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  1. Thanks for the feedback, ... without advertising are there any preferred specialists who come to mind in the Yorkshire area ? Chris
  2. Thanks, this was the type of feedback I was looking for. It is getting worse even though it isn't driven in the rain ... and I am careful how I wash it ... I will post some pics ....
  3. I have a very nice 3.2 Jubilee Coupe which has had no bodywork. It was in it's day a concourse car so had a full re-spray and has a consistent 350 microns paint thickness. The bodywork is very solid and it's just flown through it's mot ... but ! Around the door shuts I'm just starting to see tiny blebs of corrosion which are still beneath the paint (I've known the car for five years !) and this is stopping form wanting to drive the car if there is any chance of rain. I love the car. But how can I preserve it without taking the chance on having to slice out the originality of the car ? I
  4. So an Anniversary to celebrate the 25th Anniversary, not a Celebration to celebrate 250,000 cars. What should a really nice 80,000 mile Coupe be insured for theses days ?
  5. ChrisW

    3.2 prices

    I was very interested to read this thread .... 1. IMO increasing values must be good because it then makes sense to look after these cars 2. The 3.2 engine is possibly the sweet spot in Porsche motors --- look how many retro-fixes for the early cars come from the 3.2 3. Originality is really the key to future values --- hot rod if you wish, but you may as well buy an old 996 GT3 instead 4. I don't care how good your 915 box is, the G50 was an improvement --- another engineering sweet spot ? This is the only car that I would buy to fill the history gap between my '75 2.7 Carrera and
  6. I hope the engine doesn't rumble It's great to follow these posts !!
  7. Has this just become a speculators numbers game ? I own a 997 GT2 2009 1 of maybe 5 clubsports with PSM3 --- from total 61 cars in 2008 and 2009, so clearly worth over £150k ... Not. This will be a lovely car, but reality is being disengaged ... I can really understand when a lovely lovely car increases in value by 10% in a year. Maybe somebody got lucky. But this, feels like a bubble.
  8. Marked up as deposit taken ... at what price ?
  9. But it is a Targa --- what difference does this make to the value ?
  10. £44,500 is price being asked ... wrong colour ... but whether or not it is cheap depends upon it's originality, history, and what now needs to be spent on it ...
  11. ChrisW

    Fuel Lines

    They will fail with any fuel, but the Ethanol containing fuels are supposed to be particularly aggressive to old rubber based materials ...
  12. ChrisW

    Fuel Lines

    I'm sorry to post this in the most general section and I'm sorry if you already know ... But it's worth checking all original fuel lines. The new E95 and E90 fuels can easily finish off struggling lines, at best rendering your car useless, at worst, firing it in more ways than the one we would wish for .. Mine simply wouldn't start, but it took me a little while to find the pool of petrol ...
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