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  1. Used but a healthy coverage of the original plating. I will attach photos tomorrow evening. Flappa2
  2. Thanks for the mechanical love Ian. Every little helps
  3. 2x ATE front calipers removed from Shirish' 3.2 with circa 25k miles covered Come fitted with a set of ferodo 2500 pads, which have covered circa 10k leisurely miles £120 plus postage Paypal gift, bank transfer, cash on collection only (South Wales) Flappa2
  4. Some salesman is licking his wounds wondering if this guy is the toughest customer
  5. Sounds like the caliper piston scenario, I plan to try X2 more tweaks before looking at the MC. Clamping the breather and replacing shims for the pads. Cheers
  6. I need to take another look, I would expect that a leak would show itself as fluid in the areas where I have worked, only X2 areas on the front Calipers each side and all appears tight and dry. I will take another look armed with all of the suggestions.
  7. Yes, firmish pedal after pumping but doesn't hold. No pressure bleeder, X2 humans - x1 Flexi hose with non return valve
  8. New seals and pistons, is there a simple way to fix this without stripping down the caliper. Pads out -application of brake fluid in front of the new dust seal then push the pistons back ?
  9. I've just spent 2 hours bleeding the system since I refitted the front Calipers and hard lines to the calipers. The system is flushed and there are no visible air bubbles in the bleed hose but I don't have any brakes until I pump 5/6 times. Is it case of perseverance, I don't see any obvious fluid/air leaks
  10. They have been in business many years, they repaired a Fuchs for me a few years ago that got damaged in transit. They know their stuff. Worth a call ahead before deciding
  11. Renowheel in Bridgend if you are willing to commit to postage. They have a very good reputation but I expect that you will find someone closer to home.
  12. Sounds good Richard. Bout time you moved over from the big smoke - you could buy a whole village in mid Wales and we could all stopover before the drive outs😎
  13. Given the fleet of hyper cars you both service I suggest Felix should buy Shirish 'half' an ale next meet up ,😎
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