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  1. Since this is likely to be an increasing issue for our cars, I would imagine there is enough demand to create a group purchase (or build for that matter) of suitable fuel lines. How many sets could be easily established, the who maybe more difficult
  2. I got one of these, a 05 3.2S version, Standard apart from a Carnewal exhaust, it's been great across Europe can easily carry mine and the missus luggage, glorious with the roof down on a sunny day. I think these 987's compliment the IB perfectly
  3. Sell the daughter and come on the drive............. Ok I remember doing this for my kids, it's worth the effort (I visited at least 6 each time) as they have to feel good and comfortable about their surroundings, they will be there for the next 3 to 4 years.
  4. Is it me, I only see Orange, Looks good, probably even better in the flesh
  5. Last weekend away at Zeeland for a Porsche trip, now Cyprus for 7 days.1 day back in blighty, then Le Mans, Trips in Sept and Oct booked..................did I miss anything
  6. I'll get the full details and post on here once I return from vacation on the 18th
  7. Lovely looking motor, i’m sure you’ll have plenty of fun in it.....well what are you waiting for, drive😎
  8. Think i have some reading to do. I’m currently awaiting some feed back on a UK kit (ECU, individual coil packs, MAF, new injectors, etc). Initial reports are good
  9. I got six new OEM injectors for my car, cost £1200?.....................how you pay £120!
  10. In my simple layman terms, if a car fails to start its either lack of fuel or fire (spark!) Question: when running are the electric as they should be, e’g. light bright, gauges showing as before? My car was very slow to crank over (it had a new battery) and only just caught, this was diagnosed using a voltage tester as a faulty Alternator (no other noticeable signs, ignition red light coming on, etc.). New alternator all is good Can you not take one plug out as see if it sparks on crank over – needs to be sufficiently strong spark to ignite.
  11. Sounds like Marketing and Accountants at play...............................pretend its changed and ask for more!.
  12. Gen 2 PDK GTS (408bhp) that's a very capable car and daily friendly
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