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  1. Beaky

    Cool vids

    This is the colour scheme I would love to have in a 997 GT3RS
  2. Beaky

    Cool vids

    To be truthful I'd take any in that garage, PLEASE, but I think the 997 GT3 is real world usable and ticks all the right boxes
  3. Beaky

    Cool vids

    Watched it twice, I want Andreas job!
  4. And think of the weight saving!
  5. Have you thought about getting rid of them completely. A few on here have done so and it make for a cleaner neater look. obviously the holes need to be filled and new number plate lights fitted but since its going to have some work done to it, what not?
  6. Ownership is our addiction, the forum our counselling sessions 😇
  7. https://www.pistonheads.com/features/ph-buying-guides/porsche-cayman-987--ph-used-buying-guide/28004
  8. The other option is, since it’s a none period engine, what about a non period gearbox. You’ll lose the dog leg and will need some work to fit it in but you now have a robust gearbox with longevity.
  9. I have two, one for my daughter, the other one I’ve modded. 👍
  10. I would imagine that the gearbox could be rebuilt with stronger internals that would cope with the power, surely the race car’s of the same era did?
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