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  1. Change the rear bumper over riders to euro spec, they look much better
  2. apesman

    Front brake line routing '74

    Hi, ive only one pic of my RHD 74 front brake pipe route, I hope it helps.
  3. apesman

    1974 911 Restoration

    Paint finally on....
  4. apesman

    14 pin rear fuseboard connector

    Try here http://www.design911.co.uk/pages/productList.aspx?search=91161211305
  5. apesman

    1974 911 Restoration

    No jig used, just a lot of measuring everything seems to fit it just takes longer without a jig.
  6. apesman

    1974 911 Restoration

    Body work almost complete, stone chip done, and now in primer waiting for final colour.
  7. apesman

    broke a stud flapper box

    I drilled a 5.5mm hole though snapped stud then re tapped new thread with a m6 tap then used a m6 stud with lock tight it in,plenty of metal to get a good fixing.
  8. apesman

    1974 911 Restoration

    Hi, I used Speedy Cables for 2 reasons, firstly I had never heard of Reap Automotive and secondly I was following the 1974 Carrera restro on DDK and he used them and was happy with the results, they do take along time, mine were away for about 5 months but I wasn't in a rush.
  9. apesman

    1974 911 Restoration

    Sent dials away to Speedy cables for refurb, very happy with results. Stamped with 09/73 date
  10. apesman

    1974 911 Restoration

    Refurbished rear engine electrics mounting plate..
  11. apesman

    1974 911 Restoration

    well spotted, it was a doh moment from the welder, all corrected.
  12. apesman

    1974 911 Restoration

    Roof and rear wing time..
  13. apesman

    1974 911 Restoration

    HI Ron, thanks for the comments, do I think narrow bodies are rare? it depends which way you look at it, I meant the whole package, RHD 74 base model in Sahara beige (it would be nice to know if any one has one in same colour same spec). A guy in Northampton is carrying out the work, as you can see his main business is VW vans and Beetles. Inner rear wings repaired.
  14. apesman

    1974 911 Restoration

    Floor work...
  15. apesman

    1974 911 Restoration

    I am really happy how the hand brake came out.