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  1. I just replaced mine when I found it to be not working when re-installing in my restoration project. I purchased a pattern fan and motor assembly but this did not come with the foam rubber gasket that secures it in the two halves of the motor housing. I also cannot see it listed as a separate part so be careful not to damage it. There is also a gasket between the motor assembly and the air inlet box, this is available from Porsche but as it is just a thin foam item I cut one out from a piece of thin foam.
  2. I haven't seen those vents anywhere else but the previous owner Nigel told me they provided cooling for the brakes and oil cooler.
  3. Unfortunately I don't know anything about the Ashgood car whether it is matching numbers or not, think it might be ex Japan. The one at Paul Stephens was owned long-term by a regular contributor on this forum but unfortunately he has passed away now. He did have the body restored by a well known expert, the paint was originally orange. The long-term owner sold it to Paul Stephens. It was fitted at the time with a 911/83 engine from a '73RS although it appears that there were two engines claiming to have that engine number! Anyway Paul Stephens fitted it with an engine built up on an un-stamped case. There is also another LHD one at Border Reivers in Scotland, was restored by Rooke in Germany. And obviously if LHD is not a problem more available on the continent.
  4. Thanks Jason. Keith, I remember liaising with you about your Oz Targa and reiterate everything that has already been said about your C3. Good find. The car has in fact been on the PCGB register from a long time ago with an owner in central London. I presume though that the car has been off the road for a while. Guy
  5. Hello James, Received mine today thanks, a very well thought out design.
  6. Great job, can I please request one in plain black, Let me know how much etc when you have a price.
  7. No problem Andreas, nice garage but you look a little too young to drive.😃
  8. Andreas, this is a green tartan interior with the option M392. You can't see it in the photo but when the rear seats are folded down the vertical surface of the rear shelf is also in tartan. There was also the option in 1977 to have the tartan extended to the bolsters of the front seats.
  9. The Carrera 3.0 pinstripe option only had the pinstripe material in the centre of the front seats. The door cards (with the 45 degree stitching) and back seats were covered in black leatherette. There was an option for leather interiors but the pinstripe was still only used for the front seat centres. The tartan material on the door cards and rear seats was an additional option only available with the tartan.
  10. Original Porsche was metal framed, reproductions are generally all fibreglass.
  11. Porsche sourced their 1970's Tartans from Kinloch-Anderson.
  12. Looks like the coarser grain black vinyl which was used on '77 model year 911 and Carrera 3 (224N on the chart). The same vinyl was not used for the centre section on 911s and Carrera 3.0 though which used basketweave vinyl or cloth. '76 model year 911s/Carrera 3.0 used the pigskin grain vinyl as depicted by P444 on the chart.
  13. A Carrera 3.0 owner recently corresponded with a German dealership who replaced the engine under warranty in the 70's but they responded that nothing was on computer then and the paper records had been disposed of. I suspect it would be the same with other dealers unfortunately.

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