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  1. It’s not that local to me (and hence a lot cheaper than in Switzerland), so I’ll pick it up in a few weeks. I really do have to make the tyres last for more than one season. Well, usually I do, unless there is one of our road trips
  2. Absolutely. There was a works Porsche 992 factory fresh going up the Furka pass and at every overtake there were only a couple of inches to spare. The locals weren’t impressed. A bit like the time we had some bovine issues
  3. The Dyson is just at Porsche Germany for a huge service/belts and summer tyres, so I had to play with the up. Still taught a 991.2 and a gaggle of Exiges to not underestimate the little one 😂
  4. Clockwise is the only way to go😉. Everyone else goes the other way
  5. Actually with people very much staying in the country, there was quite a bit of traffic unfortunately. Still had a giggle though. Some nice metal out on the roads today Consider it done
  6. In lieu of this weeks trip not going ahead I took it upon myself to do the triple today yeah I know....the things I do for you chaps ;)
  7. Where else should I put my excess charisma?
  8. Yes, I do have a habit of drawing unwanted attention for some curious reason. Borders are indeed opening up again here on the 15th June, but normality is still some way off. Because the roads are emptier on the continent the boys in blue have focussed their attention even more on speeding. Lots of prison sentences being handed out at the moment. Also group sizes wherever one goes are restricted. Tourist areas have been shut down every now and then, due to overcrowding. Everyone has more or less accepted that holidays will be in their own country this year without much travelling.
  9. I can see how Hotels are keen to know that rooms are available. The guidance in mainland Europe is very much along the lines of „have a holiday in your own country“. So local demand will be high. Mid September sounds a good choice, as the summer hols are finished and the autumn holidays don’t start until until the end of September. I’d certainly like to tag along, so let me know the definitive dates. I won’t be able to commit 100% yet, since I’m cooped up in Switzerland and not being able to see my kids (Germany) or my girlfriend (UK). So obviously I’d have to give them priority if
  10. Luckily I’ve got the positive attributes of both nationalities. Efficient, broad minded and a sense of humour. ....ah yes, humility is from the German side
  11. I don’t think that’s applicable to this group. Just want to give an honest heads up without scaring people. We have had some great drives here, but some common sense is needed 😉 Anyway, sorry.....back on topic.
  12. Thanks for the good PR Ian 😉, I know how popular we transport planners are.😂 I’m good friends with the head of Transport Zürich, but I’m actually the next state along. By UK standards, the city’s here are pretty small, so traffic not so bad. I’d probably still avoid Zürich and the motorways in general. At the right time, once the group is set in stone, I’ll do a de-brief on the finer points of Swiss speeding fines 😉
  13. Let me know if you need me to do a recce. I could easily pop down to investigate Haven’t seen you in ages Lewis. Be cool to catch up
  14. Because unlike those hipster types, yours really is an “outlaw”
  15. It’s the surprise van appearance around the blind corner which tickled me the most. 😂 On these pics there are some barriers, unlike the parts “protected” by flimsy plastic tape
  16. I’m pretty certain I wasn’t the only one feeling like this over that one pass.
  17. £10 is an absolute bargain if you ask me. Where do I sign? Given the amount of advice I got on here when I still had my Carrera and the fun times I’ve had at meet ups, track days, trips across Europe etc etc, I’m more than happy to contribute
  18. Looks like a nice trip. Let me know if this is one worth putting on the list of places to see
  19. The problem I had in the U.K. was the double whammy of not having residency as well as the car being a Japanese grey import. Registered the car in my GF's name and the only company willing to touch me was Hagerty, so give them a shot perhaps.
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