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  1. Thanks for your advice Planty, your advice about the reserve pricing played out exactly as expected. I did agree to lower it slightly at the end but it ended pretty close to my £35k reserve. I think in retrospect I should have had a go at privately advertising first, but I still got close to 5 times more than I paid for it back in 2010!
  2. Well yesterday I finally bid farewell to my trusty 3.2. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1985-porsche-911-carrera-32-sport-1 After 10 years of ownership and many adventures it was time to cut the chord and let her go to a new owner......its still an odd feeling though, still once I took the number off it didn't look like mine any more. Very sad to see her go but I still have the 996 and the Panamera and I'm hoping I can broaden my horizons......outside the Porsche brand perhaps! I can't seem to post any photos...I think this is due to me not being a paid member. I have some spares I have collected over the years so I will be posting them up shortly. One of them is a genuine flat lid and grille. One thing is for sure, my experience wouldn't have been as good without the support of this magnificent forum. If I was still an owner I would absolutely become a paid supporter. Thanks all.
  3. Thanks, it’s not perfect, there are enough easy projects to allow any new owner to improve it but nothing too costly. The fan & fan shroud springs to mind. The GT4s are more affordable now so that would be an interesting proposition too! I would also love to own a Ferrari at some stage. I know that the experience will probably be a disappointment but it’s a box I would like to tick, if even for a short while....
  4. Its a tough one Jamie, if it doesn't sell I wont lose any sleep. But I am sure I would regret selling, it might just be nice to have some options to experience something different, as you say, lots of other cars out there! Will have to see how it progresses. Agreed RB.
  5. Thanks for the reply and feedback Planty. I’m in the same position, I have the 996 and I can’t drive them both at the same time. Mine is coming up on the site here https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1985-porsche-911-carrera-32-sport-1 I’m very much in two minds as to whether to sell it or just keep for ever. Im putting a reserve on so won’t be too upset if it doesn’t sell. I would like to sell the 996 as well and get a 996 GT3 that I might use a bit more.
  6. Mine has done 128k and never smokes on start up even when left for 3-6 months over winter! I did have a boxster that used to smoke when left for long periods. Almost gave me a heart attack first time it happened.
  7. I was surprised it hadn't been debated on here already. Looks to have been completely restored around 10 years ago but the inner wing by the battery box was completely shot and there was rust appearing in various places it so I imagine it would need some money throwing at it again. Mine is in much better condition and lower miles at 128,000 but I'm putting my reserve higher than that too. Once its live I will share the link.. I felt it was about right in the current market for a car that needs work. Probably a £35-£40k car 2 years ago?
  8. Anyone here’s car? Apologies if this has already been discussed. I have mine going on there shortly so was keen to see what it went for! https://collectingcars.com/sold
  9. I have these two as well as my 3.2. A heavy Porsche bias I know. And a boring 5 Series.. Im in Solihull which isnt too far from Cheltenham.
  10. Can I have the front and side indicator lenses please if you still have them please?
  11. I have a coverzone cover which fits perfectly on the whale tale and is pretty robust. I have only used a dehumidifier when the car has got wet and I need to put it away but I like the idea of an oscillating fan, should this be on all the time?
  12. Love it Topkit, nice number too.
  13. Not my thing but It looks ok/good , agree about the wrap, then when/if you get bored it's an easy revert. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. That's just stunning. Love yellow and on the wide body it looks even better. Don't make the mistake of going overboard on the interior with too many yellow this and that's, I think a nice contrast is the way to go. I have a speed yellow 996 and it's just plain black with yellow belts which is enough I think. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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