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  1. Contact this company. Great reputation and real world costs too. Flappa2
  2. Plenty to talk about next road trip
  3. Useful info thanks Ok Phil, I will see what comes to the thread. Thanks
  4. You might have a different opinion if you had experienced the failure, thankfully I was travelling below 30 at the time. Unfortunately you won't will not be able to ascertain the condition of a used part by visual inspection and you could be fitting a part 90% through its life cycle without visible defects. For me the lower risk solution is replacement with a new item.
  5. Aftermarket available from UK stockists Matt ?
  6. Given the severity of the failure I would rather go new Phil. Thankfully I was travelling at very low speed at the time.
  7. Looking for advice with regards sourcing a pair of Rear Torsion Bars, I am working with a snapped item (broken splined section still in situ 😬). Matt has informed me that they are NLA from Porsche. Would also appreciate some guidance on what parameters to go by when selecting replacements. I have measured the plain shaft diameter as 24.2mm, 44 splines on the outer body. Thanks Flappa2
  8. Looks awesome - you're starting to become quite a collector. Enjoy
  9. flappa2

    Fitting SSI’s

    Chris Denning in Cardiff has a good reputation so too the new owner of the Porsche specialist in Penarth. I've used the Penarth outfit but under the previous owner. Good luck
  10. I repaired my door by sandwiching a thin laser profiled part between the skin and the check strap. You need to be careful of thickness from memory.
  11. I have just sent him a message Flappa2
  12. I can top that by £500 in 2010. Disgruntled wife selling as the husband had left the family home. Sat in the garage for a number of years in a sad state without an MOT. Loved the model since I was a kid - subsequently spent more than my mortgage on it for the labour of love. 84 Coupe Flappa2
  13. Could you modify something yourself from a stock part or even make an item. I'm not familiar with the part, what's more important the function or the original form.
  14. Google is your friend Captive u-nut
  15. Didn't Jamie do this job a few months back? Maybe my memory is fuzzy
  16. I had this on a motorcycle many years ago and it was a flat spot on one of the starter gears which explained the intermittent scenario. Next time it does it, start the car in gear and obviously be ready to dip the clutch after the initial judder. Put in neutral and attempt to start normally. It could be starter gear related. Just advice - I'm no guru. Flappa2
  17. I'm all for tall side walls, personally I love the feel of the compliance. Bit of a boaty feel but judging by the vibe the cars is not going to be a 400 hp tarmac ripper. Keep it real
  18. Jon, I'm impressed by the size of your testicles buying unseen. 993 is my favourite shape, can't suggest any mods as I'm not too familiar with the makeup. If it were me I would check the tyre and oil pressure and enjoy it. Flappa2
  19. In a blink of an eye you've assembled quite a collection. Hopefully see you in the Spring Enjoy
  20. Jonny Try ABEN Europe and 3 D Systems. Both supply parts to volume manufacturing environments. Tried and tested Flappa2
  21. The failure mode is quite spectacular
  22. Nice job, do you intend to fit new bolts. Whilst I am in here I have some bare metal to attend to as a consequence of some corner cutting.
  23. Some much needed garage time, while I endure the virus. Reels ready for QBS refurbishment.
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