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  1. Hubba Hubba! Thank god that is too far away to go look at!
  2. I have family who live in Dunure on the Ayrshire coast which is part of the route. Also my brother is in Glasgow. I think by October we will all be fekered though 🥴
  3. I came home in a family friends MGBGT since neither my mum or dad drove! It wasn’t until 1977 when we got our first family car. A white 1100 Allegro with quarter steering wheel and blue vinyl roof. My first daughter came home in a Leon Cupra R with a soggy passenger seat from where the wife’s waters had broken on the way to the hospital!
  4. Had same problem and it is working fine now Boss Man! Cheers.
  5. It was by far the noisiest car of the day !!!!! Great weekend all round. That's two 800 air-cooled miles trips to and around Welsh Wales in the past month for me! Who needs Euro Road trips?!😊 (me 😔)
  6. Nope not me then. What’s that chances of two in such a random place!
  7. I went through Cropthorne and Pershore this morning on my way to meet Haith. I’m guards red but F737TPK
  8. To be clear is that has (as in now) or had (as in when it was delivered)? If it is "had" then they will take it straight back as I understand from their website. If it is "has" then if you don't use the sealer then that will happen and voids the warranty as mentioned above. Frustratingly they don't do a 964 with a top tint like they do with the 911 and as er my current and original screen. Only a 'green' screen. Maybe I will give them a call to confirm.
  9. Talking of Luxobarges mate of mine is selling this through Collecting Cars. Right up a few people on here's street! https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/2002-mercedes-benz-cl600
  10. Can anyone advise who is selling these at the moment and where may be best? Crack in my screen from a stone and rather than Autoglass taking chunks out of my windscreen frame like they did last time I thought I may as well do it myself as it was easy when I did it for my respray. As such I thought I may as well go for the heated version. £90 XS from ClassicLine and a feked bodywork vs £300 and an upgraded screen, £300 wins in my book. I have an '89 car that had the 964 screen from factory so I assume the heated ones come in that size? Cheers, Richard.
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