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  1. It doesn't appear to be a widely stocked size - at least not in woven cover hose. I found some brightly coloured stuff on hoseworld but it would look a bit odd in the car.
  2. Thanks! I'll do some searching online. I've found a site called hoseworld...which is exciting.
  3. Hi All, Does anyone happen to know the size of the hose that goes between the breather box and the tank ? I've tried a few different sizes (up to 18mm OD, 12mm ID) and nothing seems big enough. Is it just a case of forcing a 18x12 one on there ? It really doesn't look big enough. Before I go buy yet another wrong size hose, I thought I check here first. It's the cotton-woven hose in the pic below. Ta Ian
  4. Parked outside Il Mirto's Pizza, opposite George's coffee shop. Looked to be in very good condition - W Reg.
  5. btw - anyone know the spec/size of the wider bore hose in that photo ? They're look a bit ragged and kinked so I thought I'd replace them. They're not 8mm, so most be something other than fuel hose. E-Katalog says it's 14x2.5 but that doesn't seem to be one of the standard fuel hose sizes.
  6. I'm not sure that's an option for me since the rebuild. The only route out of the car was down by the battery well, and that's where the hose was before I started tinkering. I've re-routed (see below)...
  7. That's how the hose ran since it came back from the restoration. I just replaced the hose with a new one and cut into it in the only straight stretch I could find inside the car. I guess I could move the valve out into the wheel arch, but I suspect it wouldn't live very long ? Or immediately after the plastic box thingy ?
  8. I also bought some wider bore fuel hose to replace the ones coming in and out of the plastic box (see below) but the 8mm pipe isn't big enough. Anyone know the spec for those wider pipes ? I was wanting to use proper high-grade modern fuel hose due to the increased ethanol content but they only seem to go up to 8mm.
  9. Hi - it wasn't a dig - sorry if it came over that way. Looking at it now, it does look a bit salty. It was more of a comment on, as you say, 2 pages of thread and frustration with what on the surface seems to be a simple car. By the sounds of it, most people think this is a tricky one to diagnose, and the stuff on the web is pretty inconclusive. I think I tested each of the possible causes in order of most-likely / easiest to test without breaking anything else. The reason for me re-posting after everything I tried is that if these threads are going to be useful to anyone else in the fut
  10. This is getting a bit silly now. Is this adjustment you're talking about just for the idle mixture ? Adjusting the overall mixture at idle, with no way to read Air-Fuel-Ratio sounds a bit daft to me, but what do I know. If it's going to affect the fueling map for the car across the whole rev and throttle range, I'll wait for the WB Lambda to turn up and have a proper look.
  11. The 8 position switch on the motronic ECU. I didn't even know there was a mixture screw on the AFM ! One more thing to tinker with. I assume it's not doing anything at idle though, as the throttle position switch will be closed ?
  12. Mine were cleaned by Redtek about 3000 miles ago. They also flow tested them, so it's unlikely. I've pretty much eliminated the air leak possibility. That leaves AFM, vacuum leak, dodgy idle switch, or fueling problem (e.g. injectors, over-pressure, etc.)
  13. I tried that. In the end I tried all 8 positions on the switch. None of them made the slightest difference. I'm now getting rather twitchy that this might be an overfueling problem (e.g. knackered injectors) and the cost that comes with that ! Lambda is on its way though, so I'll at least have an AFR reading to go off.
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