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  1. Thanks guys, yes will be a resident and staying for afew years so looks like I'll have to invest in the lhd headlights... will try a swap first. Cheers! Bart
  2. Hi Guys, Looks like I'll be transferred to Amsterdam in Sep/Oct... works out nicely for me as I can then drop the SC at my mates car dealership and give the engine a top-end rebuild with him over the weekends.... it'll cost me less money (but more beer) and will be a great 911 ownership experience Quickly checked the Dutch requirements and it looks like I'll only have to swap/adjust the headlights. Anyone any experience with this? I'm alomst thinking I could swap the left and right unit and I'd be done? Bart
  3. cavolonero


    Thanks Alex, Gary, Phil, Leicestershire and others, Yes I'll take that advice and i'll push for a garage or a shed in our next home. Meanwhile it's summer so I'll enjoy it while I can
  4. cavolonero


    We're getting married in 5 weeks
  5. cavolonero


    "make sure it has a garage" I like that!
  6. cavolonero


    Haven't been on the forum for a while... and don't have good news regarding my porker unfortunately Snapped a headstut on each bank so need a rebuild + clutch...which I don't want to spend £xxk on as we want to buy a house and I need the cash I have for that. What would you guys do? My missus says "sell" but I want to fix it and enjoy the sweet flat-6 again. I am confident I could do it myself as I've rebuilt an engine before, but I need a garage & powertools or it'll become an underground carpark drama. (I live in an apartment) I've looked online and can't find clubs/groups that
  7. Hey guys, thanks! Yes it looks good IMHO and I much prefer the new seating position although a tick lower would be even better. Any tips on door panel screws? My panels are a bit loose and the current screws don't hold that well anymore. I've looked in the DIY stores but can't find anything that's black and does the job. Are there specialist screws/plugs for this?
  8. So... right rear wheel bearing replaced, apparently using a new (2nd hand) hub as the old one had seized. another £420 but the noise is gone so within 30 minutes I had forgotten the £'s and started enjoying the 911 again (if I think about it then £1450 for a 12k service and 2 rear wheel bearings does hurt though!)
  9. was that a targa or a coupe with a sunroof?
  10. Good because that's exactly what I'm going to be doing... how long did it take you?
  11. Yes exactly... I so wish that I had a man-shed where I could work on my car(s) A parking spot in an underground car-park isn't ideal
  12. well to be honest I'd rather do the handbrake after the bearing, just in case the noise comes off the handbrake in which case the bearing replacement cost is split 50/50 with the specialist... if I source the handbrake parts first I might solve the problem for them at my cost
  13. Just got another call.... they had to replace the hub as the old one seized. It's done and they "will look after me" whatever that means. There is also a problem with the handbrake but they can't get the parts except from OPC which will be very expensive so they're just doing the wheel bearing and that's it. hope it fixes the noise, but I have a sneaky suspicion that it is the handbrake and not the wheel bearing that makes the noise. Pretty crap... this isn't anything mayor and it'll end up costing me a grand like this.
  14. Congrats! Enjoy the epic sound of the aircooled flat 6!
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