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  1. I haven’t had it done but it seems modern films have developed greatly in the past 2 years with self healing film doing wonders. Go to a reputable place who pre cut on a template rather than those who try to cut on the car with a razor blade & ruin the paint underneath. Loads of YouTube videos on it
  2. Something like Gtechniq c2v3 is a simple spray on coating that is designed to last a few months. I use it on my daily paintwork & it shines well & lasts well
  3. I’ve got a Momo Protitipo with horn and worked perfectly, but recently bought a 20mm spacer (https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/p/steering-wheel-spacer-20mm-thick-bg4916) but I can figure out how it fits with the horn working. it seems that the earth needs to be connected to the column & the spacer ontop, but then the horn button won’t hold on place. has anyone experienced this? Thanks
  4. It does have a bat wing, but he’s taken it off & put a momo on. Bit of a bitsa car in multi colours at the moment but will get painted eventually
  5. 18 year old at home has a 1979 924 2.0. As said parts are cheap as chips & he can do it all himself with a bit of help from the books. insurance is £900 a year so not really different to anything else
  6. What are the ones from Carbone like & how much did they cost?
  7. I’ve been lucky enough to have been in and seen this in person. Amazing standard of work & an incredible place
  8. My 18 year old son purchased a Creality Ender 3 as he decided he’d like to join the 3D printing world. There’s all sorts of videos online on how to put them together and how use them for the first time. If the research Is done and the time is put into setting the machine up correctly, some great products can be made. My son has printed all sorts of things from model cars, to horn buttons and key rings. More importantly the Ender 3 isn’t too expensive (around £150) which is a very inexpensive way to get into the 3D printing world!
  9. The Turbo Thomas exhaust on my 3.2 is great quality & sounds awesome
  10. That’s a few of us in & around Portsmouth then!
  11. In my day job, if I found the right tyre on the car it would be ticket time. Any standing water could cause big trouble & just not worth it

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