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  1. SP72

    370mm steering wheel

    The 360 cavalino is from Feroz (ddk)
  2. Thanks and yes, agreed, although they work better after 5-10 miles. Before that, they certainly keep you alert! Come join the AM party: https://silverstoneauctions.com/events/2020-auctions/race-retro-classic-competition-car-sale-2020/race-retro-classic-competition-car-sale-2020/competition-cars-friday-21st-february-2020/a-pair-of-aston-martin-vantage-rally-gt-cars-and-spares-package
  3. Hello Rich Thanks, so far so good - just hearing it start up is a joy, the rest is just a bonus I wasn’t aware that the owner has a V8, that is very useful to know, so thanks for the lead.
  4. SP72

    370mm steering wheel

    For my old car, I bought a wooden Momo Indy in 370mm and had it trimmed by Royal Steering Wheels in leather. Looked great (IMO), felt great. 360mm Cavalino here, if of interest: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F202907236984
  5. I had these too - vintage white - think d911 do them
  6. Pretty sure the car magic ones are sold by D911.
  7. Ive read they have changed it to a mileage criteria instead of time, unless you have an issue. Of course, Sir can change all 12 coil plugs at the same time for another 2k... Oh yes - my lottery win car I think...or maybe a manual early Vanquish
  8. Thanks Steve Yes, MD for non-service items is not cheap, will try to use a local specialist for that and MD for the stamp in the book. MPG is hilarious (at present) - i filled up the tank today with 95 Ron (330 miles to empty), then saw a clear stretch where I crept above 5k in second for about half mile. Immediately it showed 295 miles to empty
  9. Sorry, that sounded a bit flippant. I agree, there is plenty in its locker to leave a grown man crying. It has 12 months AM warranty which helps, and which I’ll renew in Jan 21
  10. Plug change every 7 years? I can live with that.
  11. I don’t think i could wait that long for a car I’ve got an interest in! But lets be clear, the only reason I’m in this car because it was 100% cost neutral against the IB. Operating* costs will be higher for non-service items, but main dealer fixed price servicing is not crazy https://www.astonmartin.com/en-gb/owners/servicing * i left home today without the tracker fob, when the tracker company called me (received via Bluetooth!) to check up on me. In a fluster, and not 100% concentrating i managed to scrape the front carbon fibre splitter. I looked into pricing in case i do ever smash it enough to warrant replacement - 2800+ vat to you sir! (Standard plastic item is 400) Stuff like that will add up - but routine stuff should be fine.
  12. Clutch is a weak spot but most will have been changed at least once by now - it’s 2 grand bill for that alone. Some high mile cars (80-100k+) are showing some signs of bearing wear, Due to being run low on oil or infrequent oil changes. Some ally oxidisation on the doors on the early cars due to poor paint quality/prep from the factory - not easy for good local repairs. Some quality issues with interior trim on the pre 2009 cars - most suggest the 2009 4.7 is the one to go for due to better quality Interior and pokier engine but they are mid 30s compared with mid-late 20s for an earlier one. £6k manifold and exhaust change freezes up 40bhp and similar torque on the 4.3 (slurp) servicing cost are fixed price - not much difference between V8V and V12V hence me going for the latter. £600-1000 dependent on miles. My insurance is 600 insured via Zurich private clients, with AV and zero NCD, parked on my doorstep (not garaged).
  13. Thanks Stevo - I’m just sticking to facebook and PH for now. Once you get past the JB-wannabees with their yawnadelic 007 numberplates, there is some good to be gained. Then their is the type I’m leaning towards, those that are buying the early V8 Vantages from 2005/6 era. They tend to use them, rather than polish them - and personally, i think they are the best looking Vantage. Does feel a bit strange though starting to learn about another marque after so long in IB land.
  14. No sir, as of late 2017, surrounded by the greens of Horsell Common, in that there Woking. I wonder how long the AM would have lasted in Catford - anyway its dead posh now, its got a Costa coffee...
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