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  1. SP72

    Cleaning Fuchs

    Don’t get WD40 near the weights, it will loosen the adhesive.
  2. Anyone see this in the Esprit rebuild?
  3. He supplied the screen that adorns your car! Was the last one in OPC circulation back in early 2013, Sportwagen were struggling to source one.
  4. Doesn’t need a long drive, just need to get it warm enough For oil temp to hit the 8 o’clock mark +\- 2mm Check seatbelts recoil (I think still a failure if they don’t?) some silicone spray or furniture polish spray helps.
  5. SP72


    Yes correct 8 and 9x17 for the narrow body
  6. SP72


    Two different widths for the speedlines You need the 9x17 rear, not the 10x 17
  7. SP72

    Headlight rings

  8. SP72

    Headlight rings

    Works, will PM you
  9. Michelin PS4S fitted on Weds The delta between these and the old Corsas is huge - as expected but still a pleasant surprise. Grip out of corners, t-junctions etc is superb, and they must Be a few decibel quieter inside, meaning you can hear more of the engine and the exhaust note. Throttle still needs care with Sport mode engaged, but overall they seem a good match.
  10. SP72

    Headlight rings

    Still available peeps
  11. VR1 Any mineral oil should work
  12. Go for their Motul 4100 15w50 instead
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