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  1. I don't suppose anyone else has got one of these for sale. Sorry to have missed this...too slow.
  2. Sent them an email yesterday but no reply yet. Will give them a call if nothing by next week. Thanks for the +1, always nice to hear from someone who's used them.
  3. Nice idea. The system's pretty heavy when you take all the pipework from back to front into consideration.
  4. Thanks for pointing me at that. Just watched it. Very cool.
  5. I'm just using the factory numbers, not weighed one myself. https://www.thelotusforums.com/forums/topic/20893-esprit-weight/
  6. S2, very nice. 1180 was off the last MOT certificate, so whilst not super accurate it should be in the ball park. It's got aircon as well which is pretty heavy. The weight was with spare wheel, jack and everything else in it, although the fuel tank was pretty much empty. I know the Turbo is quoted at 1200kg. S2 factory weight was 1022kg and S1 900kg. S1 weight and Turbo power would make a fabulous car.
  7. And no, you can't see the front corners.... Not a deal breaker, you get the hang of it.
  8. Driving position is very "laid back". No seat rake adjustment, you either like it or you don't. I wasn't sure to start with but soon got used to it. Pretty relaxed after a while. Cockpit does get hot on a warm day. It has air-con but it needs re gassing - can't seem to find anyone who wants to do it for me, wrong valves, wrong gas etc. I'm sure there is a way, just another job on the list. A mate has one where the air con does work well and he can turn it into a fridge so the green house isn't an issue.
  9. Much like the Uber Tractor this has been a bit of a mission, but not quite as much so. It's been off the road for 4 years for a full engine rebuild and mechanical restoration. I'm still fiddling with the interior and a few other jobs but it's pretty close to finished now. The Giugiaro Esprit Turbo's are not powerful cars, 210bhp and 1180kg, so 175bhp/tonne. It does 60 in about 6 seconds and you can abuse the right foot without getting yourself into trouble. What's lovely is the balance and the feel of the car. With 44/56 front/rear weight distribution it's a joy to drive on the twisties. It could do with loosing a couple of hundred kilo's and gaining a few horsepower and it would then become pretty epic. But it's not bad for a 36 year old car. And I think it's very pretty, so that's all that counts
  10. It's Bills posts I have got all of the data from. He seems to be a mine of information. I've not tried to ask him direct, good point perhaps I should. I just wondered if anyone on here had used 993 calipers on the rear and whether it was a feasable conversion or not.
  11. Having done lots of reading and understood @Richard Bernau point about brake bias a little better I think I might have got to a solution that might work. The bias on a 930 is 1.57, 1961nm on the front and 1260nm on the back. A little on the safe side of the 1.4 to 1.5 "ideal" but it obviously works. If I went for 993 fronts and moved the 930 fronts to the rear the bias would go to 1.05 which I'm definately not brave enough for. The 996 set up is 2062nm and the front, 1139nm at the back, 1.81. Very much on the safe side. The 993 option is interesting. Standard was 2194nm front and 1390nm rear - 1.57. The 993RS was 2306nm front, 1618 rear - 1.42 - right in the sweet spot. So...if I use my 930 calipers on the front and put a set of standard 993 rears on the back I will be running 1961nm front, 1390nm rear with a 1.41 bias. What does the collective wisdom say about the option, has anyone done it before and is it possible to persuade a set of 993 calipers to fit a 1987 930 turbo? Thanks for the help. NigelM
  12. You can, for £3300 the pair. If the 993 front option is reasonably easy to do and gives me improved breaking over standard I can pick them up for £400 by the looks of things. £3k cheaper and a better breaking system seems to be a bit of a no brainer if it's viable. It's not as if the rest of the car is trying to be original !
  13. Getting predictably boring I know, but we're back on again and determined to finish. I've still got a brake problem. Genuine 930 front calipers but no rears. Finding genuine 930 rear calipers appears a little challenging to say the least. Trawling through the various threads on brakes on the forum I found this thread. I think the conclusion after the handbags had been put down was that a good option would be to put my 930 fronts on the back and buy a set of 993 fronts for the front. Bias would move back slightly but that was as much a matter of preference as anything else and was not considered a real problem. The result is a more powerful braking system than the standard set up. For those who enjoy their spanner work and have done this conversion before, how involved is it? Is there much in the way of changing hole centres or sourcing new brackets involved? A Big Ears to Noddy guide would be great. And if anyone out there has a set of genuine 930 rear calipers and wants to move them on I'm very interested before I go down this alternative route. Thanks guys.
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