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  1. Section 75 as mentioned before. Standard with CC purchases between £100 and £30000, I believe.
  2. Speak to Anil, he did have one
  3. Greatworth Classics has some good facilities Same for MCE Porsche. Remember, you don’t necessarily need Porsche people
  4. Standard 3.2 h/ex so yes, 1 in. You have to modify the lower rear valance which is attached to the bumper. Ian C has a central twin out with this modification.
  5. What about RS911? They’ve been around a long time, *usually* a good sign. http://www.porsche-restoration.co.uk/
  6. I posted previously, but Dansk/SSI were making a 41mmOD version back in 2017 Might not fit your timescales, but worth contacting them to see if its due any time soon. http://catalogue.jpgroup.dk/pdf/PorscheDansk.pdf. (See p142)
  7. Negative - M&K don’t do heat exchangers - not quite accurate as RarlyL8 off pelican does them, but with similar pre-reqs to SSIs (oil lines, backdated heat)
  8. Headers or heat exchangers? Check the video Nige posted of his recently, it sounds superb. Classic flat six.
  9. + the Cargraphic stuff has probably been sold in such few numbers, the fit may still not be 100% accurate. The SSI *should* be a much better fit straight off and gives you a wider choice of silencers.
  10. Isn’t it just the 2 side pieces and the tinware either side of the fan? What else? Can’t be many options that retain standard heat and add performance over the standard 3.2 setup?
  11. Lovely interior too: https://www.topgear.com/car-news/tgs-guide-japan/driving-wonderful-mzr-roadsports-datsun-240z#10
  12. They were at the NEC classic car show a few years ago - the attention to detail and the simplicity are my favourite aspects. That engine bay shot is superb, so clean.
  13. Don’t have a pic but looked like a silencer flange, 10-12mm Engine cooler clearance was the main one, a couple of other spots too.
  14. Pics of my s/w bush remnants in your thread Beaks:
  15. They were only available from end-2017! Simpler setup and probably weigh less too? Sizing would be similar to a standard 3.2 setup, although more efficient in flow, so maybe a small bump in bhp/torque.
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