grands gone ☚ī¸
  7. The certificate of authenticity lists the car having a rear wiper, I have wired for one but dont have the wiper, in 2 minds to fit it anyway, I have the drain hose and it has been fitted, I didn't know about having to fit seal first and rear bumper is going to be one of the last jobs after engine has been fitted, I will have to remove and refit then. Mark
  8. More update pics, Rear grille fitted, Engine bay sound installation along with engine seals, Front smile and bumper, Rear reflector and lights, Front wiper motor, Wiper fixings hidden under dash Heater refurbed and fitted, before.. After, Fuel tank painted and ready for install with gauge,
  9. Yes I did notice it after I posted but couldn't edit it 😕 The first guy was recommended to me by a friend of mine who was having work done there on a 21 window samba that turned out later to being a bodge job, he had to have work undone and corrected at the place I took mine the second time. Check there website out here for some pics of mine, some nice shots after bodywork finished. http://www.edmondsclassicrestos.com/albums/porsche-911/ Good luck with your bodywork ChesterJLampwick Funny, 😂
  10. Midnight leatherette with tweed insert seats, black carpet, all work to be carried out by southbound trimmers.
  11. More update pics, "most" of second fix wiring now done, rear engine bay electrics fitted Wiring loom cable tied along back of engine bay Rear lights installed, front lights wired Door switches wired and fitted Electric windows wired, had to remove door to get cable in Bench testing operation of electric window switches and installing Door refitted and door stay installed Dials wired and fitted along with steering switches All near side internal doorware fitted along with outside door bling 😃
  12. Quite a bit done over the Christmas period, I think I've sorted out the fuel lines routing in engine bay, First I mounted the pressure accumulator with fuel filter using rubber compression fixings. Then fixed the fuel pump, again using rubber mount anti vibration So the fuel feed from tank goes to fuel pump, from fuel pump through body to accumulator/ filter to engine, then return from engine goes back to tank via flex pipe, hard line. Last pic you can also see fuel pump power connector.
  13. Thanks for doing that, still abit unsure of the routing, if anyone else knows please chip in.
  14. Yeah second time around mine was put on a jig, and the gaping is fantastic .
  15. I think it was rose passion, https://www.rosepassion.com/en/diagrams-porsche-911-1974-eu-2-7-coupe-manual-gearbox-5-speed/levers-and-controls-gearbox-handbrake-pedal-assembly-accelerator-248/actuating-lever-handbrake-manual-throttle-lever-heating-2099/91442479201-p19298-handle-19298
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