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  1. About 4mpg at a steady cruise. 😳 It is air cooled too 😎
  2. Weird. Maybe it was because I was using a usb hub plugged into the thunderbolt port. May suggest why Basecamp was temperamental picking it up too.
  3. My mate Jason’s ManKat camper! An upgrade from his previous Unimog !
  4. Yeah I know. Blokes and reading the instructions eh?! 😊 How did you drag and drop? My Mac wouldn’t show it as a device.
  5. Holly carp that was a pain in the behind. Garmin Express and Base Camp don't like working together on a Mac and working out how to Get BaseCamp to talk to the devise is not easy. It doesn't appear as a division a Mac so no drag and drop. Seems to have worked now OK after lots of huffing. Didn't help At first I couldn't find where there trips were saved. (you have to go to Apps and Trip Planner) Only worked that our by looking at the Doc's picture above!
  6. It was just about worth it at Excel but no way was I trapsing to Olympia. Glad to here I didn’t miss anything.
  7. I used the Charlieecu ones. Warm white. Work a treat.
  8. That’s what Center Gravity did to mine too. Apparently all euro ride height is the same but most new supplying dealers when new just whacked the adjusters as low as could to make it look better as they left the showroom without worrying about the geo consequences. Or so Chris told me.
  9. Can’t beat a silicon bead though eh Matt 😋
  10. I didn’t Mark. It was fitted already when I bought it. I didn’t know until I checked the paperwork properly post purchase. I just assumed they all sounded that good.
  11. Induction noise is where it’s at Haith! I’ve got a BMC induction kit on the CR and it is epic! It even got a complement from Pete at Center Gravity the other week 😋
  12. Harry is on that one too! Review of a Sport Quattro yesterday and a follow on coming on the 10v UR next week.
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