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  1. IB door mirrors in arrow blue and good condition, no damage but unsure whether the electrics work anymore - £40 collected from Oxon OX7 IB door flap seal as sold by Design 911 for £23 quid. Bag has been opened but seal is unused - £15 posted.
  2. Bought these a few years ago from a batch that someone commissioned but never fitted them. 911 now gone so no need for these. £60 collected from Oxon OX7 seems fair? Matt
  3. Sorry to hijack, but I may have a brand new lighter somewhere in the garage if you're interested, I'll have a look.
  4. Hi, I would like a set if there are any available please! Thanks, Matt
  5. Hi, yes I have a few pictures of it. I was going to start a thread but never seemed to get around to it, but here's some to be going on with: I will put these and some others in a new thread at some point. Very pleased with the result and tried to do it "right" rather than skimp. It took 2x new rear wings, half sills, kidney bowls, quite a bit of panel/door/bonnet/engine lid gap adjustment, glass-out respray, re-trimmed parcel shelf, Southbound floor mats, new targa seals, bumpers rubbers etc etc!! If you are only in Witney we'll have to meet up some time and I can show yo
  6. Apologies to Dr Rock after his trip, 2 of the side bolts on the spoiler lip are missing - one has snapped off and the other on the opposite side has come out, leaving a divot. I'm not sure if this is repairable so with this in mind I'll set the price at £50 instead to see if someone wants to try and repair it.
  7. These parts are left over from the restoration and I need to clear out the garage. All prices plus postage or you are welcome to collect from sunny Oxfordshire: Rubber front spoiler lip inc. fixings, great condition although you might want to replace the bolts with some shiny new ones - £75 Wing mirror housings in arrow blue, couple of scratches so will need a repaint. Glass, rubber and all fixings included. I think the offside adjustment motor works, all the wiring is included. The nearside one may have a motor in it too (there are some wires which have been cut off inside the base) b
  8. Swifty Boy

    New Mats

    I am still waiting for some floor mats from Southbound, they will have taken about 10 weeks by the time they arrive so get your order in as Matt says.
  9. I'd be interested in the 2.7 badge if you would be willing to split? Thanks, Matt
  10. Cheers Chris, I will check out the cars at Autofarm and bear your guy in mind just in case. Like you say, being heavily involved in these things seems vital!
  11. Thanks for the recommendation Richard, I have heard of Robin but also heard of mixed results. I've decided to go with SGM Racepaint in Banbury following some other tip-offs who apparently also do cars for Autofarm. There are a couple of project cars they've done at Autofarm at the moment so I'm going to try and pop in this week to see what the workmanship is like. I'm pleased with the bodywork by John and the team at Chesterton but bloody hell this is going to be expensive....will get a restoration thread up with pics when it's done. Matt
  12. Well, Chesterton have nearly finished the metalwork on the car and I find myself needing someone to undertake a glass out respray. Does anyone have any recommendations near Oxford? Plenty of paint shops around but I'd prefer to know they do a quality job, and if they are familiar with old 911s so much the better! Thanks, Matt
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