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  1. Is there no way to do a live map?
  2. That’s some good Linear gains there’s, bet your happy👍
  3. its not just a fast auto, its still a manual box that can be shift with paddle or stick, it just doesn't have a clutch pedal. Each to his own, If i buy modern it will be with a PDK
  4. Shame, well hopefully see you and the car soon
  5. After my rebuild one of my injectors started playing up, car started and run but clearly missing one my cylinder - I replaced all for piece of mind, then upgraded the lot with the SC kit!
  6. Wonderful news, can you make the 26th run?
  7. We started off talking about plate transfers and have ended up on the life and time of paper tax discs, I love this forum!
  8. Couldn't be assed with that took the scissors to them !
  9. I had a private plate on retention, yesterday I was able to assign it to one of my cars on-line without any issue.
  10. Just the front seats, what about the door panels and also rear seat to match, that would spruce it up.
  11. With the paddle shift you have just as much control and an even quicker shift, its no slush box, but its not to everyones taste.
  12. I must admit to loving the look of a 928, I think it doesn’t looked dated even today. A dear friend had an S4 which was a delight to drive, sadly he sold It as a parted and bought a yank, which then caught fire!
  13. With PDK it’ll be awesome
  14. I driven the 4pot 718 GTS which has around 350bhp, I now It’s not a liked animal ( I liked it) but that was bloody quick and Very nibble!
  15. For blimey mate, can’t keep us all waiting ya know! 340 to 350 is good, but it’s the Mid range torque where all the fun will be........drop a cog, hit the apex right, Trail brake, wait for it, wait for it, foot down and away we go...........
  16. I assume you will be driving this on the 26th?
  17. No second power run yet!, come on we are all waiting!
  18. Same could be said of the housing market, prices at the same listed price as before lock down, but looking at those that do sell, prices are much lower than advertised and I'm beginning to see price reductions.
  19. There is a recession coming (how big and long is a separate discussion and for another forum!), most industries will need to cut back and make saving and typically shows get hit in the motor trade. Add that probably not many new models or refreshes will be ready and/or in production for next year, than another reason not to show.
  20. Ease fix, drive it hard and long, make it dirty, and hey presto the compulsion to sell is removed!
  21. Grass and greener........................ Perhaps if one had/found a wreck of an IB with no or a knacker engine, that could/would be a good mule for an EV conversion................

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