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  1. Easiest way is to cut bottom of windscreen and join where the old one is rotten.
  2. Colour choice was easy for the cookies, only 3 factory options were available and I dont think the other 2 colours would suit my car.
  3. Continuing with the build over the summer.... Not in any particular order, fitted front number plate holder, Fitted spare wheel.. Battery.. Heater cover.. Bonnet light and switch.. Paint code plate.. Finished up on the wiring and fitted cover Wing mirror.. Rear number plate lights.. Under dash air ducts.. Pedal boards.. Sunroof and liner.. And after being on the waiting list for 11 months I finally s
  4. Again I think the older type bracket will able you to fit the drain grommet.
  5. Question 1 The early horn brackets were wider then the later ones, I had the same problem with mine so sourced a earlier type, the later ones will need a spacer like this, but I never could find a part number for it.
  6. Hi Mark, I cannot remember and my car is not with me to view, #fatfuchs will know.
  7. Bit of a overkill, I sanded back the paint it comes with and resprayed using high temp paint.
  8. Mine was missing but then again so was most things.. Still available fixed with speed nuts.
  9. It helps to seal the engine bay, it is a foam brick.
  10. I guessed and stuck them to the strut cross member.
  11. Hi, bumper mounts only go on one way as the front is angled to match the bumper, the saddle that holds the front section of the bumper shock has longingated slots for abit of adjustment. My car as a slight gap as well..
  12. If you go here http://old.utzon.se/upd/35/154/092/7/92070105 item 26 shows the same round knob as ours and option 26/1 looks like the other type which is not available, this same part number goes upto 1977. The same round knob is on the earlier cars as well as shown here http://old.utzon.se/upd/35/150/074/7/74070120 part 27
  13. These pics were "borrowed" from this restoration, if you have a few hours to kill check it out. https://www.ddk-online.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=43401
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