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  1. Blatant pinch from Phil on last year thread, just for clarity ; this is the usual route. 3:00 Meet at Greenwich Park (on Blackheath Ave, roughly level with the cricket pitch which is not far in from the gates on Charlton Way) be aware this is "pay and display" parking and it is patrolled . Bring a £1 coin. 3:30 Leave Greenwich Park. A2 Shooters Hill Rd Right at big roundabout onto A2 proper At A2/M25 junction go right Regroup at Clacket Lane services, also acts as a second meeting point for those not able to get to Greenwich on time. 4:30 leave Clackets Left at J6 onto A22 Keep on A22 all the way to the Polegate Roundabout Turn left at the roundabout onto the Polegate Bypass Continue straight at the roundabout onto the Westham Bypass (A27) Right at the roundabout to Pevensy Continue to Pevensy Bay and park in the beach car park Have some Fish & Chips Head to Eastbourne on the A259 Up to Beach Head Park up for a Sunset photo oppertunity A259 to Newhaven Head North on the A26 At the A27 turn left Turn right onto A26 to Lewis Do a double tunnel run through the Cuilfail Tunnel Head back down the A26 Right onto A27 to Brighton Left to Brighton Marina for a final stop for coffee at MacDonalds Head home"  It's clockwise at Clackets ......... is it worth creating a roll call ?
  2. So what time we meeting at Clacketts on Saturday then? 16.00?
  3. Two words - Center Gravity Go see Chris and get an assessment done, then a session to deal with what he finds. I assumed I needed new everything and he diagnosed 100% fit hardware and just needed a geo set up. Feel set of hardware I priced up at circa £1900. Two session at CG will be 1/3 to 1/2 of that and worth every penny. Essentially Chris saves me spending nearly 2 grand! http://www.centregravity.co.uk/
  4. AZEV 5 spoke alloys! I was desperate to put those on my ‘86 XR2 back as a 19 year old 😋
  5. Fame at last! Front page of PH! 👍 https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-germancars/bmw-740i-e38--readers-car-of-the-week/40376
  6. I have factory fit a/c and it is next to useless. I have kept mine fitted but never used to keep things original but if you are not bothered about such things I would rip it out as you will never getting it working effectively. I’ve done plenty of warm weather driving around Europe and never missed a/c but if you are bothered Classic Retrofit @Jonny Hart on here does a great electric a/c set up.
  7. I’ll see your single track in the French Pyrenees and raise you one forest track in the Spanish Pyrenees 😎 (spot the 993!)
  8. And just compare that beauty to the current monstrosity 🤮 progress ......not!
  9. Oh goody I can see this one 😎👍
  10. 535 every day of the week 👌
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