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  1. I really missed A/C on my recent jaunt to the Nurburgring. It was unusually hot though with ambients hitting 35C. It also highlighted a cooling issue with my Varioram install when it's above 20C outside. I'm going to try something else with my coolers and save up for the Classic Retrofit electric set up. From what I've read the original set up wasn't great when new and they don't age well. On top of that they are a pig to fix and expensive. If you're set on having air con and can justify the expense I'd be tempted to rip out all the old stuff and fit Jonny's electric system.
  2. I have a pair of rough units from my 1982 I would sell for £100 plus delivery. They are original Bosch, 37 years old and one of the mounting holes has opened up a little. Metal cases are scabby but unholed. Would be fine for a race car unless there are big differences with the 60's cars that the FIA will pick up on?
  3. I'm after a 3.2 cooler or possibly two. Could be either good condition ready to use or a rusty one as I may get it recored. What have you got stashed? Cheers.
  4. Kenny Senior

    Drink holder

    Have you got any available?
  5. It's your H. PM on its way.
  6. Rubber front chin spoiler kit including mounting hardware. I think it's an OEM one rather than genuine Porsche. Never been fitted. £200 delivered in the UK.
  7. Wow! That's an old post. I think I still have it, but it will have been stashed away. I'll have a look and let you know.
  8. FWIW I have just fitted a set of Mintex M1166 and I'm very impressed with how much grippier they are.
  9. Kenny Senior

    Drink holder

    I've been looking for a source for these. Does @Funkysi1 produce these?
  10. Yeah. Still available. I've had some offers but I think they're fairly priced as is.
  11. Is the Odessy a lead acid battery? Once they've dropped below 8V they will never take a full charge again. The lower they get the worse it is. It changes the chemistry inside forever and no amount of coaxing will bring them back.
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