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  1. https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-germancars/british-firm-reimagines-porsche-914/43610 @Jonny Hart Although not electric obvs!
  2. First one is the one I still own (although there have been four others come and gone since!) March 2012 from a chap in Bath when I was 41 years old £15,250 Spent ages looking at £10-£12k cars and got feed up of the problems so went all in which was well worth it. Nearly bought a '71 2.2E coupe in 2007 but the PPI put me off. First one a drove was a '73 2.4S with Josh Sadler when looking for said long hood. Off on a bit of a tangent but my first ride in one was a LHD flat nose 930 with nitrous. I was 16 and me and my then girlfriend were babysitting at one of her neigh
  3. It was said with a hint of sarcasm 🙂 My real winter hack was a £4K Disco3 that didn’t make it through the winter (mad to think it would!) so had to bite the bullet and get something I could rely on. Anyone want a (currently immobile) spare or repairs Landy? 😋
  4. Welcome to my new winter hack
  5. Those “ramps” to push down the deflector are plastic and get brittle with age. One of mine snapped and I replaced them (they are available from Porsche and I think Matt Type911 stocks them) with no further problems as the new plastic has yet to age harden.
  6. And you thought the Ruf Rodeo was hideous?!
  7. ☝️what he said👆 Except are they not Sahara seats?
  8. Have to say it was the most boring 2hrs of car programming I have ever watched 🙁
  9. Happy Xmas to all “the family” 😊
  10. That is yummy! Anyone know how much Tuthills charges for one of their Safari cars? Guess that is a wide open number but still.
  11. ‘Cos they are great. when I left uni in ‘92 I went to the US for what was meant to be a year (only lasted 4 months but thats another story). Drove across the country east to west and when got to LA I rented from Rent-a-Wreck a ‘71 Ford LTD 2 door coupe. Bowling around LA in that for a few months was the best bit of my “year out” (apart from the subsequent 9 months on a kibutz!). Must try and find a photo of that land yacht.
  12. Not sure about paying that much for a runaround 😋 for the previous few years (prior to 2020/CV19 we have rented a house in Tuscany for our family summer holiday. It is my favourite place in the world for spending time with my family and always dream about what it would be like living there full time. It is up a 3km dirt track to the top of the hill above a typical medieval Tuscan village and part of my dream was a 4x4 Panda to run down the track to get the daily provisions. There are three other properties up the track and they all have Suzuki SJ410s with the soft top permanently
  13. No pleasing some people eh 🤣😂
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