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    SC Tyres

    Your right that any premium brand new boots will feel amazing against 10yo hard tyres just a quick question What Conti's did you fit? Premium or Eco I've not been able to get Sport Contact. Conti UK said they stopped making them mainstream and might be available through specialist later I've supplied Michelin Exalto to last few customers. Drives well but I favour Conti's
  2. Stolen IB. 23/05/19 Stolen from Borough of Ealing, West London UK. Red 930 Widebody 3.2 Engine Number plate: RUF 675 Forward any info to the Police or owners daughter has posted on facebook Lots of pictures of the car on Google search "RUF 675"
  3. Rear bumper? Can be bare please check its its not separating on rear N/S/Front Wing available?
  4. Hi Is this still available? pm sent with some other questions
  5. Always check Porsche first then OEM market. For Porsche OEM would be Bosch/Hella/Siemens/AutoMotive Lighting ect "OEM Quality" is not "OEM" it should mean for example equivalent to a Bosch/Hella... part as these are Original Equipment Manufactures. it does not always tally up. I've found this varies between supply companies and doesn't really mean much they won't say this ones awful cheap far eastern copy tat but we still sell them!... its a sales phrase IMHO I buy a lot of parts, wouldn't entertain buying certain parts from ECP other stuff is 100% Porsche OE quality in a different Bo
  6. I was over there watching the reveal, i'm in there at 8:25 on the vid IMHO they move away from what a Porsche is for. Its a lot of money for a bodykit, suspension, and basic respray. far as I know they didn't really touch the Engine/Box ...but you can't deny the marketing angle. They charge a lot of money to carry out this work and he has a steady stream of punters from the social media crew each to their own
  7. My dad also has a 2.4S he's owned for something like 30 years, so you can see where i get it from. He had three 2.4's at one point if only we knew how crazy the values would get... Yep the Carrera Targa does wear a NI plate, has various paperwork from its time there and is documented in a book the owner has. It was sold to our guy in 1985 as per your records. He still has the advert/cutting from the Autotrader The 76 Coupe is indeed mine but it won't show up because I have not driven or taxed it since I bought the car. I've owned it since the chap in Bristol at least 13 years ago It'
  8. Bert I now owe the owner a tenner! he said the tail fin was original I'd only ever seen them on later 3.0 cars and the earlier ducktail on the earlier IB Carrera They are so few and far between it's hard to have all the info down & This is exactly the sort of info I was hoping for even I must now "hear it" from the owner, should have listened he does know a bit about how the world turns...Speaks fluent Chinese originally from the Carribean lives here... I think we get on so well because he shared a similar journey to my late grandfather to get here just realised the C27 owner was my
  9. I've got 1975 9115610194 (Targa) and 1976 K jet 9116301162 (Coupe) here. Well kinda here Targa's been recommissioned for use and is in storage for its owner off site My is Coupe in still not built up after restoration 1975 is Black with it's original Carrera Engine and gearbox. The owner is now 80 plus and stopped driving the car a while ago, he still drives but just not this he has stated he wants to sell the car soon. The car is in very good condition Body and running gear. I know this because it was one of the first cars I worked on with my dad 20 years ago and since then its done
  10. FTR I'd just drop the lot out strip it and have a proper gander Its going to be a couple of hours work before you even try and start it up properly Pretty much as its covered above by others but please do have a read of this as well I'd consider Stripping the Airbox and fitting a Air box pop off valve before you try and start it. Valve is £30 quid and a DIY job airbox is £500 plus... SC have a nasty habit of back firing and blowing apart the AIrbox when They are not running right Remove earth lead Do check for damaged fuel lines. Age related and external influences ...Mice really like
  11. just having a look at these for my car a 3.2 Carrera powered 911.. in the spirit of the OP saying he'd rather sell to the right buyer or words to that effect I believe these are best suited for a 3.0SC to make it 3.2SC short stroke. 98mm dia...Rod length of 127.8mm and Pin diameter "22mm" say 3.0SC upgrade to 3.2SC. partly based on piston gudgeon pin part number 866-2500-15-93C listed above If you plan on custom 3.2Carrera rods to suit this set up as supplied above. (SC and 3.2 have different big end bearings) you could make them work by involving some maths or someone with mystical Por
  12. This pretty much covers it so you can get a better idea when your local guy has a look or if you have a tool to perform a leakdown test. You can and we do sometimes put a camera in the chamber to have a look if scoring is suspected From your symptoms I will be amazed if it stays together while doing a proper fix. I would drop it out and strip it for inspection and proper measuring session (It came apart for less than this before) I do love an online diagnosis...but you've been given some on point advice and I have a soft spot for 3.2 Carrera's They are pretty tough, when there is an i
  13. OK... have to ask what am I looking at... Feel I should know the answer can see some familiar bits...
  14. crisc204

    3.2 Power Loss

    No Oil sign and as we're not looking at engine electrics so I'd Pull the 14 pin plug off. Disables the starter. 0% chance of a moment if not already..Take the Spark plugs out. Keep them in order look for difference in colour on tips Might give a clue to troublesome Cyl... Turn engine over by hand on the bottom pulley. and inspect all rockers as above have a general poke about and report back The're plenty of knowledgeable people on this forum and a few of the Porsche enthusiasts at the indy garages can be found here as well should see you right Turn engine over by hand on the bottom
  15. Same factory is not always the same line... From clothing to steel works a big factory can produce "the same" items at different qualities. There's lots of conflicting info floating about, but Porsche branded panels do fit better than Dansk that's 100% fact based on many years in the bodyshop. You can or course make anything fit anything with enough blade,s belts & mig wire... There are also differences between various Porsche and Dansk panels supplied for the same part number as stated below It is a case of you get what you pay for.
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