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  1. Great looking car Mark. Very nice. If anyone fancies Spa, I can recommend their public days: http://www.spa-francorchamps.be/en/track-activities-public-driving-experience.php I did this last year and its 4 x 30 mins which I found plenty and gives time to check out the other cars and chat to other owners etc. Good mix of cars there too.
  2. You are welcome to borrow them. If you are not planning on fitting them I could just send over some photos for you to have a look at. It's pretty crude and simple to be honest. I have a standard set of boxes as well, so if you wanted a set for welding I am looking to sell off all of the old sets now I have the PSE. The PSE doesn't come up very often, and often they are over £1000. If I was starting again I would be tempted by the modified Carnewal boxes. The guy is in Belgium but does an exhange basis with yours. He modifies them internally so I suspect you get a better air flow than the hacked boxes which give a 90 degree for the gases to go through. My mate had his Cayman modified and it sounds mega. http://www.carnewal.com/products/P97/p97061/P97-1-Carnewal-GT-exhaust He also sells the PSE boxes etc. http://www.carnewal.com/products/P97/p97010/P97-1-PSE-Factory-Sport-Exhaust I will drop you a PM with my contact details in case you want to get in touch.
  3. I had mine gundo hacked, and the sound is much better than stock BUT - Having now done the 'proper' PSE I have to say that the two are not the same. The hacked boxes sound a bit more 'farty' for want of a better description. The PSE is much more tuneful and has a richness that the hacked boxes just did not have. The hacked boxes also gave me a bit of a flat spot about 3k rpm which was odd, as it's just when the variocam kicks in. This has gone now the PSE is fitted. The hack is worth it from a financial perspective, I paid £100 for used boxes and £50 for the welding. I still have them, so you would be more than welcome to try them out if you could be bothered! From memory you are not too far away from me. I did find it a bit much if I was using the car for meetings etc. as it was loud the whole time. For the PSE I got the boxes for £650 on eBay and then had to replace one actuator and then buy the wiring and pipe work. All in it owes me £850. Well worth it though.
  4. Welcome to the club Steve the red cab looks ace. I still love my 997. Regret selling the IB now the prices are sky high, but I have used the 997 loads more then I ever would the IB. Especially with my son who is now 18 months old and loves going out in the car. I did a track day at Spa last summer in mine, and as you say it's civilised and cruises nicely on the journey there, then hit 'sport' and it's ace on track as well. I have just fitted the PSE to mine after a chance eBay purchase and it's awesome. If you haven't got it I would recommend it. The switchable nature of it is great - quiet with the family and proper flat 6 when you are in the mood.
  5. It will fit perfectly. When I sold my car it had the flat lid on and the tail went behind the seats and the other lid in the front boot. I just used some bubble wrap for both.
  6. Nice work Jev! Same colour combo as ours. I went for some Falkens this time round and they seem the same as the Michelins I had last time. Obviously much cheaper though!
  7. Glad to see you enjoying the Cayenne John - I knew you would love it. Our has heated seats and steering wheel which is quite nice at this time of year. Although ours is only the 3.2 its great and I can see us having another in a few years. Hopefully a later V8.... LPG wouldn't make sense for us at those costs as our mileage is low so I am prepared to put up with the fuel costs for the ownership itself. My wife was also very apprehensive about driving it but now she loves it and uses it every day. We are also expecting our first child in feb next year so I suspect it will take some abuse!!
  8. They didn't actually (!) it was also online so assume people have used the pics. Great. I will have to have a look at some ads now...
  9. Yeah, cheers Dom To be fair it was on my radar but the car was with Nick (long story!) and he needed it out of the way, plus I wanted the car back so decided to just go for the standard item. I do like the sound of the single mass ones though - bet it makes quite a difference.
  10. Engine back in, but wasn't without its dramas. 5 miles up the road and the dual mass flywheel tore in half..... So gearbox back off and replaced that! All now run in and just starting to put a few more revs on - just in time for the bad weather. Just spotted Alex's post - I did all the detailing before the shoot. They touched up a few stone chips on the front bumper but that's about it. The light levels combined with the silver paint are very flattering
  11. Hi guys, Just wanted to share a few pics that were taken of my car for a AutoExpress buying guide. The printed copy was on the shelves a few weeks ago, but to be fair the actual guide was very basic with a few obvious comments. The photoshoot was the most interesting bit as it was a full studio shoot with John Colley and took around 3 hours. Pics turned out great:
  12. I went through a similar process with Rich about 3 years ago on my old 3.2. His system has changed quite a bit since then but make sure the heat exchangers are small and neat. Mine were box section and looked quite poor, they also ran low to the ground. Also, the exhangers were not fully welded around the exhaust pipework and he used a sealant to plug the gaps. I still got loads of heat (probably too much!) but also it never fully sealed and you could sometimes get exhaust smells into the cabin (more than usual). He modified my heater cross over pipe and I managed to keep heat. I would have to remove the headers to do valve clearances though, and I doubt you will be able to change this. The flanges on the headers were also quite thin so I had to have spacers on each bolt. Not a problem but would be another pain when you come to remove them. Finally, I had a 3 out rear box with caps and it looked good and sounded great but with the system uncapped it droned really bad and also gave flat spot in the acceleration. With the single out it was fine, sounded good and also got me onto trackdays without any issues.
  13. Certainly interesting to see. Especially after all the self promotion from certain parties. Will keep my eye on the SV developments. A friend has a Cayman S and he is also impressed with the SV mods, especially the suspension set up. Mine has PASM but suspect that they are getting a bit tired and I may sort something out maybe next year.
  14. Good to see the Cayman SV in print Dom. Looks ace. Need you to turn your attention to some 997 mods now As an aside, I received some pics of a damaged water cooled engine today that has been 'upgraded' at Hartech with one Nicasil liner and the others strengthened. Not sure of the full story but its now in pieces after scoring in 3 cylinders. Not good.
  15. Hi Richard. It's a Draper version and cost around £50 on eBay. Here is the same thing on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Draper-09544-Coolant-Vacuum-Refill/dp/B003BVD5NE Looks like lots of companies do them when you start looking but the Draper one was a good price so went with that one.
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