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  1. Have to agree. It's the classic Porsche configuration, they should never have gone away from it.
  2. Stunning car! Look forward to updates.
  3. Thankyou chaps, that's good to hear. I'll order one for mine now.
  4. PeterK or MarkT, were the replacement fuel return elbow parts you mentioned above successful? I'm just looking for a replacement for this part myself now. Thanks Simon
  5. sjwright944

    Orange metallic?

    I'd say that was Kiln red. Same colour as mine. Ziegelrot 811 I think. Definitely a factory colour. Just rare.
  6. The bottom two links are what I used, prep wheel and wire brush for the awkward bits. Fe123 Rust treatment from rustbuster or something similar. Primer Top coat
  7. I stripped mine back to bare metal on the outer face and the seams but found the inner face was perfectly ok so left it. Keyed up the edges of the existing good paint and overlapped it with the new paint. I use a prep wheel (screwfix) and some emery cloth. The prep wheel will remove paint alot easier than a wire wheel. I treated any rust with fe123, then two coats of bonda primer, then two coats of rustbuster epoxy primer. After it was finished I sloshed it through with petrol. Looks like you've done most of the hard work already!
  8. The heads are all off and stripped. Hence the desire to get it done asap. Getting fed up with it being in pieces now. Need to drive it!
  9. Always loved 964s, looks a great car. Enjoy it!
  10. I was thinking more of helicoil versus trying to save the threads. Did a load of searching and they seem to be very anti-helicoil over on the Pelican forum. I've drilled out studs before, and was trying to save time, but you guys have given me the inspiration. I will get a second hand pillar drill and get onto it. Thanks for your replies.
  11. Hi all, I need to rebuild my cylinder heads, and not surprisingly, virtually every exhaust manifold stud sheared. I've spoken to a handful of machine shops, they will drill or mill out and helicoil, one mentioned using spark erosion to remove the studs to try to save the threads. What's the opinion on the best method? I understand the original design was just threaded holes with no inserts, but working in aerospace, I don't see the problem with helicoils. Any experience shared would be appreciated.
  12. Lovely! I had a Night Burner, and fitted red Acorn Freestyle wheels to it, looked the business. You'd be surprised at the price of originals! Good ones not far off the price of this one I'd say.
  13. A sad end to the story. Good luck with your next car though, you'll have fun!
  14. I had to get access to replace oil cooler seals years ago and it wasn't too bad a job. Turned out it was the cooler itself that was failing but got one from Sportwagen Eckert at a sensible price. Can't remember how much but was still cheaper than anything in the UK.
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