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  1. Unfortunately I think this scenario needs real legal counsel input as there are several technical points of contract law that apply but also can be contested due to the nature of the events - you can envisage the blame pingpong between all three parties. As a matter of principle you should seek the right and ethical resolution, that said, it's going to take time and effort (solicitors letters, small claims court application) with what probability of success. Sorry to sound so bleak but you have to weigh up is it really worth it.
  2. I accidently did, now need therapy!
  3. I wonder if this has a correlation to forgetting where you parked the car!
  4. Hi James, Welcome to our addiction, once hooked there is no going back. Do love the story line to the car which looks great Beaky aka Captain Chaos.........
  5. Sorry to ask a silly question, but have you checked under your seat to see if anything is loose, an item banging around now lodged somewhere or the passengers seat belt buckle knocking somewhere
  6. Sounds very much like the millenium bug conspiracy, Consultants made future out of nothing! Well let's hope not nor a mega new opportunity arrives beforehand................then bring on the next project 👍
  7. As we all know modding can have its pitfalls, Are you sure you want to go through it again!
  8. Cars are replaceable, people not, glad to hear everyone is OK be safe out there
  9. Ok I'll start the ball rolling £50, Charity Cancer research
  10. IB Onesies..................................sorry didn't take my medicale this morning!................
  11. Glad to hear it was only a failed component and nothing serious, hopefully you’ll be up and running in next to no time. 👍
  12. Unfortunately very true, yet look what money can do/has done in and around Canary Wharf .
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