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  1. Charles M

    Wanted a E.C.U

    Hi Andy How much would want for the ECU and how do you want paying. Regards Charles.
  2. Charles M

    Wanted a E.C.U

    Wanted a E C U for a 1985 3.2 Carrera must be in Guaranteed working order. payment how ever you want, Happy to collect in a 60 mile radius of M20 J4. Thank you Charles.
  3. Hi an Impact bumper member has contacted me and all is well None on eBay just now. My crank has lots of radial ware on the journal so the con rod has too much side to side free play. Not repairable.
  4. Hi I am looking for a crankshaft for a 3.2 Carrera my one is beyond repair on No3 cyl journal. Must be from 1986-1989. Car so my con rods match. 930-102-014-09. Cash waiting Thanks Charles
  5. Charles M

    Con Rods

    Thanks to everyone helping me find a con rod. Nathen came to the rescue. Chas
  6. Charles M

    Con Rods

    Num 3 cylinder big end bearing has failed and the shell bearings have turned in the con rod making it useless. Now the hard part to find out why, oil pressure was good 3-4 bar. May have to remove all galleries blanking plugs. Looking for blockages Charles.
  7. Charles M

    Con Rods

    I am In need of one con rod for a 3.2 Carrera 1988-89. Help Charles.
  8. Charles M

    misfiring 3.2

    Look at inlet manifold gaskets ??
  9. All the above, all so the vack pipes on the throttel body often fitted to the wrong things, you can see where they go on the PET page of the throttel body, inlet manfold gaskets,
  10. Try Type 911 020 8402 8424 info@type911.co.uk Charles
  11. Mark no need for you to pretend !! see you tonight. Charles
  12. The switch is easy to remove pull off the knob you will see a holding nut never changed one, i think it mite be the intermittent control relay witch dose the park as well, it is behind the cold air heater box this is the one with the blower motor in it under the front bonnet in the middle of the car, and it is bolted to the bulkhead. Charles
  13. Hi Mark Not the car i was selling but looks nice, the one i had is now sold. Charles
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