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  1. Sounds like a great trip! watched a cool documentary few years back about the Six Hours of Spa and would love to go. The Nurburgring is full of thrills but just needs to be respected. I would recommend as much research as possible before you go - there are a few helpful first timer guides on Youtube showing you what to expect and guiding you around the track. Search 'misha' and 'bridge to gantry'. There will be loads to take in with an extremely long track, adrenaline, and others on the track going warp factor 9, so the more you can suss-out before you go, the better. PS3/4 or Xbox laps before you go......don't knock it until you've tried it! It helps with learning the track layout. There are loads of instructors which, for a first visit would be really helpful and they're pretty good value: something like 45 Euros for 30 mins or so. A mate had the same 'Misha' onboard last year for that sort of money. Lastly, if the time/budget allows: the Ring taxi gives you a whole different perspective on pace around the track - shared with a couple of mates, it is worth every penny! Its a great trip and despite what the countless crash videos might suggest, it is still something you can enjoy and it is not compulsory to put your life (and wallet) on the line. Good luck - I look forward to the highlights!!
  2. That'll teach me not to read the full thread .....what is funnier is that I've only just looked into the price of a new one - no wonder I didn't get any bites on the ad 😂😂
  3. Lund, have a nice straight front trim still for sale if you need a backup....Original post in the For Sale section dated 11th November if you want pics. ....always open to sensible offers.
  4. Hi there, picked one up from OPC about 18 months ago....
  5. Have a few things to get listed so starting with this windscreen insert. In nice straight condition, removed from a G50 coupe. asking £100 collected from Leigh on sea Essex
  6. thanks very much! my 10 year old co-pilot loved it funnily enough! - his second trip there this year. turns out the Sprint circuit was open too (part of the GP track)....he was the one who'd driven it dozens of times on his x-box so was dishing out the directions
  7. I fell in love with my car a little more this weekend - a trip to the Nürburgring with friends went to reaffirm just how much fun one of these cars is and whilst not as powerful as so many ‘normal’ cars these days - it held its own and provided me with so much enjoyment I spent the journey back yesterday thinking of how I want to develop my track driving with this car for a long time to come...(that same trip home normally involves thoughts of what car next!). Also had the pleasure of bumping into fellow IB’er Jonny Hart at the eurotunnel terminal yesterday. Great to meet you Jonny. anyway, a few pics:- one shows just how much the humble 911 has ‘evolved’ over the years...
  8. i have one that I’ve just taken out of my 89 Carrera - all in good working order. Back home this weekend if you want pics.... Open to a sensible offer. jon
  9. FAO Planty....i’m assuming that the parts would be the same for your ‘84?
  10. Sam, i still have exhaust parts that i never quite got around to selling last year. I’ll refresh that thread now so look out in the for sale section. if you can put the parts to use and can collect, i would be happy to take beer money for them and you may be able to get some cash out of selling the heat exchangers on ....
  11. Also paid a visit with the family and thought it was a great day - a massive turn-out aided by the weather no doubt! Also liked the freedom to wander through the paddock amongst some beautiful machinery too!
  12. Nige, many thanks for the offer....I ordered a pair from Type 911 earlier this evening. Thanks all the same!
  13. Phill, you’re a star - I kept coming across the design 911 version that was a cover - I’m easily confused 😊 and car is at the body shop so not easy to reference. Ordering up a pair now.
  14. I have a 1989 3.2 that I’d like to change to the chrome headlight bezels... i have spotted chrome bezel covers which have just the bottom screw hole (like the ones on the car) but get the impression they go over the existing painted bezel (sounds odd)?? Not sure what that looks like? Anyone tried them? They seem to be priced around £40 each. or does anyone have an idea of what the alternative might be - other chrome versions appear to have adjuster screw fittings too. i thought it was likely to be a simple swap but perhaps I’m over thinking it - input welcomed please cheers, Jon
  15. Hi Steve, I have one in great condition and full working order... now surplus to requirements. Based in south Essex. cheers, jon
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