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  1. Any takers? Here's the 8" and the only box of four I've opened.
  2. Apologies to SP for the thread detour... The stat is definitely opening. At hot idle I'm seeing pipe temps of 110C flow and 90C return using a cheap laser thermometer so some cooling is happening. I just don't think the little fans, barely covering half of the body of the coolers are pushing enough through them to keep it cool, at idle or on the move. The only apertures I have at the front now are the horn grills and it's not enough. Before I cut horrible looking holes in my lovely S bumper I want to try adding scoops and making sure the coolers are blocked off from the wheel section as much as possible. As for the fittings I have considered machining them out. They are removable on the 3.2 cooler and FWIW I may as well just stick a 17mm drill bit through them. There's plenty of meat on them and I have a good bench drill. That then moves me onto the pipes and Mocal. I think the fittings on the Mocal are brazed on and I don't want to risk swarf getting in. I could take the cooler off and get a better one fabbed up. I still have the problem of the flexis which came with the Mocal and I think will have a 14mm ID too, so a visit to Pirtek will be on the cards. The front bumper will have to come off again as the pipes are routed around the brackets. By the time I've done I will have spent another grand and still might need to cut holes in the bumper...
  3. I have a Carrera 3.2 cooler in place of the SC column one and a Mocal under the nearside wing. Both have fans fitted and in an ambient of 20C or less it runs OK unless you give it prolonged grief. In ambients of 30C and over it just can't cope. I just don't think I'm getting enough airflow through them. I'm investigating making scoop like wings to add to the sides of Henry's undertray to try to force more air up into the arches. The other thing I've read is that aftermarket coolers have 14mm ID fittings (they do) and Porsche OE were 17mm ID, despite both having M30 threads. I'm wondering if the extra cooler and reduced size ports are causing an oil flow issue. I tried some of that Rock Oil you touted. If anything it ran a little hotter than the Magnatec 10W-40 it had in it before (and is back in now).
  4. You're very correct there. Just when I thought my car was done I'm not struggling to keep the oil below 100C. Laws of unintended consequences with replacing the bumper for one with fewer holes. Now I'm trying to find a solution that doesn't include cutting some in a brand new, freshly painted steel bumper.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/ByndcNDl30T/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  6. Nope. Three of them are still sealed in their boxes. Group 4 have lots of photos on their Instagram page though.
  7. About 12 miles south of the Humber Bridge.
  8. The offset on their 9" ones mean they won't fit a narrowbody, only Turbo arched cars. I did ask before I ordered. They made the offset larger on the 9s to give the biggest dish.
  9. Sorry, I forgot that that bit. They're gold.
  10. I have a brand new set of Group 4 Campagnolos, 16" 7&8s. So brand new they are all still in their boxes and 3 are unopened. I've decided against them on my backdate so they're now offered here. They cost me £1536 plus £60 delivery. I'll let them go for £1400 plus delivery, or if you collect I'll throw in 2 brand new, stickers on, Continental Sport Contact N2s for the fronts and a good cup of tea. Not looking for offers and delivery will be at cost, likely £60 again.
  11. The car does look triffic Nige. Top job.
  12. It's a Momo California. It has a little bit of dish but not much.
  13. What a tremendous car. Hopefully we'll bump into each other at a meet. I'd love to see how much zingier yours is compared to a Vram swap. As for the steering wheel. I have a Murray Motorsport quick release and a 15mm spacer. The stalks are still reachable from the wheel with my Wall's sausage fingers and it's the most comfortable I have ever been behind the wheel.
  14. Just mod the wiring to the RH reverse light and put a red LED in it. You only need one reverse and one fog by law. It's what I and many others have done.
  15. Leics is right. I think the price as is takes into account the fact it needs bodywork. A full glass out body restoration will run you the best part of £20k, but if the oily bits are all to the standard they purport, you'll have a £60-70k car when finished.
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