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  1. What a fabulous car-enjoy Regards Fin
  2. Hi there All sorted now-I managed to get the one of ebay. Thanks for everyones help. Regards Fin
  3. Cheers for the heads up-Just pinged the seller an offer😀 Regards Fin
  4. Hi there I am planning on deleting my fog lamps hence the wanted advert. An SC type with just the small holes would be fine as I can weld these in. If you have anything suitable please give me a shout. Regards Fin
  5. What with the all the 911's being stolen I have decided to upgrade my system 🙈 PS I am not sure what category to tell my insurance company it is........
  6. zoot

    Wheel arch liner set

    Thanks for all the interest but these are now sold. Regards Fin
  7. zoot

    Wheel arch liner set

    Hi there These are provisionally sold awaiting payment however if for any reason it falls through i will let you know. Regards Fin
  8. zoot

    Wheel arch liner set

    Hi there Sorry for the delay in replying-these are from the original batch. Regards Fin
  9. Hi there I have a set of narrow wheel arch liners that I purchased from a group buyback while ago. As my plans have changed they are now for sale and are still as new. If you need any info on these just use the search function. I am looking for £80 including delivery to the UK. Regards Fin
  10. I agree completely-I’ve tucked mine away and will probably get them refurbished at some stage😎
  11. Hi Rocketcar Sorry I have just seen your question hence the late reply. The Sport seats I have are the type that were produced between 81-84 and the type with the metal bracket were the earlier ones produced between 1974-80. In regards to weight in my opinion, I never bothered weighing them, there is a fair difference between the two with the later ones being considerably lighter. Regards Fin
  12. The car looks stunning-Not to mention the weather😎
  13. As you have stated already they are great seats and mega comfy not to mention how cool they look....especially in the black leather-Enjoy😀 The other thing they do is lower you so if you are struggling for headroom its a great help. Regards Fin
  14. Mmm Busybee-Turbo seats where fitted with "Sports" seats. Pre 1980 they had the metal type "L" hinge and at some point over during the 1980 they changed over to the "plastic" type hinge until 1984 and after that they changed again. The bottom line is turbo seats are Sports seats. BTW don't take my word for this the internet is full of pics demonstrating this and Southbound will confirm my ramblings🙃 All the best Fin
  15. Yep they seem to have moved massively in price over the last couple of years-a bit like all IB stuff. A pair sold last week on eBay for £1300 and someone is currently looking for £550 for a single seat at the moment. To be honest if I don’t get what I want I wil tuck them away for a rainy day😉 Fin
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