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  1. Relisted as a classified ad With a price of £33k🙄
  2. Owner is Floridian - well, he is now as he retired there - and the potential buyer is currently working there for a couple of years. It may come back to Europe, it may not!
  3. Thanks very much - I had him look at your replies and (seeing as he's not yet pulled the trigger...) he asked me to say... Thanks for the replies, very useful in terms of having a look over the car. The car is an original one owner with 41k no question. The seller is a friend of a friend and it's on consignment so any deal would be direct (and not at this price). The exhaust is something called a B & B tri Flow Header and Exhaust.
  4. You guys are amazing. Thanks
  5. A friend of mine has come across this, He thinks it's priced a bit stiff He can do spanenrs but would like a quick expert eye please Thank you! http://www.augustclassic.com/1987-porsche-carrera-cabriolet
  6. Well, there were three up for grabs at the Silverstone auction in the autumn
  7. They've not updated that yet... First lot was sold, for example, as it had no reserve. They sold, i think 32 of 58 cars. Thread here ... http://www.impactbumpers.com/forum/index.php?/topic/28351-silverstone-porsche-auction-sunday-25th-anybody-going/
  8. By my count, 32 lots sold - 3 were no reserve - out of 58 16 below lower range 10 in range 3 above the range of estimates and 25 unsold
  9. Not exactly gangbusters so far. Lots going unsold/below reserve Only a couple going above top end estimate - including the viper green Reading OPC built bitsa 964RS just failed to meet reserve (min estimate was 150k) and a 997 GT3RS just sold at the top of it's range at 150.
  10. They just sold an ice-blue Targa Sporto with v low miles (<20k IIRC). It was listed at £50k so assume they got that and thought "hell, this is lower miles and a manual so let's add 60%". Here it is... http://hexagonclassics.com/cars/porsche-911-classic-3-0-sc-2dr/
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