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  1. damianpf

    Seat belts

    Hi all I’d like to replace the seat belts in my 1981 SC - they are quite worn. What’s a good source for replacements, and is fitting a complicated job? thanks Damian
  2. Hi all i need to pick up a new battery for my 81SC, but don’t have access to it at the minute to check what rating of battery I currently have. What would people suggest by way of Ah/A rating? thanks damian
  3. Yes the interior lights working fine Nige. All the fuses looked fine too.
  4. The radio stopped working on my SC during the week. I had a look today and traced the white wire which is the power for the radio across under the dash up to under the steering wheel. This wire does not have voltage where it disappears up into the back of the dash - but when I connected 12v to it the radio worked fine. I'm wondering where this wire goes - presume to the ignition switch? Any suggestions on what to check yet? - everything else is working OK. Is it easy to get at the back of the ignition switch?? thanks damian
  5. Hi Chris T Just to close this out - I got my fan back from repair and all is well, but thanks for the offer. Damian
  6. Thanks Chris I've got mine with a repair guy at the moment, if he's not successful I'll get back to you
  7. Anyone have a working engine bay heater blower motor for sale? I think it's part number 91162415103 Thanks Damian
  8. Great thanks proporsche I will take a look
  9. Hello The engine bay hot air blower fan has stopped working in my RHD 1981 SC. I've established that there is power at the connector when there should be, so the problem is with the fan itself. Any thoughts on what's gone wrong and how to go about fixing it?! Thanks Damian
  10. I sent it to Julian at Reap Automotive.
  11. Thanks Kenny Senior can out post some pictures when you get time to fish it out please
  12. Looking for a handbrake lever for a 1981 SC - I think it's available new as part 91142405900 but thought it worth checking what's out there first! My car has the automatic heat control but I think the handbrake lever itself is the same no matter what heating controls are there? Thanks Damian
  13. I'm way too hamfisted to even try Phill!
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