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  1. I think complimentary, details his learnings, and covers more than just the engine https://www.amazon.com/Porsche-911-Performance-Handbook-1963-1998/dp/0760331804
  2. Have you got the Bruce Anderson book? It’s not a build book specifically, however.
  3. SP72

    Recommended Oil

    Yes agreed, I was insinuating that if the owner doesn’t know the oil fill method, there may be other things they may not know which are contained in the owners manual.
  4. SP72

    Recommended Oil

    Do read your handbook, lots don’t.
  5. You’ll be ‘parking hard’ next...
  6. Just to clarify, 1) my car breaks down, and is recovered to BSM 2) BSM confirm FPR at fault - request I call ATP to send replacement 3) ATP get RL to send replacement directly to BSM (no cost to me) 3) BSM issue me with an invoice for problem diagnosis, advising I had to recover the costs from ATPower as their part failed. I paid this invoice £300, using bank transfer.. So I want to recover the £300 BSM invoiced me - was going to be from ATP, but if BSM have opened it, it gets messy. I thought the same but have the same issue with the new part fitted. It might be an oily smell mixed in, coming from the oil catch tank.
  7. SP72

    Fuel Additive

    Yup, go with the multi shot version - check ebay too, might be cheaper https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F332743797254
  8. I agree to an extent - it just doesn’t feel right picking up the bill The Gods of ‘don’t 🤐 with your car’ ATP sent a replacement FPR immediately at no cost to me - i had to foot the bill for diagnosis and R&R - £300 True dat - add to the list my cracked front bumper, the deep scratches on the back of my passenger Recaro PP, the rattly exhaust- neither of which i can prove was them, but by feck, i’m 100% sure it was. If anyone else has any suggestions, which doesn’t involve poisoning BSMs resident dogs, i’d welcome your thoughts.
  9. Thanks for that explanation. I had the latest JE design fitted earlier this year, paired with Mahle cylinders. So far (not very!), so good in terms of piston slap and oil consumption on a 10w50 oil. I’ll look forward to your updates
  10. Carrillo = CP pistons? Anecdotally, I read someone on Pelican fitted the CP pistons, and is suffering a fair amount of oil consumption (can’t recall the cylinder). Would the ring gaps you’ve mentioned cause this? Or is it the particular oil rings?
  11. Thanks for the comments chaps. I’ll approach BSM for comment but agree it’s a feckin' mess. I guess BSM would only have attempted to open the part had it been faulty, but they didn’t disclose this or seek my go ahead. I approached ATP to send a replacement after BSM sent me a video showing fuel escaping from the vacuum port. ATP sent a replacement very quickly, directly to BSM. Thanks for the support
  12. Gents, I’d appreciate some advice on the warranty issue with the failed FPR I bought the FPR directly from ATPower in Jan 2019, who are supplied by Racing Lines BSM fitted in Jan/Feb 2019 Part identified as failed July/Aug 2019 (replacement part fixes the issue), I collect part from BSM and return directly to Racing Lines under instruction from ATP Racing Lines noticed failed part has witness marks where it has been or attempted to be opened, assuming by BSM (photos I took correlate the witness marks were there on collection) Racing Lines find a “loose internal part”, reattach, test, resulting in normal operation ATP advise “I will leave this with you to discuss payment of your invoice with Racing lines, as we only use their parts with our kits and cannot be held responsible for a problem with their part.” I’ve not been in this situation before, but believe I shouldn’t be dealing with Racing Lines, as i completed the transaction directly with ATP. Any thoughts on how to progress? Cheers folks.
  13. I love that interior. I could drive around topless in that, and you’d only see the whites of my eyes.. Just think about that for a second or two....
  14. LHD from RPM Technik, only minor difference stated: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F142189469076
  15. I didn’t know until last night - I saw Rose Passion were a supplier on the fuchsfelge site, then checked prices. I’d be interested to know if fuchsfelge sell them directly.
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