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  1. Hi Chris I'm open to offers, but ideally I'd like to sell the whole kit. Ian
  2. Cheers - I'll give it a try.
  3. MonkeyChap

    Sticky Knob

    Anyone know a clever way to get the stock gear knob off a 915 Carrera ? I've gone back to the original shifter and it looks a bit daft in a backdate hotrod. I've tried as much brute force as I dare apply in-situ in the car, and lots of twisting back and forth.
  4. Hi Sorry - bit late to update this thread. It was advertised on DDK also, and one of they guys on there has taken it. If it falls through I'll let you know. Ian
  5. Not sure. My car has no centre console so I can't tell for sure. Looks similar, but I've not measured them side by side.
  6. Hi, I'm selling my Rennshifter short-shift gear lever and tower (with dust guard). It was in my car for about 100 miles before I took everything back to stock. £350ono. More details on the JWest website: http://www.jwesteng.com/shop/transmission-911/12-rennshift-performance-shifter.html
  7. Hi I'm selling my CANEMS kit - programmable ECU and coil-pack (see photo below). It's been back to CANEMS for the upgrade (voltage spike protection) and I've been running it on the car without the coil pack just fine. I think the kit is about £1400 new. Looking for £800. It's got the distributer map loaded on it currently so will just plug'n'play to replace a motronic and the coil pack can be fitted later. I'll throw-in the USB-Serial adapter too.
  8. Hello I need to replace a few of the female pins in the motronic ECU 35pin connector. Does anyone know the spec of the pins and where to get them ? My local electrical supplier didn't have anything similar. Ta Ian
  9. I attempted to draw up the wiring, with the pin-out numbers in the technical thread. Not sure if it'll help you, but it helped me get my thinking straight. Link below...
  10. Thanks, Dr R, Chris. It's a bit frustrating trying to connect up (from a Macbook, using a VM, with USB C ports) in the road outside the house, or in a dark garage 200m from the house...hence trying to do it on my desk.
  11. Well, if I had to guess, making the ECU (and its loom) a single point of failure for all the earths ?
  12. Folks, I need to re-map the CANEMS ECU I've got, but don't really have the space (or power, or lights) in the lock-up I keep the car in. So...I'd like to work on it in my office with a bench power supply. From this: It seems to be pins 35 and 28, but I thought I'd better ask the experts. Maybe I need 16, 17, 19, 23 grounded too ? Does seem a bit odd to have so many grounds. Ta Ian
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