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  1. I have someone who is selling a complete cinnamon carpet set for my Carrera. "Top quality, leather binding, thick MM pile, factory backing". It is not what the factory produced: It was a very rough needle felt style carpet with a loose weave. Additionally, these carpets lacked the black ribbed rubber protection sewn into the driver’s floor mat and the area in front of the gear shift, saving approximately 0.7 kg (1.5 lbs). This cheaply produced carpet material was likely selected for its lower cost and weight, but the result was a fairly durable carpet as compared to other models.
  2. That will be my first step as it is the easiest.
  3. That looks very difficult to do, owing to the fact that you are working in very close quarters. Looks rather fiddly. Have you done this before or is it a suggestion. Will I have to take the switch out to do this job? I have some of this type of product advertised on a car show on how to repair different areas on a bumper, as it can be sanded down, to conform to certain shapes you are working with. Here's the product I used a while back - love their glue, but ran out of it and had most of the powdery stuff left over but when I wanted more glue they wouldn't just sell me just the glue. Anyways, its good to know there is another version of Atomic glue and I can get it locally. https://machinistmate.com/products/atomic-glue
  4. Is this it?: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Q-BOND-ADHESIVE-KIT/28657087
  5. So, if I understand what you're saying, is that I can apply this Q Bond directly onto the nub of plastic to build it up so that it stands proudly enough to trigger the cancellation on the turn signal?
  6. What I meant to say was to put a nail or two on the wheel itself.
  7. Good ideas, guys. I think the screw thing will last a bit longer. Where on my pic. would I drill the hole? Also in the pic. there is a hole in the copper strip, can I put a small appropriate nail in there?
  8. Here's a picture of the "tab", that in my case is worn down.
  9. The more and more I am reading and searching of what other people are having an issue with, it would appear that if there is a Turn Signal Cancelling Ring for my car, then problem solved.
  10. The cancelling "tab" sits on top of the plastic "arm" which is activated by the stalk.
  11. You are correct it is not the switch, but technically there is a small nub that is involved in the cancellation. In my case and most turn signal switches, it is this plastic nub that wears away.
  12. Since I want to retain originality I am trying to find out how to swap out the levers. It appears that I have to remove the pivot pin, but the question is how to safely remove it?
  13. Doesn't automatically cancel.
  14. Has anyone changed out the stalk itself? Would like to do it myself without breaking anything in the process.
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