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  1. SP72

    Battery flat!

    agm batteries recover really well if you can, try hooking it up to a good battery using jump leads and leave overnight. I'm told that can recover the battery to a state that a charger can be used.
  2. SP72

    Cup holders on DDK

    Bottle of water for me
  3. Really nice JR - I love e38s. All of the dailies I’ve had over the past few years have qualified for ‘barge-dom’. The current 2006 XJR is 5m too but for some reason, much more difficult to place than others. BTW - I didn’t realise you’d sold or are selling your Turbo?
  4. Yup Pointy bit towards the end
  5. Lemme see what I have - I’ve not looked in “M O T R O N I C” box for some time.
  6. @Ian Comerford stunning car Ian, nice to see one in non silver, black, grey etc.
  7. 3.2s are plastic/nylon type - as mentioned, mine were in excellent condition after 30 odd years, its was just the connectors that were done for. I think I have my old 3.2 engine bay fuel lines in my lock up - could be used as template if anyone wants to borrow them.
  8. SP72

    9m sleeper

    Beneath the rear screen for sure And I think this may extend up to near the roof line Trying to match silver will be difficult too
  9. I think BSM would have fitted new lines as the standard 3.2 ones wouldn’t fit with my throttle setup. The ones above look tasty though, if you like that sort of thing
  10. Excellent, consider yourself wingman I’ve not driven the IB in Europe before, so a strong possibility I will side swipe a comrade - I have a placcy mirror I could gaffer tape onto the passenger side if need be!
  11. Hello dude, I’m interested and will track progress. I think I’m at a disadvantage though with my single (RHD) door mirrored car, driving on the RHS 👀
  12. I had front to back lines by BSM using genuine items. The outgoing lines were in great shape after 30 yrs, it was mainly the connectors/joins which were suffering. Need to check what’s happened with engine bay lines, presumably new aftermarket items have been fitted due to my different setup. The 3.2 ‘J’ line has always been an issue - worth giving it a good twist to eyeball any cracks or splits.
  13. SP72


    Bizarrely, I logged out and tried access my oil thread without logging in - it works fine
  14. SP72


    Anyone able to look at this? I get 503 on my oil thread in IB parts for sale.
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