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  1. Not loved by many as the name says, built forth soft belly's of California set, but i do like their shape. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202006029716196?radius=1500&postcode=n200uj&model=CALIFORNIA&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&advertising-location=at_cars&make=FERRARI&sort=price-asc&page=1
  2. Jonny, you are very tenacious and I’m sure the end product will be masterful. Unfortunately my pipes and Cooling now I’ve add the additional front fan are fine so in the near future I don’t see a need for me to change, but hopefully There will be many that do. Good luck
  3. Love the colour combinations, looks fab.
  4. I like the cars & bikes, I like the contents, but the home isn't doing it for me. I like contemporary but find this too depressing and uninspiring
  5. Wow out of curiosity I looked up the prices!
  6. This topped up on Facebook, I have never heard of these tyres before but come in 245/45/16 and 205/55/16 sizes- watch near the end of the clip
  7. Beaky

    Cool vids

    I just need to find tse money to order a singer...............and not the sowing machine!
  8. By the end of this you'll be an expert, we'll form an orderly queue for ours to be when you're ready
  9. Exactly, its been an ordeal but worth it in the end, well done and enjoy many more happy miles
  10. And a lovely bit of kit it is too,
  11. Did you not consider an upgrade! Carbon 12,.........
  12. I had low pressure reading, ended up being an electrical issue, alternator wasn’t charging correctly but no warning lights etc. At the same time my temp gauge would read slightly higher, but once a new alternator Fitted all back to normal. so have your electric s checked first
  13. Welcome, and a lovely car than should be used
  14. Next he'll be asking if he can run without the oil filler and petrol caps to save weight..................................good idea no!
  15. Ditto, did my tune up yesterday!
  16. Saturday was an Italian tune up run to the coast in the IB, whitstable was pleasantly warm and uncrowded. Today was family BBQ time, tomorrow is TBD. have fun folks
  17. Mine when in the door pocket exactly where the previous ones were located.
  18. Unfortunately car electrics is the devils work!. I hope the Canems folks can find and quickly resolve the issue.
  19. I wonder what the fine would be, since I'm saving all the holiday money it might be worth it!
  20. I assume all the stock actually belong to them and not owners on sale or return! It'll be a good test on what the market is doing
  21. We could be creative, all out £10.00 into the a pot and say its a fund raising run...................................................only kidding!
  22. I remember also reading somewhere (Pelican!) the earthing strap under the car (maybe the gearbox one) should be checked and cleaned as they has caused problems
  23. Also add them on the DDK forum
  24. Like the magical phoenix, she will rise again.........................

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