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  1. This is what I found out: If the vehicle is arriving in Southampton, 5 % VAT will payable on the combined vehicle value and shipping cost.
  2. There is relief from full Duty/VAT under the Transfer of Residence rules if goods have been owned for long enough prior to return. There was also Return Goods Relief if the goods were originally exported from the EU, that may have changed post BREXIT. I believe these have to be applied for in advance of the importation, but he needs to get some up to date expert advice. The vehicle would be going to the UK as its new residence. I have owned the vehicle since 2013 and might be purchased by someone in the UK
  3. I am waiting to hear from the individual for confirmation of what country but it appears he is asking "exporting the car back to EU/Uk" so it looks like UK. Age of car 44yrs old Country of export and import USA Original country of manufacture Germany Personal/business import personal Length of ownership if personal 8 yrs e.t.c
  4. I am sure there will be others with the answer.
  5. Does anyone know who would know the answer to the question: if some one is importing a car into Europe, do they have to pay 20-30% duty tax (VAT)? Thanks
  6. I appreciate what you have stated here about the "RS". If you have anything more you can talk about this model I would love to hear it?
  7. I guess I am not able to decipher. I don't see number 9013 - 9030
  8. Was there any conversation here on why Peter Morgan does not mention the existence of the 76 Carrera 2.7mfi cars? I have someone who is arguing with me that because Peter does not mention these 76 Porsches that these car do not exist and I have made it up. He also mentions the 'Red Book' which I am not familar with, also does not mention or talk about the 76. Thanks for help
  9. This is what mine looks like without the reflector lens. When you look at the side of the car, doesn't it look odd not to have a bulb in there? Because the reflector lens is epoxied and no wiring, that would explain that it was manufactured not to have a bulb. http://911uk.com/viewtopic.php?p=1568589#1568589
  10. In the rear side reflector area I have not figured out how you can put in a replacement bulb.
  11. I have some remnants of Pigskin vinyl and someone is interested in purchasing it, but would like to know if it would work with his cork interior.
  12. Anyone know what the diameter of the nose bearing in 2.7 RS engine is?
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