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  1. Thanks for that Phil much appreciated. We've got a week booked in Menorca for September but the wife is having cold feet as the son of a friend went to majorca with his girlfriend and she tested positive. Their rules are a bit different to ours so they took her outside and shot her through the head and buried her in a shallow grave. No, wait that was another trip - that's right, I remember now - they put her in a covid hospital and he had to go into an isolation hotel where they didn't speak any english. When his full tests came through he was negative and could fly home but she was stuck there until it was over. It was pretty traumatic for them. It will be useful to share your positive experience with my missus Cheers Mark
  2. Oof! Do you have a thread for this Johnny?
  3. They aren't too hard to remove. Bit fiddly but not hard. Rear bumper has to come off.
  4. It does look good but it appears they forgot to add lightness. Alpine A110 managed it - bit disappointing that lotus didn't Hope it's a success but think it's a missed opportunity to return to lighter cars
  5. Good luck with that..... I really enjoyed it
  6. Thanks for sharing They are impressive gearboxes - mine is at 315k miles and not rebuilt yet
  7. I agree with what Fleety says. I used to wear a fair bit of this sort of thing ("race chic" polos) but seem to have stopped now - perhaps getting too old. I like the blue one in the first pic though
  8. Lovely pics, amazing car. Spot on.
  9. I got jabbed on Sunday. Fine apart from a sore arm for a couple of days. I was really impressed with the organisation and friendliness of everyone involved.
  10. Interesting - never heard of the two hammers trick - I can see how that would 'flex' the nut a bit. Will give that a go when I next have a big nut to undo
  11. Cool - refreshing to see a happy ending
  12. I got the makita one (because I'm worth it) - very useful tool
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