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  1. I've just looked again and the phone number is optional. First and Last names, plus address are mandatory for billing though.
  2. Can I ask who has access to the names, addresses and phone numbers of all these classic Porsche owners and how secure that data is? I'd like to join, but I'm loathe to have that information held by private individual(s) in an insecure manner.
  3. Funny story; I couldn't get to the bottom of it at all. I spoke to Chris at Center Gravity who had already set up the car in the past long before the clunk appeared and took the car in thinking if anyone can get to the bottom of it then it's those guys. As I drove down to them the clonk was still there until a few miles out from Atherstone. When I arrived we went out for a long spin and I tried and tried to get it to clonk as it had on every sharp lefthand swing of the steering wheel but the clonk was gone and it has, touch wood, never returned.. I felt a bit silly, but not sure what I could d
  4. Thanks very much! It was a labour of love, but the styling was very much by design. There are too many backdates with massive arches strapped to them etc. I kept the SC arch profiles and added a Varioram. It looks and goes well, to me anyway.
  5. This is what I run on my 16" 7&8s.
  6. I had the same issue as you you and was convinced it was the UJs. It turned out the rack and pinion was dry and worn at dead centre.
  7. I'm really very excited for this if you put it into production. My current setup with two matrix coolers, one in each front wing just isn't efficient. I'd probably look to run this along with the normal offside front cooler if I can plumb it up that way. At least then I can do away with the extra aftermarket cooler in the nearside front arch.
  8. I'll be following this with great interest. The cooling setup in my 3.6 install isn't perfect and a jaunt to the Nurburgring last year in 37C ambient temperatures saw me struggling to keep the engine cool during steady 80mph autobahn driving despite two matrix coolers at the front with fans and Elephant Racing finned oil lines. 3.6 engines don't have the engine mounted cooler and they suffer for it when they don't have the big cooler and airflow that the later plastic bumpers allow with all those vents. I've thought about a rear mount cooler like yours which looks a similar size to the 96
  9. I don't think this flu thing is helping the market much. If needs be I'll have to put it into storage while it all blows over.
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223934874445 It's now the cheapest on the market and really doesn't deserve to be. It's beeen a great car to keep my interest while the 911 was backdated, but now I need the garage space for a modern daily driver which is arriving in a few weeks.
  11. Kinda. 964 lid with moveable custom spoiler section.
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