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  1. 2 hours ago, Jonny Hart said:

    Good move fixing the seat based version to the seat rail bolt. 

    Although it is nicely made, the holder is threaded for the location bolt and it simply pushes the arm up against the seat rail which holds the thing in - at least to start with.    

    Over time, the metal relaxes and the cup holder becomes loose and comes off. 

    I got something similar but fabricated an add on that allow it to be to the rail seat. You may also think about stepping it up to allow for longer thinner cans/bottles,  

  2. 2 hours ago, elrao said:

    Have ended up ordering the SC kit. Spoke to Jack there who was very helpful and they've agreed to supply me with a bare harness, the connectors and a pin out diagram so we can make up our own loom. 

    They're a good bunch of lads up there and will help you no end to get it right.

    Did they mention their electric mini?


  3. 21 hours ago, longman said:

    No problemo , as my car had ISO fittings I needed adapters for the aerial connection at both ends to use the DAB splitter , plus the splitter has a screw fit DAB connector and the stereo a push fit one so another adapter was req , all in less than a tenner though..

    Hi Paul, For those that may need the adaptors, post the links for them, saves them seaching the interweb!

  4. On 05/03/2020 at 10:28, SP72 said:

    Thoughts* from Bamford Rose (AM specialist)

    *use Esso SUL instead of the others 


    Just going over this thread again, Shirish as a matter of interest what are you puttng into your Aston?

    I've got the PCGB Esso card deal so have been using Esso in all my cars except the IB which I've been putting V power into. I think I may switch to Esso for the IB and also carry a Octane booster 

    just in case.



  5. I didn't use the aerial that came with the unit, when I had a Pioneer Car play unit fitted to the SLK, I purchased a spare aerial that they had installed as it gave excellent reception (it’s just stuck to the screen and doesn't seem to need an earth) and just looked better than the ones I’d seen elsewhere.

    That's what I used didn't earth it - Is there a local car audio place you can pop in and ask for advice, test another aerial?

  6. 6 hours ago, Busybee said:

    🙈 Guess its business right. Dial up the readings, people walk out with a huge smile. Snake oil. Smoke and mirrors. Only thing worth reading on dyno's are differences.

    These are just gorgeous! https://www.lkperformance.co.uk/wheels/oz-racing/12565-indy-hlt-titanium?vehicle=1073&rim_size[0]=20

    Unfortunately correct, I'm told by a local mechanic that used to work in a Dyno shop that there are several calibration setting that you can adjust to enhance or retard the reading, and that’s even before things like air temp/flow, moisture, etc. can affect back to back runs.

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