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  1. Opinions are subjective as each person has their own criteria, feel, sense, expectations, etc. when comparing things. From my personal perspective I have not noticed or experienced anything that suggests they are not. Tyre review but for 17/18"
  2. Allegro, Marina, Avenger, Maxi, .........................the nightmare goes one!
  3. Don't discount the Conti Premium Contact 6 tyre, I currently have them on IB, and they have been very good.
  4. Remind me Not to venture down the Lancia route unless having a magnet to hand when checking bodywork! Wow these stories are tear jerkingly painful on the pocket
  5. This picture was taken with the plastic cover for the left hand fuses and relays taken off. I don’t know what caused the failure as the Coil Pack is a sealed unit. So assume it could be water penetration or it was just one of those things.
  6. That could be another solution, use some kind of fine net to allow air in but hold most of the water out
  7. Nice looking engine bay there Phil. Mine is on the left hand side of the engine bay and about 6 inches lower,
  8. TNT........to extreme!
  9. Haith, what are the roads and areas around the Blue Lagoon like?
  10. It was said in jest, I’ll will not be driving around with a condom stretched over my coil😳
  11. Option 3……..buy a Cat, will keep all sorts of vermin away!
  12. Now, if the car could plug into ones brain, and you control by thought process, it may work.............................................................
  13. I'll have a look, but its a hefty piece of kit, comes form the Vauxhall Omega V6 model
  14. This sounds so much better an explanation!
  15. Following on from my recent coil pack failure, I was wondering if there are any preventative measures I can take. As my current ignition set up has the coil pack sitting high and close to the engine grill, its open to all the elements, so can I weatherproof it in anyway? I remember back in the day (30 years ago!) we would spray something on to the distribution caps (particular for minis) to provide some water protection. Is there anything similar available today? Additionally, when I wash the car I may try and cover the coil pack to limit direct water access to it.
  16. It was the coil pack, now replaced and all running sweet. I'll get a spare to carry with me
  17. Ditto. Other news is it was my coil pack that had given up the ghost. New one fitted and all is well, I'll also order a spare to carry.
  18. The garage doubt that’s the issue, coil pack maybe, will know shortly
  19. Well my run to Shelsley Walsh was eventful. Driving up on Friday, coming off the M5 the car developed a major misfire so I drove it into the nearest safe parking spot - Robin Hood pub on the A38. Not be able to see anything obvious parked it up and continued to our overnight stop in my Bruv-in-law car - Arbarth Spider. Following day attended the event, bumped into Chris T and Haith (good to see you folks and what a great event). Returned back to the car around 3, rechecked all connections etc, still nothing. So Flatbed was called and got home around midnight! and dropped the car off at Jaz. They'll plug in the laptop and get a reading, the coil pack is a contender, we shall see.
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