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  1. Just wondering if anyone can help.... I bought my '89 3.2 16 years ago and the owner had fitted a CD / radio but kept the Blaupunkt Heilbronn cassette radio with the car, which I assume was the original unit from new. So the Blaupunkt unit has not been used for 16+ years I decided recently to have the Blaupunkt unit re-fitted, to get the car back to original condition, and thought that I could also use an iPod cassette adaptor with it. I have the original manual with the serial number and code number information Unfortunately the unit won't work. There is a glow of light from it (e
  2. Thanks - that's great, i'll give pro-9 a call Worth a try, and as you say quick to swap them around
  3. that looks really nice great colour too by the way - ducktails seem to look good on white and vibrant colours (orange / bright green) mine is guards red and am less sure that ducktails suit this colour i'm tempted however to try it just to see what it looks like and can always swap back any time any recommendations for good ducktail suppliers?
  4. Tempting That's useful info thanks. I'm not tracking it or planning on v. high speed autobahn runs, so it sounds like I will continue to be a Flat Lidder for the time being. Am looking forward to seeing the difference the Bilsteins make on the rear
  5. Hi I've been having work done on my '89 3.2 and wanted to hear peoples thoughts on ducktails fitted on 3.2's Jaz have done a great job on the top end engine rebuild and have fitted rear Bilstein shocks, and set up the suspension / geometry properly, together with new tyres all round Previously the car felt very twitchy and didn't inspire confidence. Now it drives like it's on rails, though when passing lorries on motorways and in crosswinds it still makes me hold my breath from time to time as the car is unsettled It started life from the factory with a front lip spoiler and re
  6. Thanks for the comment. Looks like we have a similar spec. '89 LHD When I bought it from its German engineer owner in 1997 it was in immaculate condition. He'd fitted a front strut brace, a s/steel sports exhaust (maybe DP Motorsports) and lowered it, and also fitted a new CD player but kept the original Blaupunkt radio/cassette with the car In all that time i've only ever serviced it and not changed a thing, and its spent 14 years in a car store, being driven on dry weekends and summer holidays, cleaned and polished religiously, and so it's led a rather pampered life out of the rain a
  7. Just registered on IB and thought i'd say hi Had my 3.2 for 14 years and still love it LHD 1989 model, one of the very last 3.2 cars Coupe, factory sunroof and limited slip diff, black leather interior
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