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  1. A sad end to the story. Good luck with your next car though, you'll have fun!
  2. I had to get access to replace oil cooler seals years ago and it wasn't too bad a job. Turned out it was the cooler itself that was failing but got one from Sportwagen Eckert at a sensible price. Can't remember how much but was still cheaper than anything in the UK.
  3. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I didn't think of paint stripper but will try it, I think I've got some Synstrip left over from when I stripped the body. The walnut blasting sounds interesting, never heard of it before but just looked it up, there is a company that do it not far from me. I'll definitely bear that one in mind.
  4. Does anyone have any good suggestions for removing the baked on carbon from pistons? I am currently using carb cleaner to soften it and trying to scrape it off with various pieces of hard plastic that are lurking in my garage, but it's heavy going. I was thinking of some sort of light plastic abrasive drill attachment if such a thing exists? Has anyone used a brass wire brush attachment?
  5. sjwright944

    Backdate Time

    That does look great, well done. Love the attention to detail.
  6. Thankyou for your replies. I will look into Goetze. And check out the guides too. I agree that genuine should be best, but sometimes independent companies develop things further.
  7. Has anyone got any recommendations on piston ring brands for a fairly stock SC engine rebuild? Should I go for genuine or over time has another manufacturer come up with something better. The only mods on my engine will probably be 964 cams and SSI heat exchangers. Thanks
  8. Welcome, looks lovely! I will need to do the same with the number plate lights on mine when I get to that stage, many on here have done it already. Someone will be long soon with their solutions soon.
  9. Just seen this, bloody hell, haunting pics. Glad you are ok. Your car will be ok too!
  10. Thanks guys. Anyone have recommendations for the adhesive? It seems difficult to get 3M or Permatex in this country.
  11. Blimey, at that price I'd better find mine and look after them! Seen them in the garage somewhere!
  12. Hi all, With Sunroof Seals (the main felt finished ones) should I be getting genuine Porsche or OEM? Any feedback appreciated!
  13. sjwright944

    New SC Targa

    Love the colour! Looks great.
  14. That's brilliant. Thanks very much for your help! I'll stick some photos of the finished job on here....if I don't mess it up!
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