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  1. When I dropped in on mark he was trying to sell me the car (back when it was £35k!) & said it came with a choice of the bbs rims or Fuchs. Externally I don't mind the colour,as long as the bumpers were changed to blue, I'm sure they'd put a ducktail on it as well as they could sell the rsr one. For me the biggest problem was the blue interior, I just don't like them.
  2. tell you what, i should get 5 mins over the weekend, i'll pop the airbox cover & filter out & take a picture, if you could have a look & tell me what type you think it is i'd be very gratefull, we can take it from there
  3. yep i heard this too gary, thanks for the heads up. i think i'll leave it as is for the time being, the car is plenty fast enough & i'll do that when i get it serviced next year. the first eurohoon is lined up for early april so everything needs fettling in time for that
  4. ah well thanks for the heads up-i'll double check it with the huge SC book tonight when i get home, if i'm still unsure i'll let you know.
  5. yeah now i've read this thread but to my reading, i'm still not sure that it doesn't need one, as the above comment is in aparagraph warning that fitment of the pop off valve on the 81> models is more difficult as there is something the drill can hit?
  6. so with prevention being the best cure for future woes where is the best place to get one? also any hints & tips on fitting would be greatly recieved, i've heard that the 81 onwards engines are a little more difficult? my car has a k&n filter with a carbon airbox cover (that's open on the end), could this be why one wasn't fitted? does the air filter not let the pressure blow through it resulting in the explosion?? the airbox itself has all been replaced in the rebuild but i'm struggling to imagine why someone would fit the relatively cheap pop off valve when doing such a rebui
  7. hmmmm some nice rules & regs to go through with regards to the blue book there any chance of a sentance to sum things up?! as for the harness bar but roll cage it's interesting to note renault released the megane r26.r with 6 pont harnesses but no roll cage (it was an optional extra). like i said i'd rather not get into that debate but yeah, i don't plan on rolling the car!
  8. interesting replies lads, very interesting. without getting into the whole should you be in a car with harnesses but no roll over protection i'm thinking in the short term i may just go for the brey krause harness bar, the one that goes inbetween the seatbelt mounting points on the b pillars. does anyone use one of these? do they offset back so that the front seats can be fully moved back?
  9. hi guys, i was just wondering what the common thinking was on fixing your harnesses, specifically the shoulder straps. seeing as most rear cages don't come with a dedicated harness bar & my SC doesn't have rear seatbelts where do you anchor your shoulder straps to? are there any pre set fixings on the rear shelf/fire wall or do you need to be drilling dedicated fixings?
  10. Just thought I'd update this one as the car was over at my local Indy today & thankfully it was a cheap fix All that needed doing was the mixture control unit sensor plate, perhaps it had been knocked out of position by a miss fire but Mike Bainbridge got it all sorted. Mixture has been tweaked to improve drivability (I'm taking mikes word for it here as it's a bit of a black art to me?!) & all the hoses & pipes checked to make sure they're all in good nick. Happy days & luckily the weather stayed fine for a good blast back through the lakes
  11. yeah i'd say they suit gurds prey well actually.......
  12. i've got a superb picture of a duck on a gurds red 3.2, it looks amazing i'll dig it out when i can find it
  13. yep that's what i figured as well, though the owners manual does state that the passenger mirror control is optional, oh well, care needed when parking!
  14. http://www.impactbumpers.com/forum/index.p...mp;#entry215160 hopefully not in the wrong section
  15. hi guys, as mentioned in another thread i have an issue with my engine idle speed that needs sorting out. relatively unlikely that i'll be able to sort it myself but in case anyone has had similar with their 3.0 SC i thought i might as well ask.... car had a top end rebuild last year, it didn't do this on the test run but when nick picked me up from the station (i was getting some body mods at early 911) he mentioned it stalled when free wheeling up to some lights. it's literally a couple of miles from nicks into east grinstead so the car would have been cold but not stone cold if you kno
  16. yeah don't tell me it's a sign it needs another one?! nick (moss) reckons the fuel injection needs adjusted, it seems to be a tickover issue, runs fine but it wants to stall pulling up at lights etc, you start the car up & give it a bit of gas & let it settle & it's fine. ran fine on the test drives which is a bugger (from cold as well). car performed great all the way home though i did notice a little hunting at tickover when i stopped at the tolls on the m6 so something isn't right. it stalled when nick came out to pick me up from the train station a few times (a 5 min j
  17. Yeah-a true light weight me you know-if only I could stop eating pies I'd be even quicker! Definatly doesn't have one though-amazing what you find out when you actually read the manual! When I've got more time I'll take the joystick switch off properly & see if there's something to clip back in on it to fully sort it. Next stop, curing the stalling issue!
  18. Right I bit the bullet & it mentions the "optional" passenger mirror control & shows a rocker switch above the ignition key barrel-damn the tight fisted original owner! Oh well one less thing to go wrong (unless you break the controller trying to figure out how to control something that isn't there?!).
  19. Just nipped back home & I can't find a rocker switch anywhere?! I took the switch off, plugged it back in & it works half the time-so better but not perfect! I can't see anything that looks like it can be fixed though I haven't actually removed the switch from the door cap itself-only unplugged it.
  20. ouch! you're bloomin' right they aren't cheap! not sure if i'll get the door panel off this weekend but i'll get it checked on monday-looking at the part on the design911 website there doesn't look like there's much to un-clip on the part so i may have knackered it-what a tool! thanks for the offer garyH, i'll let you know when i get the door panel off-do i need to disconnect the door handles & everything or does the door cap itself come off?
  21. how do you adjust the passenger side mirror? i thought you pushed the adjustment knob down to alternate between the two (don't know why i thought this??), but that didn't work. what it did do was break the control knob! so now the drivers mirror only goes up & down (ie on the verticle plain), i can feel the notches where the left & right horizontal plains are but when i push it right, it goes down, & left it goes up. bugger. i'm hoping i've just pushed the adjuster out below the door trim top & it will clip back in, but having said that seeing as it didn't work the
  22. proof that cool people run black & silver plates
  23. Theo count me in for a pair of these, I was going to go for the appbiz ones with the map pocket but these ones look just as good quality Will you be making any with speaker holes?
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