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  1. I believe I've seen that before around our Manor, and yes very nice. Reminds me of the one in Muswell hill that got stripped a few winters ago, I only saw that late at night but it was a early blue Targa
  2. Wow, I need to see this in the fresh and then to stop dribbling👍
  3. Which make did you go with in the end?
  4. Beaky

    One for Doc

    Residual values put to one side, keep it and enjoy, that's my plan. In say 5-10 years time who know pricing may have gone through the roof or not but what price do you put of the smiles per mile it would have given over the period. PS and remember you have a mega machine!
  5. Frank Cassidy aka Boxengasse dude.........I call him Jesus!... not sure who the Jedi was !
  6. Pure porn, The lady to the left wearing the anklers is the current chairwomen PCGB, She just got hold of a new GT4!
  7. Loved seeing Daisy again and I think need an R.............. The wet road did catch a few out, one in particular: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10218622950837970&set=gm.10157072655559072&type=3&theater&ifg=1
  8. Beaky

    Lid Stays

    Miles to professional by far 👍
  9. Good to catch up and put some faces to names from this forum, When is the next meet?
  10. Beaky

    One for Doc

    Sounds likes I need to buy a large piece of land and begin to sell IB size plots ..................
  11. Beaky

    One for Doc

    Just took her for a quick spin and fuel up ready for tomorrow. Its as you look back at her as the garage door slowly descends, you think, "I just love what happened!"...............need an excuse to drive her again...............
  12. Beaky

    One for Doc

    We may be getting old and unable to exploit them like we used too (life becomes increasing precious with age, so maybe hold back a tad!) and prices still remain strong but by heck they still get the adrenaline pumping. Still icon and much admired, so long as I have the time to enjoy my IB amongst the daily trawl of life, I'll keep mine a while longer.
  13. Look lovely, welcome to the club, enjoy 😎
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