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  1. I had the same dilemma and finally decided on getting 964 mats from Porsche
  2. I have my 15 litres of valvoline ready! Just want to understand if I need to get some oil circulating around the crank before a proper start😬
  3. Hi all ive recently changed all my oil lines and now come to the task of refilling. It will be completely empty. I also need to swap out my dme relay for the solid state one bought from Matt. My question is whether it’s worth filling the oil tank with 10 litres, remove the existing dme, turning the car over for 15 seconds before putting in the new dme relay.... I am wondering if this will help get the oil into the engine better than turning it over whilst the car fires....
  4. I must have missed the post with the price...how much is this . Mike
  5. Here is a copy of some details I lifted from the internet... After priming with GLASURIT Thermo Primer Filler 285-16, fill with HS Primer Filler 285-50, 285-60 or 285-95. Then GLASURIT Underbody Protection Black 1109-1240 / 4 is pre-sprayed with one spray pass and then in 4 to 6 spray passes, depending on the original structure, effect sprayed. The structure of the surface can be adapted by varying the nozzle diameter and the atomizing pressure. Before starting work on the crash bar cladding, it is advisable to prepare a spray pattern because the structure effect can be changed via the viscosity of the structure paint. " I’m afraid mine was painted gloss and I want to go back to original....can you share a photo of your bar so I can see the right effect ?
  6. Fantastic job Chris...this is on my next ‘to do list’ so I may be asking for advice in the future....love the look of the refurbed fan 👍
  7. The reason why I started all this was looking at the state of the tank in the first place. Having said all that, given how rusty the pipes looked, they are pretty thick when you cut through the them
  8. The deed is done🤣 just wrestling with nuts to save the thermostat
  9. Pm me your payment details and I can at least pay you before I figure out when I can cross counties again🤣
  10. I’ll take it...and can pick it up
  11. Pipes out! Need to inspect them to see if they need replacing now 😫
  12. That’s good to know😊 I know you refreshed your oil pipes...did you take them off with the thermostat, or removed nuts in situ?
  13. G50 3.2. Also there is no electric fan behind the oil cooler...is this normal?
  14. I’ve taken the cooler out, cut the rear pipes with the intention to dropping both pies and thermostat to tackle on the bench...problem is I can’t figure how to get the pipes and thermostat out....do I need to take off the torsion bar cap?
  15. Tank is out.....what’s the advice on cleaning the inside....it looks ugly
  16. Procrastination is my middle name🤣
  17. I thought that might be the answer😒How hard will it be to remove the bottom nut and do I have to take the valence and bumper off?
  18. Hi guys, looking for some expert advice on my oil tank.... I was checking a leak from the sender gasket, but once I cleaned the area up, I see that the tank is looking a bit bare. I would prefer not to take the tank out, but is it false economy if I just POR 15 the bare surfaces?
  19. I don’t suppose you will swap it for a 944 blade style....I bought one through a relative in the Us and I got the dme with blade connectors rather than pins😒
  20. On my RHD 1988 3.2, there is a hella relay, that appears to be an option for GB cars only. It’s something to do with the headlights. I’m sure someone knows what it does and if it’s essential...
  21. Mine is connected to the village I lived in Belgium....started to use it as a nickname/email to avoid spam...very boring
  22. Done, JG....will need to employ your services on the valuation front...will PM you sometime
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