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  1. I had this problem... and almost cried when trying to pull off these expensive pieces of plastic with pliers leaving them looking tatty. Finally got them on easily by putting in v hot water ( like setting a gumshield). Glad you got them on!
  2. I’ll take it if it fits a 3.2
  3. Thanks guys... I thought it may be redundant, but don’t like to tackle it without some IB forum advice!
  4. I wonder if someone can enlighten me on what this wire is below the ICV, what it does and if it should be the other way around?
  5. Thanks for the input guys...a couple of things I now notice - the p seal seems set low and doesn’t appear to push the top upwards...the edge of the top seems to be quite a distance from the header - looking at the latches carefully, I noticed that the LHS latch was loose...so this is a quick win and definitely pulls the roof closer on that side its probably not the whole story, but just looking at the thread has expanded my knowledge..AND made me look closely enough to fix the latch...result ! now I just have decide when I want to glue back the sagging headliner😂
  6. Okay....so maybe the experts can help here...I had the top refurbished with new seals by Southbound around 7 years ago...noise is not bad ( only notice it really when approaching 3 figures)...is this fitted with the p seal and if removed how does the top seal
  7. I’m interested in the p shaped seal you mention.... was it on the targa roof or the body?
  8. Nice seats, but I don’t have a need...but a cheesy oatcake..now you are talking😎
  9. Sorry to reopen this thread but I am struggling to get the studs fitted....If I remove the rear guide, what do I need. To do with the glass to help me to get at pushing the studs in ?
  10. limalbeps

    20mm ARB Bushes

    I”ll buy them if they are still available
  11. It’s a 10w bulb. I removed mine earlier this year when the switch didn’t operate correctly and drained the battery ....
  12. limalbeps

    3.2 clock

    I would be interested in what it costs. my speedo seems really dim (even with led bulbs) so I was wondering if a good clean would help the situation
  13. If you are saying that you have a spare 4 way switch, I would be interested
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