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  1. Hi Would you have round door lock knob assy ? See photos attached pic 2 is what I require, pic 1 is what's missing. Rds Denis email : denisamurphy@gmail.com
  2. That's very helpful thank you. What I did find out is early CS cars had 15" & later towards the end of production 16" Source " Little red book ".
  3. Were there specification differences in 911 3.2 Club sports for different world markets ? Wheel sizes :- What is the correct diameter wheel ? 15" or 16" standard or optional extra in the UK ? Or were all 53 UK cars 16" ? Or did they differ depending on the country ? Colours - White only - UK , various colours elsewhere. Power : 227/230BHP - Europe 205 BHP USA . Rds Jasper
  4. We are now at the best time of year to look for a replacement ? 996 turbo !!!!!!
  5. Its Hype and greed ! :glare: We now have conditions for a perfect storm ! :ani_nerd:
  6. My sentiment exactly, but I have become cynical from seeing Ferrari Daytona's for £5k in 1974, and a £1m in the late 80's, fall back to £300 now in 2000 & rising to circa £1/2Million in 2015. PS : I had car magazines hidden in my school books, during evening study hence my car knowledge !
  7. The v low tiny mileage headline investment rare cars sold, which are the draw for any auction. 50% of everything else did not make the reserve and as expected the no reserve cars sold. One has to go and see what happens at an auction ,to sense the interest and temperature was a real education, once the headline cars were sold, interest /crowd started to dwindle. I understand classics at the castle was similar ? The 3.0 Carrera is tipped as the next car for values to head for thru the roof .
  8. I was at the Silverstone Classics auction in Blenheim Palace on Friday night. It was one of a few exceptions very low miles same as a 4.0 GT3RS ? 50% of cars failed to make their reserve. My impression was that it was mainly traders in attendance. Many of the cars been put thru, had been with dealers sites on PH at much inflated prices. Example a German 964 RS was bid to £90k , Daytona bid to £390k approx. On talking to people during the auction it was felt that a correction/ lack of confidence was holding back bids. I have the prices and what sold/ bid to etc. I think their is a sense of
  9. After doing the Porsche Silverstone day, skid pan, ice hill it really honed and improved my skills. Tips I learnt were ( what I can still remember !) Use the full width of the track up on the kerbs Have a sightline to aim to Stay on the gas Look to where you want to go, and your hands will automatically follow, it works ! Smooth small inputs on the steering wheel held in a 10 & 2 position After doing a track day in Mondello on Friday last, it started to rain in the mid afternoon , which made driving very interesting, ones steering, braking , accelerating inputs , had to be v
  10. You misunderstand me, by boring, a car needs to be spec'd day one from the factory to be special.
  11. So its okay to replace the pre silencer with a straight thru pipe of same diameter ? it has no negative effect on back pressure etc ? I agree with Mark, as with everything the devil is in the detail, much of the information on the web/ books comes from USA , Pelican etc ... So as the spec's are different to comply with different markets to start with, one needs to know are we comparing apples with apples ? As already mentioned, claimed improved performance figures given in isolation are misleading, as there are many other variables at play, and cannot be confirmed unless dyno'd at best i
  12. I am going to re chip, K&N and slice the back off the air box, bosch platinum plugs , remove back seats, 84MM dual Dansk sports exhaust. My understanding is that the chip will give +18 HP , 84 mm dual dansk + 12HP K&N +8HP Bosch platinum plugs ? advance timing ? Frankly, I don't believe the power gain figures , so I am going for the easy ones, but with all the mods if I increase from 232 to 250 / 260 over stock, I am happy. Rds Jasper
  13. Unfortunately, as prices are crazy , it will be difficult to get another air cooled one, you might have to go for a water one
  14. 1986 32 Carrera-915 Box Words of wisdom appreciated, the pre exhaust pipe that connects to the single inlet on a 84mm dual outlet exhaust box, What's inside it, and what is its function ? I was going to delete it and run a pipe straight thru, would this increase power ? I have attached 3 photos of the pre exhaust pipe, and it looks like its straight thru but with a perforated inner pipe pic 1, what does this do ? Muffle or for back pressure? Appreciate any help. Rds Jasper denisamurphy@gmail.com
  15. Original cars are worth more than modified cars, so return to standard to maximise on your price. Frankly I find it amazing as I have had many tuned modified porsches and carefully chosen, they are the best fun to drive & in general the tuning / higher spec engine etc are owned by enthusiast's with lot's of money spent on them. Standard is boring ... with some exceptions. Rds Jasper
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