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  1. FWIW I had So2's on 16x9, fitted at centre gravity, great tyre. Not sure of the size but would surprised if the were not stock.
  2. I'm so bloody disorganised. Have asked to be put on the reserve just in case.
  3. I had canceled the day before as I was at the hospital two weeks earlier than expected... 7lbs 11oz, called Ethan Melindi was very understanding. Was thinking about using the credit for Spa in April... can you be persuaded? Apols for off topic. m.
  4. Another +1 for CG. some of you will remember the time he took the alternator off his car and put it on my SC to replace the one that failed as I arrived to pick up the car. He and Pete finished at 1am so I could make the spa trip the next day. Above and beyond doesn't quite cover it The 993 needs another trip up there, must get round to it.
  5. Catching up on the news, great progress WC. Which wheels did you settle on?
  6. Interesting motor Richard, will look forward to seeing how it progresses. I've still got a thing for gt2s (what's happened to jev's tribute). I saw a really, really good one at goodwood last weekend. Polar silver, sound like thunder and covered in destination Nurburgring stickers Would love the 996 but that would require me to explain why it was more useful as a domestic tool than a golf. I'm good, but not that good... Then again, four wheel drive, winter is coming, etc etc
  7. Just caught up on this thread, epic and inspirational Fraser. Really wanted to do the Alps this year but it just didn't work out. Did get to the N85 (again) and Mont Ventoux (first time) though - both good to have seen. Cars are for driving. M.
  8. Only done dos once which was with the IB crew. Loved it and promised to go back. Panicked this summer due to imminent domestic arrival so am booked on the RSR day on Monday the 12th. Can't wait. Would love to do another trip if possible. Longman. I'm also doing silverstone with gold track on Monday November the 2nd if you are about. No noise problems there. M.
  9. Advance booking only for the paddock car park, other car park available, general porsche talk on offer and other ways to donate on the day.
  10. You've inspired me. Booked morning session as well
  11. Anyone else going to the club carrera UK charity day tomorrow? http://www.clubcarrerauk.com Would love to see some IB chums. M
  12. Thanks mate, would have bee great but all sorted now, should be getting the car back next week. Am putting the RS pulley on at the same time. Would love to catch-up with your 993 project soon and compare notes.
  13. Ahhh of course. Makes sense. Law of averages if nothing else
  14. Would be interested on thoughts for the tesla, make a fair amount of sense in London (you can find a parking space to start with)
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