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  1. Boggo Pagid dot4. Used to spend fortunes putting SRF in the Caterham but never going to need that in the IB. Changing the MC because I’ve never been confident in the brakes since I had 100% failure without any telltale signs on a euro trip. Changing the MC is the last piece in the system that hasn’t been done.
  2. Standard after suggestions on here a few months ago suggested it wasn’t worth it. ECP out of ATE ones too so aftermarket version.
  3. Ordered a new master cylinder and fluid so will be swapping that out some time next week. And fit my solid state DME relay that turned up last week. Thanks Felix 👍
  4. Chris, I have the CJ Auto tilting lift. Got the car up on it once and never used it again. You are correct that it does reach tot he jack pads so it rests of the underbody which doesn't seem sensible. Also with my a/c lines I have to use blocks to avoid squashing them so can't even spread the load. It would do great for a smaller lighter car like a Caterham but don't think it is a worthwhile buy for an IB.
  5. I’m interested depending on location. Not sure I can make it to Wales but Essex/East Anglia way would be good.
  6. Likewise Will just wait and see. I have only £100 and something pounds committed for three hotels and have until 22April to cancel At no cost so will take stock in 6 weeks. Even then I’ll probably hang it out. Just been sent home as office is now closed until further notice. 🙄
  7. I commute to London on a train with thousands of people falling over themselves in the crowds. How no one has mentioned anywhere in the media the risks there I dot know. I have come to the option that I am almost certainly going to get it but that doesn’t bother me. Me passing on to someone less able to deal with it is my major concern.
  8. Wingnonut

    RUF Rodeo

    Three weeks too early surely!
  9. Buyers guide on PH today https://www.pistonheads.com/features/ph-buying-guides/jaguar-f-type--ph-used-buying-guide/41984
  10. A paper cut may just be getting shot at zero margin to avoid being left even more in the hole as the market falls further. If they want out they will go to what they paid net and it should be obvious when you get to that point in negotiation. If it isn’t don’t be afraid to ask. Some times they appreciate an open candid conversation if they know you are serious rather than a chancers offer that they pay no regard to.
  11. Gotta be happy with those! Nice and shiny 😎
  12. It may mean the roads are a bit clearer 😋
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