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  1. Me too, it’s inconspicuous and reception works well
  2. Beaky

    996 or 997?

    Silly question, but for about £18k you can get a blindingly good Cayman, I know it’s not a 911 but they are really good Porsche vehicles and perhaps a little more manageable. Get them to test drive one
  3. No Sticking with Valvoline 20w-50 VR1. It's the choice of several respected air cooled engine builders, and since I do around 5k> miles in a year and change oil and filter annually from what I have read etc, the use of mineral oils will see no deterioration in the oils performance over 12 months. Additionally it has the the right level of protection for our type of engine (flat tappets).
  4. Good luck, fingers crossed and we all can’t wait to see 😜
  5. If you look at my build thread from about page 4 there several inputs from our learned friends about running in procedures.
  6. I was advised similar all on mineral oil to protect the flat tappets. From memory did 3k first 250miles slowly building to 5k at 500 miles, lots of acceleration/deceleration. Then oil change and next 500 miles to 5k.
  7. Beaky

    996 or 997?

    Nick Jeffries who’s the events Director at PCGB is potentially selling his 996 4S. As far as I’m aware it’s been very well maintained and well known in the PCGB and 996 circles. Look him up on Facebook where he’s posted the potential sell.
  8. 37 years young, two kids, two mortgages, 5 years before I got the 911, had Saab 93 Aero, Honda CRV.
  9. Beaky

    One for Doc

    I can see increased demand for these Cayman R's, anyone in the market better be quick
  10. Beaky

    One for Doc

    PDK is very good and with the flappy paddles can be nearly as fun as a manual, just less leg work. Question:, with new Porsche's having so much power picking the wrong gear (downshift from 5 to 1), or unsettling it mid corner can cause considerable damage/end up in the wall, is the PDK also a safer option. I'd pick a PDK Cayman R over a manual, I get all the manual enjoy out of my IB.
  11. Beaky

    One for Doc

    Or a grand tourer..... https://www.historics.co.uk/buying/auctions/2019-11-23/cars/ref-4-1989-mercedes-benz-560-sec-by-lorinser/
  12. Beaky

    One for Doc

    I like this https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/porsche/cayman/porsche-cayman-r-pdk-987-gen-ii-porsche-warranty/9732115
  13. Beaky


    Excuse the ignorance, but is there anything special about the Azevs, are they as light and strong as Fuchs, etc or is it just aesthetics
  14. Beaky

    Oil Cooling

    So fan fitted today, stationary test went well, when the fan kicked in saw a big good drop on the temp gauge. The system is adjustable so the fans kick in temperature setting can be simply changed on the control unit. Real test will be sitting in traffic in the summer, 👍
  15. Just marvelous................
  16. Go to Chris Franklin at Centre Gravity, he’s the DB’s on geo
  17. 9” on mine, I had the arches rolled for extra clearance, but no issues from what I remember.
  18. Beaky

    One for Doc

    If irs an IB, then he can have Longmans; it's a proven good and quick car
  19. Is that a young Vicki Butler Henderson driving her first Porsche..........................
  20. I just caught up on this thread, that looks like a epic tour, makes my Algarve one look like a trip tp Tesco's! The Pyrenees is on the to do list, everyone that has done it says its a must, great clear roads with awesome scenery
  21. Beaky

    Wanted a E.C.U

    Steve Wong is now doing a repair or outright purchase ECU https://www.911chips.com/motrepair.htm
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