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  1. Hello, I am a new poster here, but not new to the 3.0 Carrera. I am in the states and back in 1981-1985 I imported many 911 cars. To include probably 30-40 3.0 Carrera's mostly from Germany. I bought nice cars, no rebuilt accident cars or beaten ones. From time to time I have a chance to buy one back after all these years. Still in very nice original shape. Over here these cars seem to have little more value that a 911SC. What is the range these cars are selling for in the UK, or Europe for that matter? BTW, I even got to drive John G's 3.0 in Switzerland before he bought it. Very nice sorted car. love that rare color. I am currently doing a cosmetic restoration on a rust free 1976 2.7 Carrera that is one of the 123 coupes built in June of 1976. Another car I bought back last year after importing it in 1984.
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