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  1. They should hopefully capitulate, if as they say the unit is good, then they will have no problem moving it on, No!,
  2. Get a professional technical report on the quality, then physically send it back saying that if a refund is not received within 14 days you will commence legal action against them for the cost and compensation Copy both the UK and German sides of the organisation
  3. This sold out before I got round to ordering tickets. So a few of us are going to JZM's coffee morning then heading to Bicester afterwards, so hopefully see you there
  4. Don't you just love this forum, great similar minded IB people helping each other out....I salute you sirs
  5. Mine 044 was fitted by JAZ so can't directly help, but from memory when I looked under the car when it was on the ramp it looked no different from what came in the box.
  6. I think we should change the name of this thread from My Shed, to My Grand Design.............................awesome!
  7. Yes you do, Chris, there's TOO MUCH wrong with these, even if you did get them to fit, just think of the hassle if ever that needed to come off. Return go SSI, and enjoy the car
  8. What a lovely reincarnation of the 240Z, yes they were not 911 quick, interiors very plasticy, but truly iconic back in the day. I'd have one of these in the garage if i could.
  9. Ditto, Check with Jazz as I believe Steve ordered a few in when he did mine.
  10. 15 years no issue, then two in three years! - Is it just me or is there a let more debris on the roads theses day. Replacement booked for Monday!
  11. That looks like the bees knees, lovely jubley.........
  12. Hi Chris, Good to hear that the car is nearing completion, should be mega. I believe a standard CS is 6840, so as Shirish says, I think it should be good for 7k.
  13. Ditto combination, the linen carpets just gets filth!
  14. My Son's 987 has the stickers and they soon begin to peel. So planning to just spray the switch matt back, as know which is which 🙂
  15. Reap in Harrow will also refurb your speedo,
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