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  1. Alex, I think you just ran out of excuses, let’s have the intake and ECU in then
  2. Beaky

    Wanted.... a car!!

    I'd buy high with most of the usual stuff done (top end, B pillars etc), in reality many previous owners never really get their money back, unless they keep their cars for many years and use them to the full. Is there a top line budget for the acquisition?, buying cheap unfortunately typically ends up expensive.
  3. some great bespoke mods here, we are nearly two weeks in with probably at least another 2 to 4 to go
  4. Its another platform/media for air cooled enthusiasts, but nothing will beat this forum!
  5. I think you buy this or any other classic because of nostalgia, wish list tick box, memories, how they smell, look, drive, etc, speed is just one small component.
  6. Never seen one like that before, where/what is the history?
  7. T-shirt, badges,.....................just think the the merchandising..................................
  8. I hope that's not enforced or bad thing, I love Zurich
  9. Sorry, I have the classic threaded version, but can testify its a quality but pricey product. Why not email them directly, they ere very quick and responsive when I dealt with them.
  10. Already a member, like any social media platform FB has its good and bad parts, its how you use it.
  11. Well if Chris managers it, we need a detail write up for further reference 😉
  12. Whatever you do don’t ride your bike near Daisy in a car😳
  13. Actually Paul is spot on. My son started off with a 1.0 Micra for a couple of years to build up his no claims and road craft, then he move to a BMW compact, at 25 he got the Boxster.
  14. Mk 1 Ford Fiesta XR2 that may need some work
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