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  1. Some pics that a very talented young photographer took for me.
  2. Thanks Mark, Do you know where I can buy this please?
  3. After a track day yesterday I found that the 3.2 brakes with ds2500 were no where near as confidence inspiring as the 964 track car I drove recently. I like the idea of the AP racing kit or Boxster or 964 brakes. Is there an option that required no machining?
  4. I failed 3 times with baffles inserted. The guy failed loads of people. A GT3 owner that I shared a garage with had a car that was a lot louder than mine, he told me only to rev to 4k. I passed and had no issues on the drive by. Very overzealous noise tester.
  5. Yes Carlbon I was pleased with the car, the grip was great on the TB15. First outing in this car and I was having a lot of fun. Only thing I had to let past was a 991 turbo S but I didn't want to take unnecessary risks. Mark was you next door? If I had known at the time it was you. It was only last night when I logged on and saw your avatar. I enjoyed the rain, it's nice to feel the limit of grip at lower speed, if that makes sense.
  6. Old Orange 911, were you in your 1976 Carrera? Here you go…
  7. Nice eve. Couple of 968's into the tyre wall which was a shame. Mark, saw your car on BBS looking very nice.
  8. Im not sure if all but some SSE's had 28mm slide on spacer on the rear with a 930 part number. I have a set in the garage. If your studs are long enough you can fit these types of spacers and I did to my SSE. You can buy them on ebay new or used.
  9. I havent noticed much difference from standard pads moving to DS2500 for road use. Im sure in the track they will come into their own but I was hoping for some more initial bite.
  10. Someone mentioned this to me recently. Has anyone seen a blower motor option from another car that has been fitted to an early 911? I'm talking SSI's and heating off of my car. Thanks!
  11. Agreed I prefer the convenience of a web based shop that you can trust. I use Type911 or also Rose passion as with the euro/pound it works out well and they have been excellent with service returning a faulty Bilstein strut. Had a few poor experiences with Design911.
  12. I have a rattle at the front and I think it may be the bushes inside the part that attaches to the chassis. Would like to replace the bushes. Has anyone seen these before?
  13. Thanks all, I have a 964RS plastic intake setup and am running Motec so if I make any additional power it will be a bonus, I'm doing it for the look and sound really. If I get any improved throttle response it would also be a bonus. Kenny why did you pick PMO over Jenvey?
  14. Im hoping to understand the experience and how different the car is. Many thanks Lee
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