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  1. Yup, going. Attending a brekkie meet at the ACE cafe with the RPOC group, then convoy up to Bicester
  2. For these loose washers
  3. Beaky

    Cool vids

    On the bucket list to visit one of their events!
  4. This is so much better than watching Bake Off when it comes to entertainment and cakes
  5. Exempt as I'm over 40 years old 🙃
  6. Lovely looking car as as stated above great colour combo, looks the Biz!
  7. I'm 50:50 if I can make it but signed up anyway
  8. Food for thought! Yours was a very clean and tidy motor to begin with yet you have found several Imperceptions that rightly needed your expert attention. I wonder what lures unfound under many a E46 M3 then! When yours is finished your's and rightly so M3 will be top the class!
  9. Nope, I missed the draft, got placed in the So So group!
  10. What hasn’t been mentioned but worth considering is driving tuition to enhance IB driver experience. An IB is a very capable car particularly after a suspension refresh and set up. Learning how to fully use and exploit an IB (most of the knowledge can be applied to any car) was probably the second best value for the money I spent.
  11. It'a clear you need some motivation.....Baklava
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