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  1. sjwright944

    New SC Targa

    Love the colour! Looks great.
  2. sjwright944

    Headlining clips

    That's brilliant. Thanks very much for your help! I'll stick some photos of the finished job on here....if I don't mess it up!
  3. sjwright944

    Headlining clips

    Thanks for all of your replies, I think I'll use some but won't go mad. I've used some of the thinner ones at the rear screen aperture and they're nice and flush so shouldn't cause any problems with the seal. Andrew, when you did yours did you just use them at the front and rear screens, not bothering with the rear side windows?
  4. sjwright944

    Headlining clips

    I've already glued it. Clips go on additionally after the glue.
  5. sjwright944

    Headlining clips

    Good morning all, Can anyone tell me which headlining clips go where please? There appear to be two types, one for the thinner edges (which I think is only the rear screen edge) and one for the thicker edges. Just want to check which ones go where before I put them in the wrong place. Thanks
  6. sjwright944

    Headlining adhesive

    Thanks very much guys. Always good to get recommendations! Great support as usual.
  7. sjwright944

    Headlining adhesive

    Hi all, Does anyone have any recommendations for headlining adhesive please? Spray or brush on. After some research I thought either Weldwood, Permatex or 3M 38808, but I can't seem to find any in the uk. There must be some alternatives?
  8. sjwright944

    Roof Antenna

    Thanks for your replies. It was connected to the radio. It's a nice neat aerial but perhaps I'll go with a hard grommet and like the idea of a dab stick on aerial at the top of the screen.
  9. sjwright944

    Roof Antenna

    Can anyone recommend an radio antenna for the front of the roof on my coupe please? I went to refit the original antenna but found the thread on the base is a bit iffy, mainly as it's plastic. Must be an old carphone antenna as it has Vodafone on it. I suppose I should have welded up the hole and got a windscreen antenna. Anyway what's done is done, car is painted now so need a new antenna. The problem is that the footprint of the new antenna needs to be small as we know there isn't a great deal of space there when you have a sunroof. Any recommendations appreciated!
  10. sjwright944

    Black Swan, Ockham

    It's possibly a replica Coune Berlinette, the company that probably brought it to the Black Swan is P and T with the BMW pickup parked next to it. I believe they create them from a standard MGB. The Anglia van opposite is theirs too I think.
  11. sjwright944

    Epoxy primer over gravitex

    I learnt that Gravitex can crack the other day, found out that I had put it on too thick in a few places, and the solvent had got trapped. Passing it over just once is the way to go apparently. Seems good stuff applied properly. 2k epoxy primer is a good idea as it is non porous and would seal it up nicely before top coat.
  12. sjwright944

    Epoxy primer over gravitex

    After some recommendations / advice please! Over the localised repairs under the car / kidney bowls, I am up to the Gravitex stage to reinstate the stoneguard. Over this I understand I should use a 2k epoxy primer before topcoat and lacquer. Which 2k epoxy primer comes recommended? Thanks in advance!
  13. sjwright944

    Front Tow Eye

    That's a very good point....Thanks for the offer but I also have the front lip. I'll have to re think. Mine is also on the other side but has broken before I owned the car.
  14. sjwright944

    Front Tow Eye

    Hello all, Has anyone bought one of these, and if so, does it come recommended? http://www.stuttgart-classica.co.uk/new-parts/front-tow-loop Thanks
  15. sjwright944

    Low Profile Trolley Jack

    Thanks for all of your replies...I'll get one sorted. Always good to go on recommendation.