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  1. osc911

    Best rust treatment for surface rust inside sills?

    Rust.co.uk have a cavity wax with rust inhibitors which is pretty good (will post link when on computer). For your application, would you not sandblast first to get rid of the surface rust blotches? Problem is that it normally starts from the inside and works out, but you may get lucky since you've caught it early. Maybe sandblast, then use epoxy primer or just go straight to POR15. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  2. osc911

    Front Wings

    Are these the same as the 3.2. If so, I will take the other side (or both sides of the previous deal falls through) pending collection logistics (I'm in London!) Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  3. osc911

    New batch of aluminium undertrays

    Could you post the pic please on here?
  4. osc911

    Calipers refurb on a 3.2

    OK I went down the DIY route. I've taken the left front and rear off first and capped off the copper pipe so I can still move the car if need be. The calipers are on the bench and the pistons are out (I used a grease gun to pump them out). The prices I quoted above don't include new pistons, and these are about £40 each when fitted for you and it's 2 per corner. I can get all 8 Budweg (OEM?) pistons for around £80 (some of mine do need changing) and unless any rusted pistons are replaced they won't last very long before getting stuck again. I felt it was not great value giving them to someone else to rebuild given it's a simple task. I have sourced a local chap (Jackson's Plating) and they will sandblast and zinc for £25 each with a 3 day turnaround. I think the calipers need the zinc coating to protect the metal, but I'm also thinking I will put on the same high temp epoxy paint that BCS use (they supply it) on top of the zinc to keep them looking good for some time.
  5. osc911

    Budget paint gun recommendations

    I'm still at the rattle can stage, but I did a fair amount of research on spray guns but haven't made the move yet. I also have a small 50l compressor which is a limiting factor. There are some guns that I picked which would work well with this setup For primer, this one with a 1.8mm tip. It is also on the rustbuster site. https://www.spraygunsdirect.co.uk/index.php/optiflow-lvlp-gravity-spraygun-1-3-1-4-or-1-8.html#sthash.elEzP6WN.dpbs For base and clear, this one https://www.spraygunsdirect.co.uk/index.php/ani-r150-mini-gravity-spraygun.html#sthash.ctufKRzP.dpbs The gunman review was great for this gun. I'd also buy the ANI inline regulator as well. While these guns are not the cheapest, my research pointed at good results.
  6. osc911

    New RSR Muffler

    Sweat symphony of six. Perfect balance of rasp and burble.
  7. osc911

    Bentley manual book

    I have it electronically and bought the book a few months ago - it's much better as a reference in paper form.
  8. osc911

    All Sun Injector Pulse Tester

    If you hook it up on a rig like I did then you can see if it is faulty (not opening, sticky opening, or stuck open). You can use a long screwdriver or a mechanics stethoscope (£5 amazon) and you can use this for a basic - is it clicking - test. But it is very basic. You can also test for leaky injectors using a fuel gauge hooked up at the test port then by elimination up/downstream. But you need to check by removing each injector. I've tried both methods on various cars, and given it is so quick to whip out the injectors, I would suggest this is the best way and it really made a noticeable difference for me. Don't connect the EM276 in the car with fuel in the rails, else you risk hydrolock.
  9. osc911

    All Sun Injector Pulse Tester

    Yes, I bought and used the Sun EM276 to free up my injectors - car was not used for 5-6 years and starting became hesitant then it would not start at all. During a pre-commissioning clean-up, I used this and it worked for me. I removed the rails and injectors, then hooked each injector up using a one foot hose to the compressor (set to 30psi). The hose was filled with carb cleaner. Pulse mode on the EM276 unstuck the injectors and they cleaned up giving a visibly ok spray pattern. I guess you could be a bit more careful and do a proper flow rate test but this was not my aim at the time. A pulse was applied with the EM276, and it is a clean pulse, way better than the 9V battery method which I would not recommend. You need a very clean signal on injectors or you risk frying them. However, halfway through the cleaning, the EM276 started to cut out on continuous mode after around 10sec of pulsing. I still managed to get the job done, but just had to keep resetting the device. I returned it because of this but would buy it again. I have a video of my setup but I can't upload it.
  10. osc911

    3D Printing?

    Then use a rubber edge trim to mimic the bead lip. If you can find the right trim, you will get pretty close to the original. Woolies is a good place to start looking. https://www.woolies-trim.co.uk/category/322/rubber-extrusion
  11. osc911

    Various ARB bushes

    I'll wait until you dig out more treasure! Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  12. osc911

    Various ARB bushes

    Can I have the 3.2 stock OEM ones please. You better start a new box with my name on it.
  13. osc911

    3D Printing?

    I was also thinking about the a flat cut from rubber or edpm thin sheet. The CAD costs will be high unless you can do it yourself. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  14. osc911

    Oil tank for 88 targa 3.2

    @SP72 do you collect parts or what?!
  15. The relay clicks with doors open and closed. It's linked with motion, happens when you stick your arm in through the window - so it must be the sensors at the back. The weird thing is that it keeps clicking after the immobilizer is deactivated. It's always done this. Can anyone with the factory alarm system confirm this is normal?