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  1. Watched it and loved it. Just wish there was a way of bleeping the swearing so my farming mad 9 year old could watch it. And, yes, I also wish Georgia was my local rep too.
  2. Thanks guys, I've obviously been getting confused with the different pulley markings I've seen whilst checking it out on the internet. I think Porsche have changed the markings quite a few times over the years. On my car I think the distributor is meshing with the correct tooth of the drive gear after all. I had no.1 on it's compression stroke and TDC when I fitted the distributor so it's all correct. I must have been close to being spot on initially, then later decided to fine tune it with a timing light which is when I got confused. Thanks for clarifying. If I want to do a static timing check just for peace of mind before I start the engine again, where is the best place to connect the feed for a test light to?
  3. Hi everyone, I wondered if someone had some knowledge on the setting up of the ignition timing. After engine rebuild, I installed the distributor as Wayne Dempsey's book, with the rotor arm pointing in the correct position with the piston at TDC on no.1 cylinder. When I check the timing with a strobe light I can't get the Z 5 mark to line up with the fan housing as the slot in the distributor body is at it's limit with the lock bolt, it's about 7 or 8 BTDC. If I originally installed the distributor one tooth wrong on it's drive gear, and I remove it and rotate it one tooth will the difference put me in the right ball park or will it be too far the other way? How much will one tooth change the timing by? The engine starts on the button and runs and pulls pretty well from what I can see, so I can't imagine I'm too far out although I can't do a full road test as the car is not MOT'd yet. I am also assuming at the moment that the distributor is the correct one and that a previous owner hasn't changed it if that's possible.
  4. Welcome. SCs are great. You will probably get addicted. Enjoy.
  5. Thanks, yes oil pressure was maintained.
  6. Hi all, I started the SC engine today for the first time after it's rebuild. I built up the oil pressure and circulated the oil with the fuel pump relay and the connector to the CD box removed. After re connecting it started ok and ran well although I think the ignition timing could be a bit out. I ran it for 20 mins at 1800/2000 rpm, unfortunately I wasn't expecting the oil thermostat to open and I ended up with an oil leak at the front cooler unions which I didn't notice straight away. My concern is that as the oil cooler and pipes filled up there wasn't enough oil circulating the engine for the last 3-4 minutes. Do you think that low oil tank level is likely to do damage for that short period? I think I read that the oil tank holds surplus oil when the engine is running so hopefully all is well.
  7. I've not seen mine at it's proper ride height for years as the engine has been out for a rebuild along with everything else. Hopefully will drop it onto it's wheels with everything re fitted later this week. They do look ridiculous sitting way too high at the back.
  8. Thanks, the cams are the originals, but if it starts I will only run it for 10 minutes or so just to prove it. Should I let it tick over for 10 mins or should I increase the revs a bit after it's warm? I can't drive it to bed in the rings as the car is not MOT'd yet, and I'm concerned about glazing of the rings /bores if I keep running it without driving it.
  9. Hi all, hoping to try to start the engine after it's rebuild tomorrow. Quick question, I intend to remove the coil lead and turn the engine over on the starter to try to build up oil pressure and to get the oil round. Should I also remove the fuse for the fuel pump until I'm ready to reconnect the coil lead and go for a proper start? Also, as it's been an obscene number of years since I started a 911, would you expect to see oil pressure on the gauge before or after it fires? Thanks
  10. Yep, I'm another with a black headlining. I fitted a new Classic Line one when the car was repainted. It's looks great in black. I used vinyl dye to do the visors from cream to black.
  11. I'm late to comment on this one but I removed the engine on it's own and it was difficult. I removed the gearbox at a later date and when I re installed into the car I mated the engine and gearbox together first and it was relatively easy.
  12. Just spotted a rather nice Martini SC which features heavily in Dempsey and Makepeace tonight on Forces TV.
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