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  1. On a similar vein, Good hotel for the Essen Classic
  2. Ok Peeps, A few of us fancy a long week end away at one of the historic events at Zandvoort, anyone have a recommendation for a decent hotel with good parking and fairly close to restaurants. Cheers
  3. What about an M635i, I've always like the shape and heard they are a good long distance cruising machine
  4. As a matter of interest as it’s been asked on another thread and maybe of interest to others currently selling, where/ what medium did you use to advertise the car?
  5. ops, misreda, it was the rear ones on mine https://www.wevo.com/Products/ChassisProducts/WevoChassisProducts-RARBConsoles.htm
  6. It was the speed you were travelling over the holes!...............allegedly..................................😉 I put WEVO ones on when I'm went many moons ago, have stood the test of time, ...and many potholes!
  7. Good news on the sale, but hopefully we don’t lose you from the gold. now as a replacement.............
  8. Never meet him in person, but was very knowledge and helpful over the phone, sound like we lost one of the good guys. RIP
  9. I have a new one sitting on my garage shelve
  10. Looks like you belt has a slight fray in it, mine did the same and had it changed as a precautionary measure.
  11. Nice buy, you'll need a bigger warehouse soon,
  12. Should be start a new thread on what trips we plan for 2020? Le Mans, Essen Classic, SPA, Circuit Des Remparts, Zandvoort, Bruges, Montreuil sur Mer and several UK weekends are a few on my radar. Didn't do enough miles last year
  13. Probably and hence my surprise the likes of EB don't offer them as part of a kit?
  14. As it's a spinning thing and one assumes centrifugal force should come into play, do they need to be balance as part of this procedure?
  15. On a side topic, some of us have "members" on our profiles and other "Gruppe IB"......................
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