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  1. Cool, they're yours. It'll be the end of the week before I can post them though as my replacements haven't turned up yet. The tracking is showing as delivery expected Wednesday.
  2. Thanks World Citizen. My best mate's dad worked for the Lotus Formula 1 team in the 60s and 70s He literally built the Type72 that Fittipaldi won the world championship in. Anyway, he has an Elan that he acquired while he worked for Colin. He tells an interesting story, something about in lieu of wages and tax fiddles. He has a lot of interesting stories, as it goes. He has rebuilt that Elan numerous times, changing bits as he goes. It's such a lovely car, but my overriding memory is how it's such a constant in his (and my mate's) life. This 911 my forever car. It might not have a Chapman tax avoidance tale attached, but it has stories to tell and it will have a few more before I've finished. Anyway, anyone want to buy some expensive lights?
  3. Just the usual restomod stuff that everyone seems to be doing. I've had a few 911s, mostly aircooled. I sold my 993 C2 10 years ago to allow me to take a jump up the property ladder. I wasn't looking but came across an SC for a pittance. It was very tired, very rattly and a little rusty, but it had a valid MoT and was drivable. It wasn't far off being worth more in parts than as a car and this is when they weren't worth much as a car at all. Since then I've pretty much rebuilt the whole thing twice. First as a lightweight IB with 3.2SS and second (because of a terrible paint job) as a 3.6 Varioram "backdate" although it's not really a backdate. There are now parts on the car from '64 through to '96. It's all wrong and many people who care about these things will think I am all that is wrong with the world. Gauche. A rotter. A charlatan trying to pass off that which isn't as is. I don't really care. I've built the car for to drive. Whenever and however I like. I'll probably do a big thread at some point.
  4. Not yet. I'm expecting delivery this week.
  5. I've managed to bag a set of 9eleven headlights at a favourable rate. As such my RPM LED ones are for sale. They put out a huge amount of light with a lovely crisp cut off and make a huge difference to night driving. These are actually meant for a pre-74 car as they don't have a 5w sidelight built in, but my MoT man is quite pragmatic and you can always swap them out if yours isn't. They are £990 brand new and come from RPM as only the LED insert units to replace the reflective lenses in your headlight. Mine will come as complete headlight units with clear glass, ready to fit (minus the trim rings that pop over the top). £800 delivered in the UK. I don't have any photos of them out of the car yet but this is what they look as fitted to my car.
  6. My understanding is that they're the same for all IBs.
  7. Yeah, I bought them direct from ER. They weren't cheap but promise 4x the surface area and thus cooling effect of the pipes. I find my 3.6 runs warmer than I'd like despite plumbing in an extra cooler so I'm hoping these help. I can imagine having 8 full length cooler pipes instead of 2 should help shed a few degrees.
  8. 5 minutes from jct 4 of the M180. The fittings are fine. Came off no problem.
  9. No, sorry. They'll get bent or snapped in transit. The new ones came in a very sturdy box to suit, but that has since been skipped.
  10. I have a RH IB wing which is in fair condition. It does have both an indicator hole and an aerial hole though.
  11. Sorry. I've had the Elephant ones for a couple of months, but I've only just fitted them yesterday at the paintshop before the new front wings go back on.
  12. I fitted these brand new, genuine Porsche oil lines two years ago to replace my old scabby ones. They have never been squashed/crushed/repaired and are in great condition as you'd expect given their age. They'd benefit from a clean and a new coat of black paint or a polish if you like them shiny. They are £400 each line on most sites. You can have these as a pair for £400. Collection only from North Lincs. They just won't package or travel well in the hands of a courier. Only for sale as I have now upgraded to the Elephant Racing ones which are ribbed for my pleasure and extra cooling.
  13. Genuinely I don't know what it is. It could be a previous repair that looks ugly underneath, but fine on the outward side. I think they're fair at this price.
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