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  1. Thank you Jevvy, I will investigate. Forgotten just how helpful this forum is! Nigel
  2. If I was a Dragon I would put a pretty hefty price on my balls too. Hoping to find a pair of rears that are a little more reasonable than that!
  3. After a very long break the project is back on the go. 'box shortened and back on the engine and going in very soon I hope. I am missing a set of rear callipers. I thought I had a set found but was let down unfortunately. Does anyone know of a set of rear 930 callipers that are available to buy? Thanks for the help, Nigel
  4. It has moved, hence the progress. Interior should be going in over the next month, everything together, just need the finisher to find time to get on with it. Bell housing shortened and diff going into gearbox. Waiting for parts to turn up from Patrick Motorsports so we can mate it to the engine and put it in. It has been horribly slow but has suddenly gathered momentum again. All good things are worth waiting for! Yours is looking good. Keen to find out how those wheel spacers work out. I am running 15mm at the moment front and back. Not going to mess with it until the engine is in and it is half set up but suspect I will need another 20mm at the back and 10mm at the front. Worried about wheel bearing stress, but if your runs well on 75mm I have nothing to worry about!
  5. I'm back. A couple of years delay while a few issues sorted out. But this year could be the year the Uber Tractor sees the light of day...
  6. Well it's gone chaps. 4 days on Pistonheads, got the asking price. Perhaps John was right and I should have asked for a bit more. Still, I'm happy, new owner is happy, and I think it's gone to a good new home.
  7. Thant's exactly what I found. Lot's of Targa's and C4's or Tiptronics from £30k upwards, but very few C2 Manuals and most of them around the £50k mark. Hence thinking that £36k was a reasonable price that should sell quickly. Don't appear to have a long queue of people fighting to hand the cash over! An offer at £31k and one at £32k. Only 36 hours into the advert, will hold and see what occurs.
  8. Thank you John. It will be an interesting test of the market. I tried to price it to move rather than stick about for too long.
  9. We will see...you might be right but a couple of people coming to view already and the ad is only a few hours old.
  10. It's up on Pistonheads now if anyone is interested... http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/porsche/911-964/porsche-911-c2-manual---------------1990/5633189?v=b
  11. Full on rant...I bet you feel much better now. Thanks for the thoughts. They are along similar lines to mine. When it was valued at less than £10k in 1999 they were very quick to write off. With the values back up no one would dream of not repairing it today and the categorisation would never happen for exactly the same ding. What matters is the quality of the repair. Any idea what retail might be on a black/black c2 in good condition? There are a lot of people flying kites at the moment. One sold with similar milage in black last month at £43k on Pistonheads. I think those trying to sell at £50k plus are probably dreaming.
  12. Sorry guys, internet dropped out and I seem to have posted this twice. Any idea how I delete one of them - can't find an edit button!
  13. With the Uber Tractor nearing completion I am going to sell the 964. That was always the plan. With the values going north as they are it's tempting to hang on to it, but I don't need two 911's in the garage. Its a 1990 C2, black with a black interior. The milage is 126k. During my ownership I have had the body stripped, all the rust spots repaired and a respray - photographic record to prove. I have also had all of the suspension apart, replaced every bush and put on new Bilstein dampers and new springs. The interior has all been replaced, re carpeted and refurbished. The engine shows no signs of needing a rebuild, very few oil spots on the garage floor, good oil pressure, not using any oil. As a result it drives and goes very well. It's a pretty stunning car even if I say so myself. The down side is that it's a cat. D car. Categorised at a time when they were worth very little for front offside accident damage. We have had a good poke about when the body was stripped for respray and the repair is very good, so no issue, but it's still categorised. I have a good history file, but it's not as complete as I would like it to be. Prices on Pistonheads/Autotrader and the forums have gone through the roof but I'm very aware that there is a big difference between advertised prices and selling prices - and there is the Cat D status to account for. So what do you think? How much should I put it up for? I don't want to take the piss and have it sitting there for moths, equally I don't want to under sell it. All views would be welcome.
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