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  1. Lovely pics, amazing car. Spot on.
  2. I got jabbed on Sunday. Fine apart from a sore arm for a couple of days. I was really impressed with the organisation and friendliness of everyone involved.
  3. Interesting - never heard of the two hammers trick - I can see how that would 'flex' the nut a bit. Will give that a go when I next have a big nut to undo
  4. Cool - refreshing to see a happy ending
  5. I got the makita one (because I'm worth it) - very useful tool
  6. Not watched it since Edd China left and back then I always fast forwarded through the brewer bolox - he has a face you'd never get tired of punching. Could listen to Edd China all day long though.
  7. Thanks Paul - OK I've just subscribed now - but I still can't see a link - does it take a while to reflect that in my account?
  8. I think at the moment the key thing for me is that they are so much heavier. They are generally really powerful but the novelty of doing a quick squirt to 60 wears off after a while. If the batteries and motors can be developed so they give equivalent (or better) power per kilogram as an Internal Combustion Engine (just for you Teaboy) then you've potentially got something that handles really well - at that point the lack of engine noise is less of an issue to me. Currently though sticking a few hundred Kilos of weight into a car and making up for that with more power leaves me cold
  9. Can’t see how I can do that Nige
  10. I would but I can't get into my photobucket account (the password reset doesn't send me anything) and I can't seem to be able to add impact bumpers onto tapatalk so I can't add it that way. Any suggestions?
  11. being totally objective:- - the infotainment system isn't the best (but it works OK for me and bluetooths to my phone OK) - the luggage space is pretty poor ( but manageable - you could fit 2 in-flight bags and 3 more soft bags) - the stalk to control the sound system comes from renault parts bin (and???) - it's not manual (but the auto-box in sport mode is really good - downshifts at the right point and holds onto gears appropriately - I've switched away from using the manual paddles) On the plus side:- - you can feel the lightness with every movement of the car
  12. Absolutely love it Lewis. It was great anyway but then I fitted the life110 lowered springs, spacers and geometry settings (https://life110.co.uk/) - this made it a great car - sharpened up the steering and improved stability at speed. I can't praise it highly enough.
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