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  1. These GT3's are such ultimate devices, best expression of Porsche ethos IMO. John.
  2. Ahhh, i see the difference. Much appreciated.
  3. What a seriously cool car. Funny, because I was just reading an Excellence from late 2012 in which then-editor Pete Stout says this was the best (or his favorite) GT3 also. My SC is black/black, so your speed machine looks just right. John
  4. Is this the same color that was called "Cashmere" here in the US? Cheers, John, Connecticut/USA
  5. Thaks for the update. I find the shed work as interesting as the P-car mods. John
  6. What a great project. Lovely car, admire your approach; just right between quality but not getting silly or over the top. John in CT/USA.
  7. As per the guys saying the see no witness marks on the contact area of the female fitting, I'm wondering if the outside flange of that same (female) fitting is bottoming out on the base of the male fitting on the cooler, such that the female fitting, as it's being torqued down, cannot get its sealing surface properly snugged down against the matching surface on the male fitting? If yes, the just gently removing a mm or so from the female fitting -maybe with a wet-stone, to avoid sandpaper debris - would work... you could then get another few degrees of tightened the female to the male. Sorry, the wording isn't the best, so hope you can see what I mean. John in CT/USA.
  8. I'm rather new in these parts, lots of fascinating stuff here, especially this project. May I ask how it ended? Did TB get the better of the oil tank and motor off into the sunset, or did project fatigue and the burnt knob condemn all this work to an ignoble end? Please advise. John in Connecticut/USA
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