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    Motor Sport and Helicopter Flying.<br /><br />I am a Grade A ARDS Race/Track Day Instructor and a QFI Helicopter Instructor with over 8,000 Helicopter Flying Hours.

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    1988 911 Club Sport
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    BMW 330Cd
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    Race/Track Day ARDS Instructor and Helicopter Instructor
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    Most types of food ...I do quite enjoy Indian
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    Pinot Grigio
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    My first F1 race at Watkins Glen in the US Grand Prix
  1. Agreed....be patient, I had to look for over a year to get my Club Sport. It was quite low mileage and I bought it about 11 years ago, had to pay a lot of money for it as it was immaculate and in original condition. But it has been well worth it, what a fantastic car the CS is, it will be with me forever I think!
  2. Many thanks for your kind words Lee......had it for nearly 11 years now
  3. Car looks fantastic.....well done!
  4. You are right mate.....and they didn't even bother to ask me!! Thanks.......Hope you enjoyed the drive. I will ... thanks for the kind comment. Cheers Nige Thank you Jevvy...will have a look, I am very pleased to have it back and is tucked up in a lovely garage in Tring...thanks Moz! Thank you Fred. I really enjoy the car Al so I will be driving it a lot as usual! I know what you mean about the CS logos on the European CS's....I do prefer the small CS decal however!! Thanks again to all of your very kind comments .... hope to
  5. Collected my Club Sport after its winter rebuild today. The engines been out, wheels refurbished and a few minor issues sorted....I am chuffed too bits at having my car back again!!
  6. Sorry for the delay in replying, been on holiday! Jaz have done a brilliant job on tidying up the engine bay for me. The CS is a lovely car to drive on track, I'm sure your wife will enjoy the car. Please let me know if I can help you both with some tuition, in the meantime I wish you both safe and enjoyable track days.
  7. Happy Christmas Nick.....was a fun day at Snetterton, hope you have a great 2011!
  8. Haha...thanks mate. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, yes they were dangerous cars .... but at the time they were the latest technology haha!
  9. Ah...F4 drove a Vixen - Imp in 1970, great fun! Thanks for your kind words, I really enjoyed F3. Yes, still teaching in helicopters...sadly not very often in this weather hehe! Awh, that's a shame...I do hope you manage to get another one in the near future...you'll have to have a go in mine .. Yikes! I remember that fire very well, a Lola T286 with a Cosworth V8 DFV in the back....bloody fuel tank split, nearly killed me!!!
  10. Hahaha Never been a brave man Al ... Look forward to seeing you next year!
  11. Hahaha.....dont think anyone would ever dribble mate !!! Thanks for the welcome ... Thanks for the welcome Aldo. I do adore the my little CS, it is just such a fantastic car, will be with me forever I think!
  12. Thanks very much Sladey .... and thank you for your kind words, see you again on track one day I hope. Thanks Nick......see you at Oulton Park Thank you Tim, it's good to be on here ....that was a good day at Silverstone wasn't it....do you still have the car?
  13. I remember....hope you enjoyed it......was fun!
  14. Hi Jevvy, Yes ... I have instructed in a few Have a few bookings for next year in April/May time ... no one has booked me for the RS Day at Oulton Park on the 4th March yet. Hope to do a bit of racing again in 2011...will be my 46th season hahaha!
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