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  1. ECUs direct advertise refurb'd units on eBay UK (search Bosch air flow meter) - they look like they have decent feedback so may be worth giving them a call?
  2. Putting the bearing in the freezer overnight can make the bearing install into the carrier easier whilst warming the hub in the oven can make the hub install easier too.
  3. All, I've cleaned battery earth point, ditto inlet manifold and behind the fuel filter earths, cleaned and reset all connectors to the MAF and ICV ( gave the ICV a carb cleaner flush thru only last week) - all were fairly good with just minor corrosion. Also checked the rotor arm and dist cap - both were good and no signs of burn/tracking. Have had a quick spin (started raining so cut short after only 5 mins) - however some or all of the above do seem to have made a big difference !! Hopefully a longer test tomorrow. In the meantime, brilliant and many thanks Richard
  4. Red I'd seen your post and thread last night and spotted the similarities too, however mine doesn't appear to be weather or running duration linked, but I will check the rotor, DC and HT leads as per suggestions. I'm not sure what the CHT sensor is, but I'll try to locate that too and put a meter on it. Good luck with sorting your issues. Richard
  5. All - thanks for advice so far. The issue occurs at low revs/ light throttle around 2000rpm, irrespective of gear. Battery ground is freshly cleaned, but I don't recall doing some of the others so I'll work thru those and the AFM connector tomorrow - see if that helps. The car also pops quite a lot on overrun - so not sure if that is related ? I'm always so tempted to drive it like I stole it - and usually pleasantly surprised I'm still alive when I get home! Richard
  6. Hi Guys - your help/advice requested please! My '84 3.2 cab pulls really strongly when pressed, however at low/mid range revs at constant speed or under gentle/throttle acceleration it is lumpy/fluttering, whilst a touch more throttle clears the issue. Idle is steady, with not even slightest misfire. Electrics are all in good order, new'ish plugs, etc. Any advice most appreciated Thanks Richard
  7. Nige, Thanks for your advice on this, the valve was pretty grubby inside, some debris flushed out and the idle speed has settled down nicely. Great thanks. Richard
  8. Nige, Thanks for this - I'm back from a weekend away, so will give this a go this evening and let you know how I get on. Thanks Richard
  9. Hi - some help please ! My 1984 3.2 Cab runs really well and pulls strongly thru the rev range, however when the engine is hot the idle speed sits at around 1200rpm, if I blip the throttle it then settles to a nice 900rpm. I've renewed the throttle return spring (Porsche part), checked and greased all under body pivots etc, which are all free and the pedal is returning fine - the throttle is returning hard against the stop on the throttle housing. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks Richard
  10. Guys - many thanks for all your help. In the meantime I've had the speedo electronincs independently checked out by Rick Beauchemin at High Lift Productions (highliftproductions@gmail.com) - Rick was really helpful and no charge as he could't find anything wrong with it! I've re-installed following the wiring advice above and from the Pelican site, the speedo now works fine - great news! However, on cranking the engine to start - the needle still pings round to c30-40 mph, it settles down to zero as soon as the starter motor is off - any ideas on what the cause may be ? Thanks Richard
  11. All Many thanks for your advice here - a few options/ideas for me to work through - I've a few days off over the Xmas break so if I've a clear head I'll let you know how I get on ! Thanks Richard
  12. Roy - thanks for this - your cabling is a different coliour to mine ! However assuming your two greens are the same as my two brown/red connected to the terminal 31B then it looks like I've got this correct. Refering to the Pelican parts forum also seems to confirm this -although an interesting note on that forum that says to connect the black/red cable last. I'll have another check over the weekend, and reconnect in the order noted on Pelican but am now concerned that I may have connected incorrectly initially and damaged either the internal gauge electrics or the speed transmitter. I won
  13. Angus - thanks for this - the Pelican Parts photo confirms my connections - I wonder what the significance of the Black and Red last is ? I don't recall my connection sequence - but may have done this back to front, I'll disconnect all and try and try again. I hope that it's not damaged the speedo interrnal electrics in some way ! Thanks too to Gerard - a decent wiring diagram will be handy ! Thanks - Richard
  14. Can anyone help please ! At the end of the Summer the speedo in my 3.2 '84 cab suffered the common 100k miles problem with the oddometer ceasing to function - so I carefully removed the speedo, labelled all connections and sent it off to for repair. The speedo was returned within a few days. I finally got around to re-installing it today, carefully following my labelling, but now when I start the car the speedo needle swings round c 60 degrees before settling back at zero and the internal gauge lights turn on and off when switching between dip and main beam - so something is wrong with the c
  15. Guys - many thanks I'll try the Motul. Thanks Richard
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