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  1. Awesome result Shirish - bet you can't wait to get out in it
  2. I'm also up for it subject to price
  3. I’ve had similar symptoms for a while - if I start up the headlights, heater motors and leccy windows don’t work. It was intermittent but now it’s every time. It is my ignition switch. Just turn the switch back a gnats once it’s started and everything works. Replacing the ignition switch is on my todo list
  4. Good call on the gift - just ordered a Makita one for myself for Christmas
  5. Thanks Nige but I think I'd be hard pressed to spot differences anyway. On prices I've got so far we're talking a £600 difference so I think I'll be going with Dansk
  6. ONly just spotted your reply Jon. I’m getting someone else to fit this one. I’ll bear that in mind when comparing price
  7. Thanks for that Nige - on the other side it was an original Porsche panel and that needed a fair bit of tweaking
  8. Had a minor smash in mine in September and the OSF wing is beyond repair. I want to put a new one in there - I know I can buy from OPC but wondered if anyone has one sitting about that would be a suitable alternative. I’m not sure about Dansk - I know for most panels they are inferior so would prefer proper porsche parts - however I seem to remember they are now making panels for porsche (or did I dream that) I’d welcome suggestions As set out in the title I’m also looking for an early slam panel and thought I’d try on here first Cheers. Mark
  9. Yep mine were superpro I think - picked them up second hand on here. I think they probably aren't as precise as freshly installed monoballs but they are 95% of the way there and are fit and forget. I think the inner tube thing is irrelevant if you're a "high day and holiday *beep*"
  10. I had the monoballs from Elephant racing - there was no grease nipple on those so nowhere to grease them other than taking them apart. Mine deteriorated until there was slop in them - I eventually replaced them with poly. They've been fine. To be honest this is one of the simpler things to replace.
  11. Beautiful freak here. Yes I installed my ER polybronze ones about 10 years ago so they have had about 100K miles on them. (still got the rears, changed the fronts) The front ones eventually started creaking and when I took them apart they had deteriorated - skimming one part on a lathe helped to give them another year of life but about a year ago I replaced them with the rebel racing ones that don't need any greasing (https://www.rsrproducts.com/product-page/rebel-s-racing-rsr-front-bushing-set) For the rear ones whilst I have had squeaky periods after I re-grease them they get better. The last time I struggled to get the grease in and ended up taking them apart and slathering the pink grease on there before reassembly. They've been quiet since - touch wood. If you're driving your car every day I find the greasing to be a ball-ache. When I come to replace the rears I'll go for ones like the front (these https://www.rsrproducts.com/product-page/rebel-s-racing-rsr-rear-bushing-set) - They are allegedly thermoplastic PTFE impregnated, missus, and require no maintenance. Greasing them is not easy - the rear ones especially - it's hard to get access in there and even harder to know for sure if the grease is going in. If you don't stay on top of it then eventually bits of it solidifies stopping any future greasing from working. This is what happened to my front ones. After speaking to Chris at Centre Gravity I now grease them with some pink grease that is like thick snot. I trust his recommendation. If I were fitting front ones again then I would recommend wrapping a bit of inner tube round them (with a drain hole) to protect them from the worst of the weather - from memory it was the rearmost front ones that were the most badly affected - they are right in the firing line of crap. HTH Mark "high day and holiday pussies" - made me laugh!
  12. Nice work Nige - I did this myself - but only one stud and I had the benefit of the engine on a stand and set sideways. Didn't have a jig though (well maybe a small celebratory moonwalk when I got the thing out). Don't envy you doing it on your back - even with a jig. In relation to the original question, Mike Bainbridge gave me small fully threaded bar to replace the ones I had that weren't too clever.
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