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  1. I'll be following this with great interest. The cooling setup in my 3.6 install isn't perfect and a jaunt to the Nurburgring last year in 37C ambient temperatures saw me struggling to keep the engine cool during steady 80mph autobahn driving despite two matrix coolers at the front with fans and Elephant Racing finned oil lines. 3.6 engines don't have the engine mounted cooler and they suffer for it when they don't have the big cooler and airflow that the later plastic bumpers allow with all those vents. I've thought about a rear mount cooler like yours which looks a similar size to the 964/993 item they have under the front wing, but couldn't work out a decent solution. I could even recoup some cost selling on the ER lines and sundries. I've come dangerously close to cutting vents in my backdated S bumper but having gone to great lengths to get the look I want I can't bring myself to let loose with a jigsaw.
  2. I don't think this flu thing is helping the market much. If needs be I'll have to put it into storage while it all blows over.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223934874445 It's now the cheapest on the market and really doesn't deserve to be. It's beeen a great car to keep my interest while the 911 was backdated, but now I need the garage space for a modern daily driver which is arriving in a few weeks.
  4. Kinda. 964 lid with moveable custom spoiler section.
  5. I just let my detailing chap do it 3 times a year. Always comes back looking sweet.
  6. OK. Send me a PM we'll see if we can find a convenient time.
  7. Mine. Yes, they're still in my workshop. Send me a PM.
  8. Still available and still boxed. £1300 for all four plus the two front Contisport tyres tempting enough for anyone?
  9. It's plausible that you'd get hot given the conditions you state with an open stat. That cooler could help. The issue with it is getting airflow through it. That means you need to get all the ancilliaries for it too. The sheet metal to match the wing shape inside, the seal to go around, a fan, etc. You then need to get fast moving, direct air into the front of it and through it. A vent of some sort in the vallance etc.
  10. I have a pair for sale if you want some cheap; And what they look like on the car;
  11. I have a pair for sale if you want some cheap;
  12. Any takers? Here's the 8" and the only box of four I've opened.
  13. Apologies to SP for the thread detour... The stat is definitely opening. At hot idle I'm seeing pipe temps of 110C flow and 90C return using a cheap laser thermometer so some cooling is happening. I just don't think the little fans, barely covering half of the body of the coolers are pushing enough through them to keep it cool, at idle or on the move. The only apertures I have at the front now are the horn grills and it's not enough. Before I cut horrible looking holes in my lovely S bumper I want to try adding scoops and making sure the coolers are blocked off from the wheel section as much as possible. As for the fittings I have considered machining them out. They are removable on the 3.2 cooler and FWIW I may as well just stick a 17mm drill bit through them. There's plenty of meat on them and I have a good bench drill. That then moves me onto the pipes and Mocal. I think the fittings on the Mocal are brazed on and I don't want to risk swarf getting in. I could take the cooler off and get a better one fabbed up. I still have the problem of the flexis which came with the Mocal and I think will have a 14mm ID too, so a visit to Pirtek will be on the cards. The front bumper will have to come off again as the pipes are routed around the brackets. By the time I've done I will have spent another grand and still might need to cut holes in the bumper...

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