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  1. Thanks - shame they don't keep their website up to date
  2. 16"? Thought Group4 Campagnolos were all 15"?
  3. This year I have mostly been teaching my daughter to drive then going on far too many university visits, so I've done <100 miles and not been on here for 8 months. But I have done some painting. Just rattle cans to see if I liked the change.
  4. Another year another MoT with no advisories Busybee, there will be some sort of run at some point ;)
  5. First run of the year, after not even starting it for 6 months - into the Peaks for a walking weekend. Glorious weather for February.
  6. Had the old girl for for 6 years this weekend - longest I've owned any car and, at 40 next year, I've only ever owned one car that was older. This one will be around for a while longer, I think.
  7. Wet Donington November 2008 First of my Wales runs, May 2007 Wales November 2007 Wales June 2008 Good times
  8. Looks like it would take all day to learn - Walter @ Blister Berg in 911 Turbo - which is good and bad, I guess.
  9. I quite like this one... I haven't grown up either
  10. Must be really sunny if they need to wear baseball caps indoors
  11. PCH and I get bored quickly so never go for longer than 24 months. As TC says, if you are open minded there can be better deals on shorter leases than long ones. Golf Rs are consistently cheap to lease (I got an estate). Jag I-pace was £500/month on a 3+17 (18 months) for 10k miles pa (obvs cheaper for less miles) just 2/52 ago. That's way less than the depreciation on a 60k car. Offer sold out very quickly, you won't be surprised to hear.
  12. Your worked example was 2k difference so 2k tax change would negate that difference. As you (and others) say, YMMV. Returned 3 leases and two company cars and never been charged for any remedial work - but I've done some wheel / paint refurb pre-inspection on all but my last car. I hear MB are notorious for charges. Jag may be the same. There is fair wear & tear guidance.
  13. I think so, TC, provided you had a fuel card for your company car, otherwise that £4kpa on fuel is spent both sides of the euqation and the company car driver only gets 11ppm back, so opting out is better still. But lower that BIK by 5k and company car can win quite easily. I've had company cars before but I was recently offered the choice and opted out simply because I already had a lease and my man maths baulked at (effectively) being docked pay and paying BIK.
  14. Conversely, my local Audi dealership couldn't get within a mile of a deal carried by dozens of brokers and wouldn't even unlock a car for me to look inside so they, too, are going to lose business from me. The icing on the cake was when they spam emailed me.
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