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  1. Saw this chap enjoying an early road trip. I don't know his route nor yours but it looks encouraging.
  2. Found this ole thread thro the epic search facility...…. I would like to have both inertia belt units refurbished over the winter months, the fabric on each unit appears to be tired but hopefully remains functional. What experience do the forum family have ? TIA Flappa2
  3. I guess you need to understand the condition of the tinware before deciding about surface treatments. Pointless painting foil. Do you have metal workers or fabricators local to you - most have proven contacts for wet paint or powder coating.
  4. Every day work for a good machinist. Rob Walker does it with his eyes shut. Sure there's others too
  5. Some of the big Indies claim to have access to known good cranks - they are priced accordingly from memory. All will need reconditioning for peace of mind. Love brown.
  6. Speak with Chris or Tony Wright at Wrightune Wallingford nr Oxford.
  7. Never mind all this modern stuff what's happening with the brake refurb for the air cooled
  8. 10 years - bought it off a man that fixes the lady royals private bits, lived opposite Cilla Black (surprise surprise)
  9. Are you able to helicoil the hole. You will need to check the required hole size against the hole you are working with. I don't know the exact geometry but maybe a custom stud - larger one end could solve the issue. The material around the hole needs to be considered as you want to avoid breaking into the cases.
  10. I don't think you are currently going to take over WC on the best shed competition but your garden looks fantastic. Good luck with the resto
  11. Think I might weld some brackets on and make some retro hosepipe holders 🤔
  12. You'd think so WC, I have a set too for sale but apart from low ballers the market appears flat. Currently on here, the bay and the FB page.
  13. I would be tempted to use left hand drills before fluted easi outs for that very reason - good call
  14. Be careful with the fluted stud extractors, they are very hard and very brittle, if you are unlucky to snap it you may find it difficult to remove it in place. The welded nut gets my vote, I may have some spare threaded studs if you're stuck (will need to check) Flappa2
  15. I've spent a lot of time speaking with Rob Walker and undertaken quite a few 4 hour round trips when I was working through my crankshaft issues. He machined my heads, rods, flywheel and crankshaft. He's old school and is very experienced, he doesn't blow his own trumpet or market himself as a guru but in truth there's unlikely to be many with greater knowledge of machining critical components. I wouldn't use anyone else.

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