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  1. Let me remind Wayne to send me the details Yup a.l OK
  2. Beaky

    LED headlights

    Here's one http://www.ashfordchroming.com/headlamp-reflector-re-silvering-restoration
  3. Beaky

    LED headlights

    I think you can also have your original ones re-mirrored, there's a thread someone with a few options
  4. Beaky

    My Shed Thread

    I don’t know about the rest, but I’m moving in when it’s finish, what a grand Des Res it will be
  5. Going Thursday for press night and Friday with my bruv in law
  6. Beaky

    LED headlights

    Fitted these the other day, lighting is much improved and beams seems fine. They have now released a newer version £100 plus postage for a pair - http://www.dynamoregulatorconversions.com/led-headlamp-bulbs-shop.phpgreat l
  7. Beaky

    Seized Parking Brake

    Cheers Chris, Hows your mean machine, when do we get to hear/see it?
  8. Beaky

    Seized Parking Brake

  9. Beaky

    Seized Parking Brake

    Thx for the quick replies, now all sorted with a some gentle persuasion!
  10. Beaky

    Seized Parking Brake

    Doesn't rock so assume Pads Sorry Boss!
  11. Beaky

    Seized Parking Brake

    It's in the garage would shoot off across the road in reverse! I assume one can get to the cable and lubricate pull it free?
  12. Beaky

    Seized Parking Brake

    Hi Folks, When to take the car for a spin and found the car won't move even with lots of rev's she wouldn't budge! Probably my fault for parking her with the hand brake on after all the snow etc driving back from Waynes. So what is the quickest and easiest way to unseize the buggers!
  13. Beaky

    Winter warmers - London meet up

    Brilliant evening folks, thanks for the invite Right then, Bruges here we come.................
  14. Beaky

    Winter warmers - London meet up

    I'll now be there around 6