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  1. Just took her for a quick spin and fuel up ready for tomorrow.

    Its as you look back at her as the garage door slowly descends, you think, "I just love what happened!"...............need an excuse to drive her again...............

  2. We may be getting old and unable to exploit them like we used too (life becomes increasing precious with age, so maybe hold back a tad!) and prices still remain strong but by heck they still get the adrenaline pumping.

    Still icon and much admired, so long as I have the time to enjoy my IB amongst the daily trawl of life, I'll keep mine a while longer.



  3. On 11/28/2019 at 3:49 PM, MarkJ said:

    Asking on behalf of a mate who’s put a deposit on a 997 3.8 c4. As part of the deal seller/dealer agreed to a bore scope. These are the pics, number 3 looked like scouring to me but know some of you guys are clever metal engineer types. Feedback appreciated :)

    What year, gen 1 or 2, believe 1's are much more susceptible to the dreaded BS, I'd just walk away, there's plenty of 997's for sale.



  4. OK Ok it's not a Porsche but after 12 months ownership what do I have to report.

    Firstly,  I share the car with my sister, she was looking for a comfortable Auto box drop down sports car and knowing how she looks after cars, NOT, decided to go 50:50 with her.

    I just happened to spot a very low miler (30K) SLK 350 relatively nearby and a deal was done.

    Right, It's no Boxster, not by a long shot particularly on the twisty bits, but has a decent turn of speed and is a comfortable long distance cruiser, can munch many a mile.

    With heated seats, airscarf and all the usual toys for its era, very easy to drive, so ideal her the sis.

    A Z4 could have been a contender, but perhaps too much of a drivers car for the sis, Audi TT not for me, , MX5/S2000 not in Auto. An AMG would have been too aggressive for her, (they do make a lovely sound), so the SLK it was. 

    So all round not a bad car for the purpose it was bought for. 



  5. Silly question, but for about £18k you can get a blindingly good Cayman, I know it’s not a 911 but they are really good Porsche vehicles and perhaps a little more manageable.

    Get them to test drive one

  6. 13 hours ago, proporsche said:

    so Beaky? you are using synthetic oil??


    No Sticking with Valvoline 20w-50 VR1.

    It's the choice of several respected air cooled engine builders, and since I do around 5k> miles in a year and change oil and filter annually from what I have read etc, the use of mineral oils will see no deterioration in the oils performance over 12 months. Additionally it has the the right level of protection for our type of engine (flat tappets).


  7. 4 hours ago, Richard Bernau said:

    Nobody on here.  Its a little complicated and don't want to say too much until its done.  Will be buying a car as part of the deal.  Don't want to jinx it!  

    Good luck, fingers crossed and we all can’t wait to see 😜

  8. 23 minutes ago, SP72 said:

    I was told on first rebuild:

    4k limit for first 1k miles on 15w40, then oil change to whatever builder recommends (to stay warranty compliant!)

    Lots of rpm variation - acceleration and engine braking if rings are new.

    Most recently, mine was run-in on the engine dyno but similar actions performed.

    I was advised similar all on mineral oil to protect the flat tappets. From memory did 3k first 250miles slowly building to 5k at 500 miles, lots of acceleration/deceleration. Then oil change and next 500 miles to 5k.

  9. Nick Jeffries who’s the events Director at PCGB is potentially selling his 996 4S.

    As far as I’m aware it’s been very well maintained and well known in the PCGB and 996 circles.

    Look him up on Facebook where he’s posted the potential sell.


  10. 19 hours ago, Roy M said:

    I was 40 in 1997!  - two years before the 911. Using a Golf GTi as a daily with a Marcos GT in the garage (where it still is!)

    37 years young, two kids, two mortgages, 5 years before I got the 911, had  Saab 93 Aero, Honda CRV.

  11. 19 minutes ago, Wingnonut said:

    Exactly why I decided to get the Cayman R. Driving to the station is both easy and fun! 😂

    I can see increased demand for these Cayman R's, anyone in the market better be quick

  12. PDK is very good and with the flappy paddles can be nearly as fun as a manual, just less leg work.

    Question:, with new Porsche's having so much power picking the wrong gear (downshift from 5 to 1), or unsettling it mid corner can cause considerable damage/end up in the wall,  is the PDK also a safer option.

    I'd pick a PDK Cayman R over a manual, I get all the manual enjoy out of my IB. 



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