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  1. Here is more stuff from my Targa, the seats have already sold, in dark blue and really great condition. The only slight issue is the usual thing with the door pockets around one of the holes where it is slightly cracked but its really no biggy and easy to fix. Some of the prices for this stuff out there is now downright scary so I have tried to be as reasonable as possible. If anyone has any questions or needs more detail just give me a shout. Regards Door Panels, Handles, lids & Pockets £400 plus postage Targa Rear Panels £100 Plus Postage Targa Rear
  2. Ha ha good plan-PS I've not received a PM? Regards Fin
  3. Hi there Thanks for all the interest but the seats are now sold. Regards Fin
  4. 🤣 love the Christmas present bit. BTW I have sent you a PM. Regards Fin
  5. Ok I will let you know tomorrow if he doesn't want them. Cheers Fin
  6. I will have a good hunt in the garage tomorrow for another set of runners, I have found one already and get back to you tomorrow. Have a good night Fin
  7. Hi Peter They don't but I think I have a spare set so I could include them but I will double check. I'm based in Sale Cheshire. Regards Fin
  8. These seats came from my 1984 Targa so although Southbound list them as 1977-1983 Porsche must have still been fitting them to cars in early 1984? They are in good condition considering they are original and have many miles left in them just as they are however they do have a couple of issues although a competent upholsterer would be able to resolve without any issues-Please see the pics. I should also mention that one of the plastic hinge covers is missing as is one of the bolts and they are manual without any electrics so pretty light. Any questions please get in touch. I am
  9. Hi Roy Ok its yours-I will sort out a postage price and let you know via a PM. Regards Fin
  10. Ok I'm open to any offer otherwise it's going in the skip😂 Regards Fin
  11. Ok now with pics added. As said previously its not in perfect condition especially around the bottom edge but with a bit of TLC and stonechip it will be fine. The main thing is it doesn't have any rust-I stripped it right back to bare metal so I know this for a fact and it now just has some primer added. I am looking for £100 plus postage. Regards Fin I
  12. Well said-Yes I will sort out some pics tomorrow😀
  13. I have a front valance without Fog Lamp recesses for sale that I purchased from a fellow member on here however my plans have changed and I have decided to keep my fogs. The valance is in ok condition but not perfect especially around the lower edge but its not rusty and will certainly do a job for someone especially once it gets some stonechip on it. I paid £100 so I am looking just to get that back if possible. Postage is not included but I would think it would be cheap as they are not heavy. Any questions please get in touch. Fin
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