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  1. Good to hear the progress. I'm no expert but when I researched all this, epoxy primer is better than using etch as the adhesion is superior given the advances in material science. Keen to hear what others think.
  2. I was going to bit the bullet with the new retro Blaupunkt but would you accept £100+postage?
  3. I'll collect my wing this week and bring those diagrams over.
  4. Add this to my bundle please. Transfer in progress. Hang on, the picture is for a headlight relay?
  5. You've got funds. Drop me a message once you've dispatched the goods. Thank you.
  6. Ah sorry was not aware. I don't actually need them but I did have a strange noise once so I thought I'd stock pile. Still interested if you will wiggle a bit.
  7. More stuff! Are these good for a 3.2? If so, would you accept £100 for the pair, delivered?
  8. https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=92&t=1745819 Not my post above, but when it happened we realised the scale of it.
  9. Depends on the car/value. eBay is not as hot as it used to be. Autotrader is better for premium stuff. Facebook market place seems reasonable at the moment. Be careful of tyre kickers and groups coming and putting oil in water, etc. Not wanting to scare but it happened us.
  10. Thanks yes I think the little flex extensions can be used. Been on the look out for a while and I hope these will get me going at least. Apparently these are needed for SSIs, so never say never!
  11. Wait for the installation!

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