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  1. Back on topic. I am selling the car with the plate on and we are going to sort out a transfer at a later date. Risky I know but I trust the bloke to an extent and the plate is only really of sentimental value (bought for no.2 daughter at her birth for her 17th birthday present) rather that of material value so hopefully not incentive for him to want to keep it.
  2. You may recall that was the plan. This time last year I was considering selling the 3.2 and getting a more family friendly classic like a DS or a w108 Merc. Still needed a roadtrip/blatting/daily car so that was what the CR was to be. Wife convinced me not to sell the 3.2 as I would regret it so I ended up with both and no family classic. Decided I would wait a year to choose which one to sell. Have loved the CR but I now know I couldn’t sell the 3.2. I could have kept both but decided it was a waste and it was stopping me using the 3.2 as much as I should. I didn’t advertise it but someone asked on a forum and I got in touch to say if the price was right and he was serious I’d let it go. He is coming out of a 996 C4S. I will now use the 3.2 over the summer and decide what to get as my daily driver but I will probably be a shagged old Disco as a complete antithesis to the CR. I seem to flip flop from minters to munters and we are back to munter.
  3. Work colleague has a Carmine red 718 4.0GTS coming in September. Looking forward to a shot in it. Cayman R goes on Friday 😢
  4. Oh that’s just not fair! Major jell! Even the right colour! Nice one Mark.
  5. Yes, seen that before but it usually says that on the V5. I checked the old reg hadntbeen reused and it doesn't appear to have.
  6. Anyone ever had this before? When I call the number it says this Telephone service is suspended until further notice due to COVID. “Due to licensing history” concerns me somewhat. The HPI report shows the car has never had a plate change other than the one I have done.
  7. And I’d done such a good job of not telling anyone 😂
  8. Thought that was supposed to be secret Ivan 😊
  9. Decent ride height with 19s look good!
  10. I had the Spyder wheels off my Cayman R the other day. They are 19" and have Goodyear EagleF1 SuperSports on them. They are billed as being lightweight (in fact the lightest wheel in Porsche's range) and they weight a tonne compare to a Conti shod 16x8 Fuch!!! Scary really.
  11. 8 years! Longest I have ever owned a car!
  12. Bit overcast at the Hotel MyTirol this afternoon! https://mytirol.com/my-resort/bilder-und-webcam/ Not sure I’d be having a swim but certainly enjoying a beer on the terrace by now! 😢

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