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  1. I had a van a few years ago that came to a messy end and the insurance company knocked the value back as it was a CatD write off. They didn't mention this when I insured it though. The repair job on the Cayman looks very good in the pictures. As said above would be nice to see a full geo report. Not sure what the labour rate would be in a Porsche approved body shop, but they would want to replace everything possible with new parts at full Porsche price. I have had a few CatD cars over the years, nothing as good as a Porsche though. Some I have won on some I have struggled to break even on, its down to a fair bit of luck getting parts for them at the right price, quite a minefield when you start looking. Its the trim and clips and fittings that can cost most money and usually only available from the stealers. A bit of research into who repaired it would go a long way into knowing whether or not to trust them. One would hope that a car as good as that Cayman got treated the right way, but! Baz
  2. Baz


    All I can says is "Want one" You have got to watch Topgear either on play back or at 19:00 tonight. Absolute master piece of German engineering. Baz
  3. Looks like its part of the original house and not just a box stuck on like so many extensions. Great job. Baz
  4. Cant you spray it to match the seats! Would look mega. Baz
  5. Baz

    Social Media

    They're after your money! Really do look nice though, very good job. Thing that amazes me with some social media users is just how much information they give away about their selves, eg I am going on holiday next week so come and rob my house. Then there is the drivel that some people post, maybe they should get their heads out of the computer or phone and do something. Sunday morning rant over. Baz
  6. £100 K for the 3.2 almost makes the nice and a bit more modern 964s a bargain. As with all selling anything is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Way out of my reach but even if I did have the money I think there is a lot of cars that I would rather have. Could even be 2 nice cars. Baz
  7. Baz

    Porsche 911 Sc coupe 1978

    Jon Have you tried Lepsoms in Gillingham? They do repairs and machining so think they should be able to do or get anodising done for you. By appointment you can leave the car with them or they have vans picking up and dropping off around the South East. Baz
  8. Not really a fan of Targas but the grey one with 964 bumpers looks great. Baz
  9. Treated myself to a Dewalt 1/2 inch gun 2 X 5Ah batteries and charger, yes its a bit heavy but it does the job. Bought from Amazon all fits in its own box for about £400 which is very good compared to Milwaukee. Mate has got all Milwaukee which are good but the difference in price is hard to justify for the name and the amount I use it, time messing about with cars is closely monitored. Correct sockets and extension bars are a must and make sure you have the gun in a straight line. Battery is so mobile as well. Baz
  10. I have got one of the SGS jacks and its a very good bit of kit, double pistons which you dont get on all of the jacks and is well made. Fits under most cars or if too low a scaffold board lifts the car enough. Baz
  11. The word specialist is getting abused a bit like the word consultant, licence to print money at the very least. If someone is selling something on a commission basis they should be keeping the money separate. If they are giving any sort of warranty with the car that is down to them and should be covered out of the commission that they are getting paid. The whole world of business and finance is pretty rotten at the moment with everybody living off of other peoples money and "cheque is in the post" Its the little man at the bottom of the dirty pile who is paying or being ripped off. The shower of sh*te that I work for are very bad payers and have to pay Pro forma to a lot of people just to get work done. Naming and shaming is not nice when we dont all know all of the details but at the end of the day we dont want to see fellow forum users caught out. I would like to think that there is some way that we can warn people. Hope you get this sorted Flat6 and if the dealer can offer an explanation I am sure we would all give him a fair chance. Baz
  12. Mark are you still selling the CR now? Looks like you had a good time in both cars. Went to Brands a while ago for the classic racing and was impressed with the improvements whole circuit looks good. Baz
  13. Would that be our goverment who were so surprised that we voted to leave the monster that the EU has become, and have now nearly run out of time to sort it out, we know we are going to get tucked up by the Germans and French if they have their way. News said earlier today that our licenses might not count and you will have to have 6 months plus on your passport. Baz
  14. Will it be pampered like the white one? Looks a good simple truck not like some of the modern over complicated stuff. Baz
  15. If the police attended there should be some sort of report on file, this will be your best defense. If you have legal cover hand it over to them ASAP, I know its not nice but they will work as hard at getting you and them a result as his insurance will work at getting out of it. Lovely world we live in now. Good luck Baz
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