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  1. And an original one at that! None of that new fangled re-released rubbish. Much respect 😎
  2. Nice big garage there Haith! You need some more cars in there 😋
  3. Have spoken to Gert and I am just finding a day in the week when I can take a trip over there (eurotunnel has a £25 day return offer on at the moment) 1.5hrs and £400 to do there and then. He has confirmed he has a 60kkm 55mm CR modded system on the shelf with my name on it. If he doesn’t have anything suitable he can mod your existing system in 3hrs
  4. Yes and yes. Ariel doesn’t look too obtrusive.
  5. Hi Jon. Yes, done by Sportwagen in 2016. Ashamed to say it hasn’t been out of the garage since the CR turned up 😞 (I do go and talk to her in the garage every now and again though 😋)
  6. A 987/IB pairing must be one of the most popular around these parts surely! 😊
  7. Wingnonut


    Isn’t that price on an exchange basis?
  8. Saw it in the flesh on the ClassicCarStereo stand at the NEC today. Looks really well done they had it in a presentation stand next to an original and it is very close in look. £399 as you say and he had 7 left of the 120 that arrived with him on Wednesday! (Back orders and sales over the weekend). Nearly bit the bullet but finally decided I couldn’t justify the expense when I have an original working Toronto SQR46 which I never listen to. Would maybe be worth it for the Bluetooth hands free on its own. (Can you tell I am having second thoughts 🥴)
  9. There Saturday and Sunday if anyone is up for a catch up. Richard.
  10. Too many of us fast approaching 50! ‘71. The best year 😎
  11. I loved my 3.4 996. I would have that over a less than perfect 997. I sold my fathers gen1 997 C2 for £19k back in 2012 when he took delivery of his 991 and OPC Colchester only bid £14k. Oh how times have changed.
  12. Wingnonut


    Anyone heard of or seen a copy of this? https://www.000magazine.com/the-magazine Heard Chris Harris talking about it on the Collecting Cars pod cast. It’s a new one on me. Looks spendy but quality.
  13. Bought my first house in ‘97 and was bowlin around in a TVR Vixen as a daily driver.
  14. Exactly why I decided to get the Cayman R. Driving to the station is both easy and fun! 😂
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