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  1. I have 7's up front wearing 205/55 with no issues, I think many on here have similar fitments and no rubbing.
  2. I have 7 & 9, the latter is the issue for current and future tyre choice, hence getting a pair of 8"s
  3. I was just about to pull the trigger on a set of Yokohamas. then the missus said, "what happen next time and the time after if there is such little choice now" knew there was a reason I kept her around....lol! So think I'll get a set of 8" and sell the 9" - I have 3 x 9" if anyone is interested
  4. The prices do include VAT at 19% I believe, I spoke with them directly, they are the distributor for all English speaking countries
  5. Dear Mr. Collard, thank you for your mail. For your information we are the producer of the classic Fuchs wheels OF 30269 but we only produce them in the name and order of Porsche. Due to this we are not allowed to sell these wheels directly. The wheels can be bought at Porsche Classic. For prices and delivery time, please contact your Porsche branch. But we offer our Evolution wheels, which are the same wheels but without the Porsche material number. Please find attached our flyer. There will be additional shipping costs, which have to be calculated separately. F
  6. Feedback from Yokohama Thank you for your enquiry. Features of new Yokohama A008P include - Jointless nylon full cover Steel belt and Steel reinforcement Dual layer tread compound Asymmetric pattern design The tread compound has been updated and the tyre is compliant with latest EU tyre label legislation. If you require any more information please contact me again. Best Regards XXXXXX Motorsport/Warranty Tyre Technician Yokohama HPT Ltd I think I nay bite the bullet on these and be the test pilot
  7. You may need something bigger, he's had no trim in over 12 months and he's now call Hair Bear in the village..............
  8. I have a 2006 MX5 with Meister R adjustable suspension, yellow dot RX8 ARB's, its a hoot to drive
  9. Scotland, Yorkshire, Classic Le Mans, Zeeland, SPA, Ramparts, Honfleur, and local evening drives....basically as many road trips as I'll allowed to do.
  10. I have send an email to Yokohama to clarify what compound they are using, I do know it has passed Porsche testing and is N rated
  11. I would assume so, maybe worth asking Yokohama directly
  12. If its cheaper than a pint from Stringfellow's ................................
  13. It was mentioned during the new GT3 launch. If technically, economically and in real terms green friendly this could be a game changer. I would imagine all the petrochemical organisations are already working on such solutions as they need find a replace for their main revenue stream.
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