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  1. My 18 year old son purchased a Creality Ender 3 as he decided he’d like to join the 3D printing world. There’s all sorts of videos online on how to put them together and how use them for the first time. If the research Is done and the time is put into setting the machine up correctly, some great products can be made. My son has printed all sorts of things from model cars, to horn buttons and key rings. More importantly the Ender 3 isn’t too expensive (around £150) which is a very inexpensive way to get into the 3D printing world!
  2. The Turbo Thomas exhaust on my 3.2 is great quality & sounds awesome
  3. That’s a few of us in & around Portsmouth then!
  4. In my day job, if I found the right tyre on the car it would be ticket time. Any standing water could cause big trouble & just not worth it
  5. Classic line £365 for an agreed value of £65k for a 39 year old on the south coast
  6. I’ve not driven the car in a few weeks, but took it out yesterday & today & the handbrake light will not go off. The handbrake itself is not stuck & operates correctly but the light won’t go out! any ideas?
  7. Hello, ive DM’d to say I can’t collect anymore so if it can be of use to Peter then please do. apologies jamie
  8. I’d be interested in the bonnet if possible. Happy to collect
  9. Dr really impressed with how positive you are with this. I’d be distraught if this happened to me.
  10. Great looking car & love the stripes
  11. Just read this in its entirety, such a shame that a well respected business lets you down but credit to you for sticking with it
  12. Stuttgart Classica are doing flat lids in both steel and ally. They are on here sometimes so would be worth a quick conversation
  13. Just read this from the start and stunned by the quality of your build and effort required. Congratulations to you & Mrs WC on what is an amazing house
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