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  1. I am taking the black carpet out of the 76 Carrera 2.7 and will be replacing it with the original colour carpet. I will be selling the black carpet but I don't know what type it is. This will also give me a idea of what to ask for it. Thanks
  2. Oli

    How to remove?

    It seems to be securily set on he tunnel, so I can just pull up on the rubber shift lever grommet without it ripping?
  3. Oli

    How to remove?

    I am in the process of removing the carpet and have met a speed bump. I am trying to remove the carpet in good nick in case someone might want to buy it. My issue is trying to get the carpet up from around the shift lever. Is the boot glued down or screwed down under the carpet?
  4. Oli

    Headlight switch ?

    Thank you dear sir.
  5. On this 76 911 I am putting in a new turn signal indicator. I have dropped the headlight switch in order to make it easier to connect the wires from the new turn switch. When I pulled it from the back of the dash there are two wires I believe got disconnected. I have done nothing yet with the wiring as I want to go slowly and not get anything mismatched. I would like to know if the wire, in the picture, with brass, L connector (white with black strip wire) and the short wire, (in the middle of the pic.) belong together and need to be connected to the bare pole on the switch?
  6. My issue is getting the knob off without destroying it. I am wondering if there is a screw or nut under the plastic. If there is no nut or screw then it might have been glued on because it is on there extremely tight. I just needed to confirm this before I muscle it off the shaft.
  7. Was there a screw underneath the plastic. Some people have been saying that there is a screw and some people say not. If it gets to that point do you know where to get a replacement?
  8. I tried to pry the plastic centre off with a small flat head screw driver but I couldn't catch a lip between the rubber and the plastic. I didn't want to bugger it up. I was wondering with a pic. would show how deep the plastic goes
  9. I am wondering if glue was used because when I used the allen wrench the knob wouldn't budge. I haven't tried to muscle it off because I didn't want to destroy it. Has it been known to be on there pretty tight?
  10. I am attempting to remove the headlight knob so I can take out the switch. From what I have read you unscrew the knob by turning it to the left (counter clockwise). I have tried but it refuses to budge, even with me hold needle nose pliers on the shaft. I understand that you can remove the plastic disc and there would be a screw back there. I placed a flat head thin screw driver, trying to find a lip, between the rubber and the plastic but it wouldn't catch anything. Anyone have a photo showing them separated?
  11. I have someone who is selling a complete cinnamon carpet set for my Carrera. "Top quality, leather binding, thick MM pile, factory backing". It is not what the factory produced: It was a very rough needle felt style carpet with a loose weave. Additionally, these carpets lacked the black ribbed rubber protection sewn into the driver’s floor mat and the area in front of the gear shift, saving approximately 0.7 kg (1.5 lbs). This cheaply produced carpet material was likely selected for its lower cost and weight, but the result was a fairly durable carpet as compared to other models.
  12. That will be my first step as it is the easiest.
  13. That looks very difficult to do, owing to the fact that you are working in very close quarters. Looks rather fiddly. Have you done this before or is it a suggestion. Will I have to take the switch out to do this job? I have some of this type of product advertised on a car show on how to repair different areas on a bumper, as it can be sanded down, to conform to certain shapes you are working with. Here's the product I used a while back - love their glue, but ran out of it and had most of the powdery stuff left over but when I wanted more glue they wouldn't just sell me just the glue. Anyways, its good to know there is another version of Atomic glue and I can get it locally. https://machinistmate.com/products/atomic-glue

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