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  1. Beaky

    3.2 Owners say Hello

    Hi Phil, welcome and nice looking car you have there. Tell us about the modifications you have done as the engine Ib’s looks different to others we have seen.
  2. Beaky

    Lowered 911 Fuel Tank Scrape

    As Part of a PCGB London (R20) early morning drive out around London, I was asked to pick him up from his hotel, so took the opportunity for the photo.
  3. Beaky

    Lowered 911 Fuel Tank Scrape

    In terms of the toe hook catching, when I lowered my car i cut it off and fitted one of these: http://www.stuttgart-classica.co.uk/new-parts/front-tow-loop
  4. Beaky

    3.5L MFI twin plug. 380HP and 330 ft lbs

    Correct, just await a piston ring and it’ll put together
  5. Beaky

    3.5L MFI twin plug. 380HP and 330 ft lbs

    A Joint build, not just Neils !
  6. Beaky

    Welcome to Impactbumpers

    Exactly on all points....................................................
  7. Beaky

    Quality rubber or poly suspension bushes

    My dad always told me to carry good rubbers! That was many years ago,
  8. Beaky

    Buying a car abroad?

    At a recent R20 blast into Luxembourg, we were joined by a new couple that were driving a LHD 964 3.3 Turbo. When I enquired about the car they told me that they had sourced it from Germany, basically a blind purchase, had it serviced locally in Germany, insured it, flew over and drove it back. Once in the UK, they then went through the registration process. I'm not suggesting this is the right or correct way to do things, but seems many do it this way!
  9. Sorry to hear about your woes. This is a difficult one to apportion blame, but assuming a 100mm difference is very unusual and/or not recommended both Bilstein and Fenn Lane should have checked and questioned the settings. I'd go back to both and see what they say, as a gesture of goodwill they may give you a discounted rate to fix the issue - it's better than nothing. As has been mentioned many times, Chris and crew at CG are in a class of their own, the only shining light is that some of the cost for the health check is deducted from CG final bill for the refurb should you return it to them.
  10. Thank you, I have every digit crossed we have a mild winter!
  11. Beaky

    Fancy another 175HP?

    Is it that bad! We will spend anything between £20-40K to rebuild with sporty bits and/or enlarge our engines to gain 40 to 70 BHP, so $75 (say £60) to gain 175 bhp is good value
  12. Right then, new piston is here, one half of the engine already assembled, so should be back on the road within say then next two weeks.
  13. Beaky

    My Shed Thread

    Build still awesome, and I love the beer delivery, is that Del boy's uncle at the helm ?