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  1. No idea on what it will do for ally, but works well on steel. Used on all of my ‘barges’ over the past 10 years or so. XCP Rust Blocker is also rated, although I don’t think as long lasting. Again, no idea what it will do for ally.
  2. Dynax UC is what you want - unsure how clear it is though. Got some somewhere, I thought it was slightly opaque
  3. There’s a Porsche enthusiast in Wales that has a lift....
  4. Worth adding that Sportwagen, as much as they hate dealing with fibreglass products, thought the set fitted to mine were an excellent fit and needing minimal finessing to fit. Much better than some I have seen.
  5. Esso SUL now 99Ron and still ethanol free (in most areas) https://www.esso.co.uk/en-gb/fuels/petrol
  6. Very much so - just need to decide how dark to go. The wheels are a bit lighter than what my crappy iPhone presents below, but still a fair bit darker than the current chrome.
  7. Totally agree - the early cars especially are stunning without the later S/V12 sills and aero stuff. See Les, I don’t care what the others say about you, I think you’re alright...
  8. Got a day booked with Rob on Monday, however finding a 10cm pool of green fluid under the engine did not bode well. PAS fluid level still good - the FB forum suggested an AC leak, with the green being dye added to the gas. Fingers crossed, it’ll be something simple when i take it to HWM on Thursday for a while i wait checkup. Its still under the Timeless warranty, so any works will be covered. The car is going back to HWM next week regardless as AM finally relented, and will treat a spot of ally corrosion on the bonnet under their paint warranty. I will find out tomorrow how much t
  9. Couldn’t help with my Fuchs - said the alloy was too hard to re shape (!) Will try the place recommended above when I get a chance.
  10. He’ll be dyeing his beard white next and start wearing glasses...
  11. https://sugru.com/buy?gclid=Cj0KCQjw2or8BRCNARIsAC_ppyYENYHVZfH00WxjDOaVh9J2M4YQloqI0UTKk0GNHujN9NGBtnCpdS4aAmbnEALw_wcB
  12. Imagine most builders will quote worst case and budget £5k for pistons and cylinders. 50 hours labour is what BSM quoted me, + 10 hrs for the bottom end. That’s 5-6k just labour @£75/hr
  13. SP72

    Wössner pistons for SC

    Unsure if these are still available - could be a better option?
  14. SP72

    Wössner pistons for SC

    I know this, but the design is very different (if that’s not a generic photo) to Wossner, JE etc
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