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  1. Have a spare passenger seat Phil and more than happy for you to navigate for me. At the end of the day you do know the route very well! May to drop you home on the way back.
  2. Love Johannes’ videos. Really different to the usual fixem up videos. He has an Alfa Giulia he works on too.
  3. Buy it from D911 it will probably be “used” anyway 😋
  4. FB Marketplace is my fav at the moment.
  5. @eebee I have one in leather if you are still looking. Two screw holes in the plastic rear part but other than than good condition. PM me if interested. cheers Richard
  6. I can do whatever. Full day booked out in the Boss’s diary 😊
  7. Were the Welshy contingent coming over for this? If so logistics for an 8am will be difficult.
  8. Said above but defo a squirter full of windscreen cleaner and plenty of blue roll. Them midges make a frigging mess!
  9. Agreed. Loadsa 915 but not a lot of IB G50. I’ll be bookmarking this one.
  10. £7.5m of car sold, just like that!!!!!!!
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