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  1. I love the look of this car just nice and plain with no spoilers and the cuttie cookers just to set it off.
  2. How very dare you!! :-) I have to keep my self in Rolex and Armarni!!
  3. Was up privately not that long ago for a about 12k if I remember correctly.
  4. Taking the number plates off is just the tip of a very big OCD iceberg for young Simon!! Lovely car though mate, my 911 funds application is still lodged with the accounts department!!
  5. Beautiful mate...can't wait to see it again! Don't worry will have one soon, you have to remember I am a man of domestic bliss, with a missus and a little one to look after....or they could go hungry. You know what will happen when I go for a spin out in her, my slim bank balance will be depleted even more!! Enjoy it pal, can' t believe he finally sold it!!
  6. My 3.2 had the 217 engine, whip the cat off it does make a difference and it sounds better. Also stick a Steve Wong chip in or such like and you won't be far off Euro power. For what it's worth I never felt mine was underpowered. Good luck with it the car looks lush!
  7. It is a C08 LHD Japan Market car, 87 Model year with a M93025 Engine.
  8. Only just picked up on this thread. I did go and have a good look at this car and it does look the part. I am from the Manchester area but I never got to the stage of putting a bid in. I am glad it is going to a good home that will hopefully bring the car back up to the standard it deserves. The interior is lovely and was one of the main attractions for me, but the bodywork was just a bit much for me to take on as I didn't really want a project. All i would say is get a few quotes on the bodywork and take it somewhere decent as the car deserves it. The only reason I mention that is because the guy who was selling it did not fill me with confidence when he said that all it needed was a bit of a fill and a blow in on the kidney bowls and we all know it takes a bit more than that in those areas. Anyway I looked over it with one of my best mates who I work with at Porsche and a previous IB owner (having re-built his own SC's engine etc) and he reckoned mechanically it was pretty much spot on. Anyway the main thing is to enjoy and as I say give it a good loving home. Would love to have that car parked in my garage but any IB is a long way off for me now as I am a single boy with a mortgage to pay!! Dan.
  9. Cheers Tripe, may not be needed anymore as exploring another car at the mo which has just popped onto my radar.
  10. Looking at a potential '80SC, however it has the later front valance off a 3.2 with the integrated fog lamps. Is it easy enough to replace?
  11. I ran this in both my SC and 3.2 and in particular my 3.2 ran really well, no smoke and virtually no top up's required.
  12. I had an invoice for a new clutch (with fork mod), new RMS, and a new starter motor for my 88 3.2 from Porsche main dealer in Zurich. The work was done back end of 2004 and that little lot came to about 3k sterling
  13. Just picked this thread up. Your car looks awesome total minter. Remember going to see Graham about 18 mths ago with my old SC for some bits to be sorted. Proper old school craftsman, not cheap but you know the work will be A1.
  14. You will be fine for the summer. My pal Jamie had a broken stud in his SC and managed to do quite a few balls out laps pf Bruntingthorpe and a 2500 mile trip around Europe last summer with no issues.
  15. Look good mate. Andy has them on Rosy and we got a tug from the gendarmarie wondering why a UK registered car in France had an Irish number on German plates It was funny watching Andy explain to a big french policeman with a big gun...
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