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  1. Love this. What colour will fit car be?
  2. That's strange, I keep the tins upside down to play it safe with air getting in. I've had mine for 3-4 years. After a quick mix it's good as it was on day one. It shouldn't go off in air but maybe you got a bit of contaimination?
  3. Want to go halves on the jotun? We are both in Surrey so easy logistics.
  4. This is interesting. I did think 121 was the jotun stuff and asked them once if this was the case! I got a lecture about how their stuff is specially formulated and compatible with automotive top coats etc!!! I still went with the epoxy mastic though as I valued their extensive testing process. Two points related to the original question 1) I think 2 pack paints will outperform the premixed formatulations, especially where good performance is required (clear coats etc). The premix stuff is handy, but my new method or mixing small amounts is to use a lolly stick to measure out a number of dips of paint into a glass dish. 2) Neither paint will stop rust that has set in and pitted the metal. Normally rust comes up from behind, so you have to get in from both sides to clean. The only way to stop the rust is an acid based dip, or cut it out completely. Peter and I have discussed this a lot, but happy to get others view and experience to keep rust at bay.
  5. Well it depends what's wrong. Any ac guy will be able to fix it as it's basically a standard setup. However, I'm told that even when functioning well, it's not very good.
  6. My toothbrush. I've not bothered to pair it!
  7. Agree, I have the same one. Worked very well after I had 2 calipers off for a refurb. There is an over flow pipe on the reservoir that you need to cap off before using this system.
  8. Still waiting for that so I can buy the kit from you as I need to do this too.
  9. My car is your kid brother. G366 plate 3.2
  10. What else do you have, LOL
  11. Did you post the other stuff?
  12. Me please. Is the battery replaceable?
  13. I think I'll buy it as I'm bound to need it. Drop me a pm please.
  14. I've had trouble with injectors getting stuck on my 3.2. Remove and DIY clean worked for me. There is a handy injector pulse tester for about £20 on Amazon.
  15. I need a white 911 to put these on!
  16. It will come up automatically when you tax it. It may take a while the first time for the systems to update in which case try taking the paperwork into a post office. My young nipper of a 911 has 9 years to go yet, but I have a 1971 Merc V8 and it's a joy to tax but a fish to fuel! I think you hand in the V112 at the post office the first time your car gets over the hill.
  17. I found the Screwfix one made my lawnmower carbs a bit darkish in colour. I had the temp on full! Cleaned the monkey's out of the carb though.
  18. I've started doing this after refurbing BMW wheels. They do stay much cleaner and the dust is much easier to remove. I have some autoglym stuff but just using other cheap stuff first. The OCD folks apply a ceramic coat which is the next level.
  19. Good to hear the progress. I'm no expert but when I researched all this, epoxy primer is better than using etch as the adhesion is superior given the advances in material science. Keen to hear what others think.
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