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  1. Beaky, Greenwich at 15.00 Wingnonut, Clacketts 16.00 Sopor, Clacketts 16.00 BusyBee, Clacketts 16.00
  2. Ok, so who's going Saturday and meeting where. I'll start: Beaky, Greenwich at 15.00 Wingnonut, Clacketts 16.00
  3. We love a build thread, and nothing wrong with a outlaw 👍
  4. I have tickets for Saturday, traveling up the night before
  5. I believe it was " Run to the Sun the following Saturday 26th"
  6. Out of the three latest options, this looks like the real deal. The bug is an amazing build, but didn't look to stable, the same probabaly about the jazz.
  7. Pleasure to meet to sir, and good luck with the project 👍
  8. Putting this here in case a fellow IBer is interested Full service history and MOT to May 2022 Mileage 70k may slightly increase Detachable Hardtop with storage cradle and cover 4 new Continental Premium 6 tyres with less than 500 miles 2 x Keys Modifications in my ownership · Meister R adjustable coils overs · RX7 yellow dot ARB’s front and rear with poly bushing · 17” MX5 sport wheels · Dension Gateway to allow Bluetooth phone and music streaming · Variable intermittent wiper Body work is ver
  9. Sold to Kemppi, PM me for payment and collection details, thanks
  10. I’ve had a few cars repaired by the boys recently, I always take a quick peek at your car, it’s coming a long lovely and they seems very happy with the results so far. that reminds me I need to ask them about my bumper mod!
  11. I think I'd be up for this, might travel up the day before (either Friday or Saturday) spend the next day there and then travel home.
  12. Anyone been to this before, looks interesting and something different from cars in fields https://www.classicnostalgia.co.uk/event-info
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