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  1. This too, also have a far better accelerator feel
  2. I already had high lift cams as part of my 3.4 build. On their Dyno - Pre: 264.5 BHP; 238.3 Torques Post: 280.7 BHP: 245.7 Torques ITB's don't per se give you much more power, they give constant power throughout the rev range and a higher top end. PS They run a very conservative Dyno 🙂
  3. Tea & Cake followed by a stiff Brandy!
  4. These I believe are made by Carbon 12, I got mine direct from them
  5. Beaky

    Ducktail Rust!

    Thx Ina, If the EB one passed yours and Sportswagens test, then that's be good enough for me
  6. Beaky

    Ducktail Rust!

    A fairly big price difference and I'd assume both will need some work to fit properly Anyone purchased from either of these guys before and can comment on their products?
  7. Beaky

    Ducktail Rust!

    Thx Nigella, will check that one out 😁
  8. Beaky

    Ducktail Rust!

    The metal is rusting through the fiberglass right in the corner, you need to probably break the fame out to fix and treat it, then bond it together again, unless a DIY job cheaper to get a new one
  9. Beaky

    Ducktail Rust!

    OK, once I have replaced it, its yours
  10. Beaky

    Ducktail Rust!

    Its uneconomical l to repair so need to source a new one, Sports Wagen recommend EB Motorsports for one
  11. 930, the original widow maker..............probably.........lol
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