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  1. Has anyone using , or had experience of, a BlazeCut suppressor as additional fire security? I wonder how useful it would be in a P-car application? I would assume a fire breaking out, whilst driving, strong enough to trigger this device would be nullified by the volume of air our engines pass or the open nature of the engine bay. A static fire may be suppressed for a moment, enough time, perhaps, to get in to the source with another extinguisher (or two). Nothing beats good, new hoses but I guess we'd do anything to protect our projects.
  2. Thanks chaps. The fuel filler neck was new a couple of years ago, it was one of my first projects on this car. The drain is good too. I reckon I can simplify the stock set-up and free the wheel arch of those two tanks. Thanks, I think I am right. I might loosen the fuse box and see what I can see. There are a couple of sketchy wires in there that I can address. Nothing like doing fuel and electrics together. 😬
  3. I am trying to rid my '82 SC of a mild fuel smell with the windows open. The short 12mm hose from tank to pump was changed a few weeks ago (lucky too, it almost dissolved in my hands!). I have also changed the hoses to and from the expansion chamber next to the fill pipe (15mm and 10mm). I have used Ethanol resistant hoses for all. I have some 5mm ID hose for that small hose that runs through the wing from the top of the evaporation tank in the NSF arch but it is a pain to get to and I cannot see the routing. I have attached an image I stole off t'internet as it is better than any picture I could take. My question regards where this goes. I understand that US cars (or maybe later cars?) this hose will feed under the tank, through the tunnel next to the pedals (I am LHD), to the engine bay or OSR wheel arch to the carbon/charcoal canister then to the intake where any vapour is burnt. My car is Swiss spec so I wonder if it had this from factory and has been removed (no evidence of the canister in rear) or if EU (+CH) cars had no canister in '82. I have a 5mm ID braided hose that runs alongside the wiring from the fuse box to a hole in the front panel behind the bumper but I cannot see if this joins the hose from the wheel arch. It is super tight right there with wiring and hoses - I cannot even see with my inspection camera. If it vents to the area behind the bumper, why can it not vent in the NSF arch, or could I just run a small evap tank next to the spare wheel to get rid of the water/crud traps in the NSF wheel arch? many questions but your thoughts would be appreciated
  4. It's definitely not owned by Lopez anymore. I chatted with the new owner, an interesting guy.
  5. ... and now in Luxembourg - via Holland apparently.
  6. If I were more of a pedant I'd say not technically an IB (or even a Porsche) but this beaut' dropped into our local cars and coffee this weekend. It looks and sounds amazing. So great to see it being used.
  7. is a wibble in the tangential plane to a wobble?
  8. karmakanix


    I am looking for an ashtray in poor condition - looking for the 'C' shaped spring clip/release part in actual fact.
  9. Have you priced a front wheel bearing dust cap? More or less £50!
  10. Tom Perazzo did a video on his Garage Time YouTube channel where he attempted to apply some science to the question. If you haven't seen it (and I am unsure how effective his efforts were) he applied a force in twist without a brace, with a brace and with a triangulated brace.
  11. Could it be a sender inaccuracy? Mine works out of the car but not in the car, I wondered if I just need to bend the float down a little. The dipstick is always right, the sender could be off a little.
  12. Shell say V-Power does not use Ethanol but it is labelled E5. I wonder if that is to cover their airholes if they are filling, say, a truck that last had 95 Octane in? In Luxembourg (and Germany) Aral sell 102 Octane for classic cars, maybe BP have similar in UK and elsewhere (they are parent company). 102 has no ethanol. The nearest Aral is 30 miles from me so I go fill up, drive home and the tank is empty again - haha Total say their Excellium 98 does not use Ethanol (but also say the law says it can have 5% - maybe the same COA as Shell)?
  13. I have tried to understand the lock without removing it from the car - this may be a starting point for you.
  14. Thanks for the feedback, it's definitely the catch in the door. I am going to get hold of a replacement lock and strip down and replace over the winter. When I rotate the knob it locks fine but won't unlock. The rod visibly bends, something is hanging up in the mech. It's all well lubricated in there. All other functions are fine. I have disconnected the knob and cable tied so it doesn't 'vibrate' locked - that would be annoying with the door panel on.
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