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  1. I got something similar but fabricated an add on that allow it to be to the rail seat. You may also think about stepping it up to allow for longer thinner cans/bottles,
  2. Not a true scientific test but interesting none the less
  3. They're a good bunch of lads up there and will help you no end to get it right. Did they mention their electric mini?
  4. Is it to counter the effects of Ethanol, can,t see that it specifically mentions it but its implied. Anyone used Millers VSPE or equivalnet?
  5. Hi Paul, For those that may need the adaptors, post the links for them, saves them seaching the interweb!
  6. Quiet a few have mentioned they would prefer the early version of the 928, can I ask why?
  7. Gremlins..........................................................
  8. Just going over this thread again, Shirish as a matter of interest what are you puttng into your Aston? I've got the PCGB Esso card deal so have been using Esso in all my cars except the IB which I've been putting V power into. I think I may switch to Esso for the IB and also carry a Octane booster just in case.
  9. I didn't use the aerial that came with the unit, when I had a Pioneer Car play unit fitted to the SLK, I purchased a spare aerial that they had installed as it gave excellent reception (it’s just stuck to the screen and doesn't seem to need an earth) and just looked better than the ones I’d seen elsewhere. That's what I used didn't earth it - Is there a local car audio place you can pop in and ask for advice, test another aerial?
  10. Then it’s got to be in the settings, it’s not the easiest of manuals to understand
  11. Could be interference, you got a usb cigarette lighter Charger plugged in ? I had one which caused an issue, changed it and all OK
  12. Same, Paul where are you placed your DAB aerial?
  13. New mistress, old wife......................
  14. Just caught this thread, what an awesome restoration job, it'll come out better than new. It take great courage and determination to take on something like this, so hat's off to you fella,
  15. Would need a lot more than that, a golden ticket to Wonka land perhaps!
  16. I did the 4 car Driver Training Day course at car Limits a few years ago, good value and learnt a lot including some of which were counter intuitive to what you are normally led to believe. https://www.carlimits.com/
  17. My wife will not get into a green car........................
  18. To ensure I don't one day end up in a ditch I'm doing the two day "Total Car Control" tuition at Millbrook - think it's good to retune and eliminate those bad habits and also learn something new. https://www.total-car-control.co.uk/
  19. This looks lovely, full story here: https://rennlist.com/how-tos/slideshows/modernized-porsche-928-rendering-gets-it-right-613497?fbclid=IwAR0ZaYAXHY4IdnHCOoUH_cme8Iktp9sPeZjvGuXgBhybIWJauRVVN-Db5Wo
  20. Thank you one and all, my off-shore account number is.......................................................
  21. Many moons ago our regional CFO was called Andrew Dick, when we moved into our new office, his door was signed posted as "A Dick"................
  22. As it's now been made official at today PCGB AGM, yes I have been appointed as the new Finance Director of PCGB. So a big thank you to all of you. Right ROAD TRIP..........................
  23. Sorry for the loss of your friend, but a beautiful memory and a wonderful story to be told time and again.
  24. Unfortunately correct, I'm told by a local mechanic that used to work in a Dyno shop that there are several calibration setting that you can adjust to enhance or retard the reading, and that’s even before things like air temp/flow, moisture, etc. can affect back to back runs.

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