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  1. Try other dealers.I got one before Christmas from a dealer for that sort of sum.
  2. I got 6 of the bloody things after this year's holiday.45 euro a piece.Usually drive my own car with no problems but this year was an AVIS hirecar (My MY14 Disco let me down on the boat.nightmare.!!)
  3. EVO575

    1984 3.2 Carrera

    Not surprised.Looked very nice indeed.??
  4. First time I saw it up was about 3/4 years ago for £17995 or thereabouts
  5. Thanks for that Mike,I'll take you up on that offer.Ill be in touch. Hi Mondrian,The exhaust is a 2in 2 out Magnaflow on B+B mufflers with heat.(I say 'with heat' but that'll be another item that'll need some attention in the future!)
  6. Hi Jevvy,Just the night before the MOT and to + from MOT so not much experience yet, and as its my first aircooled I have nothing to compare it to. But my friend has a nice standard 3.2 Carrera so I'll have a drive in it and see how they compare. One thing that will have to be changed though is the exhaust - sounds great pushing up through the gears but when at cruising speed is too loud and droney-which I suspected it would be. I want this car to be able to go on tours and weekends away so work will need done in that department. Gearbox is pretty sweet too but I feel a Wevo coming on!!. I haven't posted any photos before so hopefully will get round to a very mini-build thread over the next couple of weeks.
  7. Thanks for comments. Yes Mike she'll be out and about from Spring '18 so Im sure our paths will cross. Almost finished, just a few tweaks to do over the winter. Enjoy the PCI run.
  8. My 1981 68k mile 3.6SC at the MOT test centre yesterday.
  9. Thanks for the advice Mark.Its a 964.Will have a look at the options and let you know how I progress
  10. Hi, Yes a modified 2 in 1 out Dansk would probably be my preferred option - I will check under the car to see what modifications are needed.
  11. Thanks for the replies guys.The exhaust (14" Magnaflow)is off the car now so may look at installing the smaller bore tailpipes as an experiment. Chris- what type of silencer do you have that may be available? Pm me if you prefer.although I think I'd like to keep the B+B standard if possible.
  12. Would appreciate some advice guys.Got a 3.6 in my SC .Project 98% complete except for a few nigglies.Problem is with the exhaust.I got a Magnaflow 2 in 2 out made up (headers are B+B) but it's horrible-sets off the neighbours alarms and just plain too loud and drones to drive. What are my options? - I want to use the car for occasional drives and weekends away.Needs to be more sociable than it is now and I'm not looking for every last HP , although I don't want to strangle the 3.6 either. i am in NI so won't be able to bring the car to any of the renowned U.K. Based custom makers. Options: -Buy a B+B muffler? - has anyone any experience? -Modify a proven muffler to suit the B+ B headers? - this could work? If so what proven muffler -Get a custom exhaust made on the car using a proven configuration- but it would need to be proven as I wouldn't want to go through this and end up too noisy again. Also.do I need 2 outlets ? Would a single outlet strangle the engine? Would be very interested in hearing your thoughts and indeed anything suitable that you may have for sale( even if needing modified) thanks.Paul.
  13. EVO575

    Indicator Stalk

    Hi Alastair, I will take that please. Ill PM you. Proporsche - you can have the old one.
  14. EVO575

    Indicator Stalk

    Hi,Auto spark was with the car yesterday and confirmed that the stalk needs replaced.If anyone had one they would sell that would be great. Paul
  15. That all sounded safe enough 'til you mentioned the Hotpoint!
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