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  1. SP72

    Strut brace

    Thanks IB Peeps
  2. Carbone do a self adhesive one, but wondering if the standard T911 one with spray adhesive would allow a bit of wriggle/slideability to get in it position. https://car-bone.pl/shop/engine-ins-pad-65-89/ @strosek34 - which adhesive did you use Steve?
  3. SP72

    Strut brace

    Thanks all - I will go ahead and fit it. Will i affect camber when applying pre-load (or removing ‘slack’ as it describes in the instructions)? My alignment needs doing, wondering if I stick it on after alignment?
  4. The engineering facilities at BS Motorsport are impressive but heads and porting work are farmed out.
  5. SP72

    Bodywork recommendation - sills replacing

    BSMotorsport recommend GTR too
  6. SP72

    Strut brace

    Picked up a NOS one of these - do peeps find strut braces make a difference on the road, or are they a waste of time? http://www.klaindustries.net/911strut/911-STB-install.htm Looks a well made piece of kit.
  7. Nice collection However, I think i saw better video quality in the Roswell ‘alien’ post-mortem video - WTF where they filming with?
  8. Sorry Steve, i missed this - thanks for yours and everyone else’s support along the way Fingers crossed, but hopefully on the home stretch
  9. Nearly there - the ATPower fitting kit appears to have shorter stack height than the temporary setup on the Dyno. Unsure what impact this will have on bhp/torque - i’m told i won’t notice the difference. Some driveability tweaks to be made by Motec, target next week, then all good for collection. Probably should have done something about the old engine bay pad residue on the firewall - how about a nice quilted Bentley look ?? 😌 New boots too:
  10. How’s your oil pressure? Sorted?
  11. SP72

    Light weight undertray

    Get it anodised
  12. SP72

    First drive of 2019

    Looks good Haith - are those 225/50 on the back? I forgot how chunky they look on 7s
  13. SP72

    Cleaning Fuchs

    Wd40 to clean them Watch any outboard wheel weights though, the wd40 will dislodge the adhesive
  14. SP72

    Air Compressor Tyre Inflator

    I’m using a Porsche item, circa 996-997 era. Small and fast. I dont trust the gauge though, I use a separate Halfords ‘digickle’ item for measurement.
  15. SP72

    Triumph ITB conversion

    Nice tidy job. what have you used for an engine bay pad?