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  1. Whereabouts in the country are you? I have a 1982 SC (204hp) with everything done that you could have a look at.
  2. Learning to drive costs money. Taking a driving test costs money. Renewing your photo driving licence every 10 years costs money. Getting your vehicle MoT'ed every year costs money. However, everyone accepts these costs. Cost is irrelevant - think of the savings in reduced number of accidents etc if the incompetent were taken off the road.
  3. In the workplace we need "training" for everything, starting with "manual handling" through health & safety, operating specific equipment etc. This "training" then requires regular "refresher training" - in the event of an accident or incident, having completed training x years before carries little weight unless refresher training has been undertaken regularly and has been documented as such. Vehicles require an annual MoT test annually on the third anniversary of being registered on the road, but most would agree that it is people that cause accidents not vehicle failures. All drivers should be required to undertake a competency test at specified intervals (5/ 10 years?) after initially obtaining their license - this would include questions relating to the Highway Code to reflect changes to driving patterns that occur through time. Just my worth
  4. alastair

    Short shift advice

    Look up WEVO gateshift kit
  5. David, I'm sending some money to your account but am struggling with the third letter of your password - can you remind me please.😉
  6. Never really been a Merc fan (my dad was though), but I bought this last month as a (relatively) cheap daily driver: 2005 MERCEDES-BENZ CLK 200 'ELEGANCE' KOMPRESSOR (collectingcars.com) Buyer's premium is 5% +VAT (minimum £600) so there was £600 (9%) to add to the price. Classic & Collectable (themarket.co.uk) charges the seller, so there is no buyer's premium payable. Cheap flight down to Southampton and picked it up at the airport with just 5,900miles (still on original tyres!) showing on it then put another 500miles on it driving wafting home. Immediately had all filters and fluids changed by local Merc specialist - engine oil, gearbox oil, diff oil, coolant, brake fluid, PAS fluid and aircon re-gas - along with replacement of one coil pack for another £1K all in. Maybe not so cheap now, but looking forward to many miles of depreciation-free motoring. It's even so nice to drive that I have found myself looking at ads for a convertible.
  7. I think the bronze ones - I will try to find the packet
  8. I think I have an unused repair kit somewhere if you are interested.
  9. I won't be able to wake my SC from hibernation in time, but can certainly offer a destination for coffee & chat if you venture westwards into Ayrshire. My long-running house build is not yet fully complete, but life re-organisation means I should soon be able to get back to things IB. Alastair
  10. Received today - nice simple piece of kit. Thanks Phill
  11. Can I have one of these please? No rush. Send me your payment details when you get a minute. Thanks Alastair
  12. OK - if there is no interest on here for this I'll just go ahead and order one for myself and add it to the list of things to getting around to doing.
  13. I guess my WEVO gate shift is a retrograde step from the Porsche precision engineered jiggly selection fork thingy.
  14. I am sure there are plenty of examples of worthwhile modifications to precision Porsche Engineering. What about sticking a collar on a precision Porsche engineered cam chain tensioner? Or fitting a Classic Retrofit fusebox and/ or CDI+ ignition? Or fitting SSI's? Hartech rebuild of a self-destructed M96/7 engine (for any of several reasons). Nobody is perfect and there is often room for improvement
  15. So I won't put you down for one then Phil? 😉
  16. I e-mailed Karsten this morning and asked the question and got this reply: Hi Alastair, Thanks for reaching out! I'm asking 40€ for one spring and could ship it over to you for 9€ via registered Mail (payment via PayPal / family & friends). And yes, of course we could discuss a bulk price for a certain quantity - just let me know what number we're talking about and I'll get back to you! Best Karsten Anyone interested in a bulk buy? If not, I'll just order one for myself.
  17. Anyone for a group buy? Getting them all shipped to a UK address and then posting individually should be more economic than everyone getting them sent individually from Germany.
  18. I know these are a popular with the IB contingent, so thought I would offer this here if anyone is interested. 2006 Cayman S 987.1 six-speed manual (first registered 03-02-2006 so qualifies for lower rate of road tax). Colour Arctic Silver metallic with Ocean Blue interior. Purchased 30-01-2012 from Porsche Centre Glasgow with approximately 12K miles on the clock and one previous owner. Currently sitting around 25K miles. PORSCHE script across bottom of doors (similar to Cayman R) Piano black air intakes Zunnsport grilles (3nr) to front. Twin circular exhaust tailpipes (similar to Cayman R) Original unit available. Porsche Certificate of Authenticity states: · Heated seats · 19" Carrera Classic wheels · Porsche crested coloured wheel centres · Rear wiper · Porsche Sound Package · Top tinted windscreen · Electronic air conditioning · HomeLink (garage door opener) · Bi-Xenon lighting system Always stored inside with cover. New front discs and pads before going into storage in 2017. New Michelin PS4S fitted September 2020 approximately 2000 miles ago. Full service and MoT in September 2020 following period off road in storage for prolonged house build. · Oil, air and pollen filters replaced. · Spark plugs and coil packs replaced. · Front condensers replaced. · Polyrib belt changed. · Brake fluid changed. · Aircon re-gassed · New high tone & low tone horns fitted. New Panasonic SPH-230DAB head unit (with Bluetooth) fitted October 2020. Original unit available. New Bosch starter motor fitted October 2020. Located West Central Scotland (Ayrshire). Many extras also available such as Porsche branded indoor & outdoor covers, framed dealer posters, full set of model brochures/ books. Immaculate and perfect in every way – for further information contact: Alastair Price alastair@priceroof.co.uk 07894 567545
  19. This link popped up on the PCGB forum (apparently posted by Frank, the SC Register Secretary) just before the PCGB site went down with a technical issue - that must be a coincidence, as to think otherwise would suggest skulduggery. Home - PCGBEGM Couldn't get into it myself, just wondered if anyone else managed?
  20. And definitely essential travel......
  21. Welcome! Where have you been for the last 15 years?
  22. I pay £112 for annual cover on my SC. Doesn't seem too steep to me, even though it is laid up at the moment.
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