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  1. A great antidote for missing Angouleme, great company, brilliant roads, what are you waiting
  2. As an interim measure, can’t you drill a small counter sunk hollow (sorry for the non-technique terms) into the shaft that the allen screws can lodge into and hopefully prevent it slipping. PS keep the faith, taking an IB for a good spin can be such a good way to de-stress.
  3. Nice find, how if the do a larger displacement set of SSI's for a 3.2 😉
  4. And there is always Jonny's new rear cooler option
  5. I very much doubt National have an IB specialist. if you think about it logically the only air corridors in that area are form the De-mister vent and you can easily check if that is the source - check function and pipework. If the noise and air are emanating from the screen, there is nothing else it can be
  6. Firstly as was mentioned above, I would never have allowed them to try bodge the job with sealant. Secondly, Sorry if this guy turned up and said what he said, I'd politely ask him to leave. Get an expert who knows and fits IB screens insist on nothing else otherwise this will be a long drawn out saga!
  7. Beaky

    SC Tyres

    I have Bilstein's and Chris at CG fitted Conti's to my car
  8. Beaky

    SC Tyres

    I’d had both Conti’s and Bridgestone’s, there’s not much between them In reality it’s down to your personal driving style and the feedback you want. Just to add some spice, Michelin PS4’s seem to be in vogue for many sports car makes.
  9. Nice thought Richard, but to early for me to know what I want to do/don't want to do or need for the car. First priority to sort out all those little jobs.
  10. Thrust shaft bearing, Pressure plate thingymegig, syncro's on reverse
  11. I forgot to add this one comes with the hardtop, hardtop stand and cover
  12. Gauging the IB community to see if there is any interest before I stick it on Feebay Silver, 67K miles with service history, Meister R coil overs with RX7 yellow dot ARB’s, lowered 4 new Sport contact 6 tyres, full service in May this year, Dab/bluetooth Radio (also have the original headunit). Has the usual pings, etc. for a 14 year old car, but very solid and great fun. £3500 ono I'll get some picture with soft and hard top over the weekend
  13. Need to give it a good wash , but in the interim
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